Two Step Back, One Step Forward

Hey It’s Jet Here.

So yesterday I caught you up on Tuesday night.  Well, I thought Mom was this thing called rehabilitated and understood that she acted stingy with all the food in the house.  Nope, here’s what happened next.

Wednesday – Auntie Liz arrived in the afternoon because my human sister, Rachel, invited her to go to the school play, Hello Dolly.  Since Auntie Liz drove a long ways in traffic she told Mom either they could go for an early dinner or she would eat a banana.  BANANA??? JJ and I had to watch as she meticulously (vocabulary builder) peeled the yellow fruit and broke off chunks to eat.  Unlike Mom, Auntie Liz feels we need LOTS of treats and shared the last chunk of banana with JJ and me.  She teased Mom that she would give us the Kit Kat bar stashed in her backpack if Mom didn’t promise to give us fun treats.  Mom reminded Auntie Liz about the NO CHOCOLATE rule.  Auntie Liz gave JJ and I a little wink.

Thursday – After dropping Rachel at school, Mom hit the grocery store by 7:30.  She had four different groups to shop for:  UMiami class, Rachel’s play (Rachel volunteered Mom to cook for the restaurant scene), Rachel’s friends after school/before the play, and our house.   She returned with armfuls of bags filled with FOOD.  She quickly assembled the tomato mozzarella salad and cut the carrots for the play and headed out to the Asian market for her UMiami class (1/2 Saudi Arabian dishes – ½ Chinese dishes).

Within ten minutes of returning home, she had chicken on the grill, potatoes boiling and the carrots in the pan awaiting their honey/mustard sauce.  Did we get:

  • Carrots?  YES!
  • Chicken? NO!
  • Mashed potatoes? NO!
  • Tomatoes? NO!
  • Mozzarella? YES!

2 for 5 – You make the call.

A few hours later, Mom reloaded the majority of the groceries back into the car and whisked them off to UMiami.  Did she bring any stir-fried beef home for old Jetty boy?  UH UH… What am I, chopped liver???

On Friday, Mom’s schedule finally calmed down.  We kept our usual evening rhythm; dinner, walk, dental treat.  Mom surprised us with meaty bones.  She made salads and gave us tidbits of pepper and cucumber, while she boiled two eggs for herself and two for JJ and I to eat today.  Mom did all this as she spoke to my Nana.

Mom made one big mistake.  She left the eggs, egg slicer, and crackers on the table and returned to the fridge to get her water.  JJ inhaled 1 1/3 eggs in a nanosecond.  To stay fair, she gave me the remainder of the egg and she peeled and ate our eggs.

Conclusion:  Mom needs further treat giving rehab.

Another great and somewhat yummy day.

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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Hey It’s Jet Here.

After Mom’s Smoothie class on Tuesday, she returned with several bags of frozen fruit and three full big containers and one partial container of Cabot Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt.  We had our regular dinner/evening walk/dental treat routine and then Mom became this thing called a couch potato.  Apparently, JJ and I assume couch potato stature quite often.  If curling up on your favorite spot on the couch qualifies you as a potato, I’m all in!  I would post a picture of my potato position, however, our couch has a predominantly black background and aside from some indiscriminate wisps of handsome black fluff, whiskers and eyeballs, you probably would miss me!

I do digress often, don’t I?  Back to the important stuff!  Mom decided to enjoy the remaining Greek yogurt while stretched out on her potato spot.  JJ and I caught one whiff of the tart, yet vanilla aroma and decided to relocate closer to Mom.  We simply wanted to keep her company, like proper K9 companions.  Mom interpreted our relocation differently, she felt we invaded her personal space and almost achieved pest status.

JJ, ever the etiquette girl, backed off rather quickly; however, I could not shake the tropical vanilla scent calling to me like a siren.  I think Mom felt this thing called guilty for all the fabulous food she did NOT share with us this week and in her sleep deprived, weakened state, gave in.

To my utter surprise and delight, she cradled the yogurt container and offered it to me like manna from heaven.  Never one to dawdle, I began licking the sides, then edged a little deeper and deeper until my ENTIRE face was engulfed in Cabot yogurty goodness. Taking a moment to breathe, I retreated from the container.  Mom did this giggle, chuckle, guffaw thing because my formerly black nose, whiskers and snout up to my eyes turned white!  She said, “Jetty, Got Yogurt?” out loud, like this ad campaign for milk.  (Mom had to pick one of the milk ads with a Basketball player, (he’s retired NY Knick, Patrick Ewing, in case you don’t know him)) Oh I thoroughly cleaned that container until spic and span.

I decided to mostly forgive Mom at that moment for not sharing other tasty items from her classes.  Until… Wednesday and Thursday happened.  More on that tomorrow…

Another great vanilla bean yogurt day.

Wordless Wednesday – I Love My Belly

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Mom’s saved this one for just the right day.  She loves to give belly rubs when JJ and I roll over.  Koko had the “Jelly Belly,” I have the “Big Boy Belly,” and JJ has the “Cutie Girl Belly.”  Even when she’s rushing around, if Mom sees a belly, she gets this smile on her face and says, “You KNOW I can’t resist a belly!”  JJ caught on to this and now we roll over in parallel fashion on the bathroom floor first thing in the VERY early morning.  Mom steps in between us for side-by-side belly rubs and then it’s off to Breakfast.  Perfect way to start the day!

Another great belly rub day.

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We’re Being Good But…

Hey It’s Jet Here.

JJ and I have maintained “Best Behavior” status as far as Mom knows. She zipped in yesterday after Job 1, organized for Job 2, grabbed an hour of sleep, unloaded and packed all of the frozen fruit for Job 3 in addition to packing items for Job 2 and loaded car. JJ accompanied Mom during each loading trip. She thought Mom might like her to stay in the car to make sure nothing moved. I waited at the door in case they needed last minute assistance.


Six hours later, when Mom returned, JJ kept Mom company while she unloaded items from Job 2. My human sister, Rachel, thoughtfully with a few chuckles thrown in (because we had MORE fruit), placed the now frozen bananas in the freezer for Job 3 today. Mom said that Miss Mary Ann graciously allowed Mom to fetch the bananas even though the clock reflected a late hour.


The three of us then headed out for an abbreviated constitutional. JJ and I did our business faster than usual and sniffed and smelled the wonders of outside less than usual. We sort of understood not receiving our dental snack because of the late hour and Mom had a few other things to do before sleeping.

Then… I learned that Mom’s class made Moroccan Chicken in Puff Pastry, Arugula, Feta Triangles with Cilantro and Puff Pastry with Strawberries and Cream. What did she bring her faithful family? ZIPPO! REALLY MOM!

Jetty, the class participants eat what they make and take any leftovers home. I did not eat any of the items either if that makes you feel better. Just slightly Mom, just slightly. After this week concludes, we need to have a CHAT!

Anytime after Thursday my boy…

Another great but left out of the tasting loop day.

Mischief Monday: OOPS! – Caught in the Act

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Well, it was bound to happen, I got BUSTED.  Saturday night, we set out walking with Miss Mary Ann and Dixie and Miss Beverly and Neve on the main road part of the short square loop.  I really enjoy this part because of the two HUGE banyan trees.  One tree possesses this particular nook which I love to investigate.  My curiosity never wanes, that cranny holds endless intrigue.  Mom uses the command, “Jump it!” and so I do, peering in for juicy details.

Anyway, I digress.  On the way to awesome banyan tree number 1, there exists a swath of grass peppered with small trees, where I sometimes do my solid business.  With so many ladies watching, I found concentrating a bit challenging and decided to go back to the sidewalk.  We all paused for some sniffing and the ladies chatted.  All of a sudden I heard Miss Mary Ann say, “MR. HANDSOME, YOU CAN’T HAVE THAT!”

What?  What did I do?  Nothing’s going on?  Huh? Mom, Why are you sticking your hand in my mouth?  Evidence?  What evidence?

Another great, slightly in trouble day.

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Mom’s At It Again

Hey It’s Jet Here.

I’m trying to practice understanding, really I am.  Of course, Scooby Doo Academy stresses good behavior.  Understanding remains as challenging as patience for a herding K9 like me.  Following Mom back and forth from the kitchen to the office to the kitchen to the garage freezer, to the kitchen to the car to the kitchen with these bag thingies, to the office, to the kitchen… you get the idea.

Mom shared with my human sister, Rachel, on Friday night that the next week will be something called insane.  She has four Kitchen Counselor classes, including one class where she will make smoothies for 500!  I scratched my ears to make sure I heard correctly.  500, Mom?  Yes Jetty, 500 people in 1 hour no less!  I will have two blenders going besides ours.  Phew, good to know Mom.  Hey Mom, is that the reason the machine which holds all of Ish’s delicious eggs looks like you cannot fit one more ounce of stuff in it?  Indeed.

Hey Mom, is that why JJ accompanied you to the outside freezer like 100 times?  Correct again.  Rachel did a fantastic job manipulating all of our personal items to fit everything in.  Did you listen to us giggle when chatting how we left the grocery store without any frozen fruit? Well almost no frozen fruit. 

Mom, why did you shop again today if you did all that last night?  Great question.  I have a class at University of Miami tomorrow and needed to purchase those ingredients today, since we did not have room last night because of the Farmers market ingredients.

Wow, no wonder we needed a nap this afternoon.  Hey Mom, one last question.  If the outside freezer and the inside freezer and the refrigerator cannot fit another thing, why can’t JJ and I help out?  We like fruit, yogurt, turkey, eggs, butter, veggies, etc… I know sweet boy, you two help so much, however, this food must feed others.  We’ll have special treats on Friday.  Ok, Mom… I guess…

Another great day… well actually night.

P.S. Mom, of the 45 bananas you purchased, ripened, peeled and froze tonight, would it have been too much to ask for a taste before you brought all 45 to Miss Mary Ann’s freezer?  Huh?

Friday Night Fun

Hey It’s Jet Here.

After a wacky week, tonight’s constitutional felt like a breath of fresh air.  Mom called Mary Ann to see if she and Dixie could join us.  We happily waited on their stoop for about 10 minutes until they finished dinner.  Miss Stephanie and Cody turned the corner just about the time we readied ourselves to go to the right, not my favorite evening direction.  Cody showed off his spiffy haircut, prancing with head held high.  We dropped Miss Stephanie and Cody off halfway around our oval route and continued towards our house.

We saw two women caring for Nate, Lola’s little human brother.  He made smiley faces, giggle noises and woof noises for a few minutes.  He wanted to touch us.  Mom recommended using his feet, as she used to in the hospital when babies wanted to touch Koko.  The ladies politely said no.

About 5 houses down, we saw Miss Beverly and Neve headed our way.  Miss Beverly, Miss Mary Ann and Mom chatted as JJ, Dixie and I visited with Neve, commenting on her snazzy haircut.  We looped around our short block and tolerated the Moms chatting while we sat down in the middle of the street in front of our house.

In the final moments of twighlight, we saw the front lights of a car slowly approaching.  Neve could barely hold herself in a sitting position.  Mom asked Miss Beverly if she thought Giovanni could be the driver.  Her smile answered the question while she began to unharness Neve.  The car stopped, the door opened and Neve flew down the length of our front yard like she was going for the game winning pass down the field.  We heard the dulcet tones of Giovanni speaking to her in Italian.

Of course, Giovanni came over to properly greet JJ, Dixie, and me in Italian too, asking if we were enjoying time with our friends.  (Miss Beverly translated.)  He almost forgot to greet Miss Beverly!  Giovanni permitted Neve to join him in the car for the 2 house ride.  While the ladies concluded their conversations, Mom noticed that Dixie, JJ and I all assumed the same angle sitting position facing Giovanni’s front door where he was disembarking.  Wishing they had more light to snap a photo, the women chuckled that Giovanni has magical powers that make all of us K9s forget our Moms!

Another great day in the neighborhood.

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We Almost Pulled An All-Nighter

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Mom said that teenagers, college students and graduate students sometimes do this thing called “pull an all-nighter.” They stay up all night to study, finish a paper, or have lots of fun. During her student days, Mom never pulled an all-nighter until law school when she met my human sister, Rachel’s, dad. During finals, Mom said he was like a bat, up at night, sleeping during the day. He convinced Mom to go “upside down” because studying in the wee hours on the night was quieter and more peaceful.

As you know from this week’s posts, Rachel and company morphed into Hunger Games Central. Yesterday, those crazed teens waited on line for the movie premiere from 3:30 p.m. to midnight! A few of the teens passed by our house at dinner time to scoop up all the week’s culinary products to bring to the group waiting on line. Jesse, Alexandra and Chris did give JJ and I a smattering of attention. I can’t imagine what could take their focus off our K9 fabulousness – movie, shmovie!

Mom went off to a meeting, came home, and joined JJ and I for a lovely evening constitutional. Jet? Yes Mom? I would describe the walk as you insisting on a specific route, retracing your steps for a whole block, and taking your sweet time even though you heard my robo-yawning. Oh, sorry Mom, I enjoyed the fresh air and your company, even though the hour was late. Well, Jetty, when you put it that way

For some reason, we felt antsy and couldn’t fall asleep until we knew Rachel returned home safe and sound, hopefully remembering to lock the front door and turn out the light. We watched tv, got brushed, barked at the outside sounds, got massaged, and chewed hooves and antlers.  The Hunger Games fanatic graced the threshold at 3:00 a.m., so we fell asleep at about 3:30 a.m. Our hunger game began at 6:30, about an hour later than usual. See, see! We almost pulled an all-nighter!!!

Another great, need a big time nap, day.

PS.  Mom will add pictures later…

The Pesto Pasta By Far…

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Ok, I’m starting to see why some Moms get the Super Mom title.  After work yesterday, Mom hit the grocery store to purchase last minute items for my human sister, Rachel’s, cooking endeavors.  Then she returned home and reviewed over 210 emails, deleting more than 132!  Since her sleep totaled 6 hours in two days, she tried to nap for about an hour and then zipped to an appointment.  As she was leaving, Rachel and three friends arrived to resume Hunger Games premiere cooking.

Mom returned to find, hmmm… let’s see how to put this gently – PANDAMONIUM IN THE KITCHEN AND DRAMA IN THE HOUSE.  You know teenagers and their love lives.  We K9s keep it simple, we sniff, we play, we mount – JET, yes Mom?  You know I do not approve of that last action.  I know your friend Sam taught you when he constantly did that to your sister, Koko.  Oh, ok, Mom.  Anyway, Mom noted silently the slow pace of progression through the “to do” list.  She felt another late night coming on.

JJ and I sat beneath her as she attempted to work on the computer, giving her moral support while the following noises traveled down the hallway:

  • SPLAT!
  • OH NO!
  • CLANK!

Finally, Mom jumped in to the rescue, when the group numbered two: Rachel and Jesse (from 10:30 – midnight).  She helped complete the quadrupled pesto and guided Jesse on combining and storing the sauce with the pasta in Ziplocs.  Jesse worked on the last bag while sitting on the floor and the BEST worst thing happened… the bag burped and sauce went all over the floor.

No worries Mom!  I leapt off the couch and JJ bounded out of bed to clean the floor in minutes.  We doubled our clean up efforts with quality control of course.  I then proceeded to help Mom with my expert dish licking abilities as Mom loaded the dishwasher for the 2nd time of the night.

We won’t get into the hot chocolate volcano… until… well, let’s see what tonight brings!

Another great and tasty day.

Wordless Wednesday – Me and Jesse Hang Out in the Kitchen

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Rachel’s friends have visited us a lot during the last week.  They’ve done this thing called taking over Mom’s kitchen to cook lots of recipes out of that Hunger Games cookbook I’ve told you about.  JJ and I enjoy the frenzied pace in the kitchen and appreciate all dropped ingredients.

My buddy, Jesse, and I shared some private communication about manly man topics during our 10:30 PM break… and then it was back to the chocolate cupcakes and cookies.

Can’t wait for tonight’s “to do” list: sauteed chicken, pesto pasta and frosting!

Another great kitchen day (and night!)

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