Sympawny #14

Hey, it’s Jet Here.

Since I felt the need to report on the Westminster show in a timely fashion, I fell behind on the last Valentines occurrence this week.  When Mom, JJ and I went for our morning constitutional at 6:15 a.m., on Valentines Day, the sky was still dark.  Mom carries a flashlight in case we need to see something along the way.  Unexpectedly, we encountered the following:

  • Buddy, the Golden Retriever, barking a baritone staccato Valentines greeting.
  • We rounded the corner to catch a sonorous bay from Max, the beagle.
  • Lola and her new schnauzer sister contributed a frantic mid range duet.
  • Dixie, the mini Doxie, performed her rhythmic soprano bursts of barking.
  • Abby, the Border collie, must have had laryngitis or slept in.
  • Cody tried to conduct (small hint of Napoleon complex with this guy, but, he’s too cute, so, we cut him some slack.) and finally agreed to a protracted barking segment.
  • Freddy the poodle, the elder statesman, made sure everyone stayed on key.
  • Pebbles, the Kathleen Turner voiced boxer, gave her whoa, whoa, whoa solo and tried to purloin my attention from Freddy, Cody, JJ, Mom and Mr. Richard. (No luck this time.)
  • Lola the chocolate lab gave a far away bark from the back part of her house.
  • Vance, Vilda, and Rex, (the Westies and … not sure what heritage Rex has) flew out their doggie door and added a percussion component like a washboard from the wire mesh covering their metal gate.  They became so excited as we passed, they created a three-part fast paced harmony in a loud, slightly squeaky tone.
  • Simba slept in as far as we could tell, as did Neve.

By the time we reached our lawn again, I realized we spontaneously created SYMPAWNY #14, an ode to Valentines Day.  I never realized the vast array of musical talent we have on one oblong block.  Now, if we had just recorded the piece for posterity.  Darn.  Guess we’ll have to go for a future jam session.

Another great and symphonic day.

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Good Sports-Dog-Ship Part 2

Hey, it’s Jet Here.

Well, we thought our electrical poltergeists were expunged (vocabulary building word) from our house yesterday, alas… not true!  Mom spent 1.5 hours on the phone with this company called ATT in the afternoon.  They eventually determined that another goofy thing occurred in her computer, causing the internet to shut down intermittently (another vocab builder, look at me!) since Sunday.  Shhhh…. So far, so good since the human gentleman told Mom what to do.

My human sister, Rachel, remained this thing called “under the weather” Tuesday night so, Mom, JJ and I watched Night two without her.  Mom brushed us during our viewing party, so, please note that a small portion of my input occurred via audio only, as I was enjoying my treatment on both sides laying parallel to the television.

Night two completed the remaining three groups and then the Best in Show round.

Sporting Group – As you would expect, we have a bias in this order: golden and flat coat retrievers, remaining retrievers, all the setters.  The commentator, Mr. David Frei, had to admit that he did not understand why a golden never made it out of the Sporting Group.  We have opinions, however, Mom reminded me that if you do not have nice things to say, zip it!  Well,  after we oohed and ahhed, the judge selected the Irish Setter.  Admittedly, she was a beauty and we wished her well in Best in Show.

Working Group – I have a question for Mr. David Frei.  The Herding group works hard, why do they designate the type of work in Herding and then have a group for all working breeds?  Mom impressed me during this group.  She predicted the Doberman win before the judge decided.

Terrier Group – Oh those Westminster folks love terriers.  We rooted for the terrier most similar to our friend, Miss Jennifer’s Madison, as well as the Westies, like our neighbors Vance and Vilda.    Since Mom’s favorite color is blue, we accepted the judge’s selection of the Kerry blue terrier.

Best in Show – We really liked the judge in this group, she had spunk!  The breed winners strutted their stuff like rock stars, soaking up the ferocious applause.  Mrs. Judge presented the big ribbon to Malachy, the Pekingese from the toy group.  We appreciated the good sportsman and sports-dog-ship exhibited throughout the show.  Congratulations Malachy, hope you received extra lovies and treats!

Another great day and great dog show.

Good Sports-Dog-Ship

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Sorry for the late post, however, the electrical poltergeist visited our house again.  Yup, Mom told us (including my human sister, Rachel) that this thingie called a server fell down, went down… something like that.  So for almost a day, we couldn’t post for you.  Mom went into ESI (Electrical Scene Investigation) mode this morning, and discovered: THREE wires mysteriously were unplugged.  She plugged them in, waited a bit and voila – we’re back!

We want to publicly congratulate Malachy, the Peke, on his Westminster win Tuesday evening.  That little guy entertained us as he trotted around the ring.  We enjoy watching the two night contest (via tivo) and cheering for our favorites.  Mom says it’s sort of like watching the NBA playoffs and finals packed into two nights.  Mom really pays attention to the announcer when he details the heritage and the characteristics of each breed.

Now, if you will permit me to break down the contest from my point of view:

Night One selected the first four group winners:

Hound Group – We like the array of body shapes from sleek to low lying.  Of course we rooted for the three dachshunds in Dixie’s honor and the wire-haired guy won!  We can’t wait to chat with Dixie about this.

Toy Group – Rachel would usually find this group most appealing as she is a “small dog” person, however, she has the flu and stayed under her covers all night.

Non-Sporting Group – First of all, this group needs a much jazzier name, any suggestions?  How about the cool breed name group?  We like this group for their diversity.  The Dalmatian win reminded Mom how popular Dalmatians were when she was a little girl.   Celebrating wrinkles made Mom smile (aka the Sharpei winning 2nd place.)

Herding Group – Since I joined the family, Mom pays much closer attention to this group.  We try to find similarities to my “Mr. Handsome” looks and the breeds in this group.  Mom also listens extra carefully to the breed descriptions to get a better sense of what comes naturally to herders like me!  Who doesn’t love the German Shepherd?  The Garden went nuts.  Our only curiosity, why German Shepherd Dog? We do not call JJ Golden Retriever Dog?  Hmm… will have to investigate.

Night two commentary tomorrow.

Another great day.

Not the Valentines Paparazzi

Hey, it’s Jet Here.

We’re participating in our first Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.  Mom and I find silence a challenge, so, we went to the master, Puffy.  Man, he can give you one look and you know exactly what he means.  Mom tried to give him a Valentines kiss and look what he did.   

  Then he asked for Mom’s protection from the Valentines Paparazzi.  I think he was more worried about being caught by the feline fashion police for the pink leopard print!

Another great and slightly less wordy Wednesday.!

*Wordpress cannot accept the code, so, go here to our friend, Basset Momma to see the list!

Mom Got Mushy, Ok, I Got Mushy

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

To maintain my Manly Man reputation, I will lead you to believe that celebrating Valentine’s Day, well, it’s mushy.  The whole kiss thing, lovey dovey stuff seems artificially elevated for one day in February.

However, if you read between the fur, you will learn the truth; I love when Mom gives me lovies.  Before GRSF rescued me, I … too painful to write about… let’s say I did not receive lovies.  Here are the lovely things Mom does with me:

  • She stops everything when I nuzzle her a certain way and gives me a short massage and tells me how much she loves me in a soft voice.
  • She understands when I’m too scared to leave the house.
  • She will take me out at whatever time my courage returns to keep me comfortable.
  • She permits me to cuddle up on our her bed.
  • She calls me all sorts of special names.
  • She makes sure I receive yummy, healthy kibble, delicious dental treats and tidbits when she cooks.
  • She pampers me during spa day with special treats and manly man smelling shampoo.
  • She opens the windows for me when we ride in the car, even if she would prefer the a/c.
  • She brought JJ into the house so I did not stay an only dog after Koko passed.
  • She generously transcribes my thoughts for my blog posts.
  • She brings us to places where we can run leash free and have play dates.

For all these reasons and more, I love you Mom.

Jetty? Yes Mom.  May I write a bit?  Sure, go ahead.

Your list brought tears to my eyes.  You and I truly bonded after about 10 months.  I’m so grateful to have you in my life.  You possess equal parts humor, sweetness, kindness, and energy.  My list would occupy pages and pages; I’ll continue to tell you and show you how full my heart feels every day.  Happy Valentines Day my boy, I love you, too! 

Another great and mushy day.

Eat Mom’s Books

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

A while back, Mom came across a wonderful website for her Kitchen Counselor newsletter, Servings, as well as her personal cookbook collection called Eat Your Books.  The premise:

  • You input the names of cookbooks, magazines and blogs that you follow,
  • When you want a recipe, you can search all of your personal sources in seconds,
  • If you want, you can then grab the source in your own home!

Mom reads A LOT.  She describes her speed as that of a turtle, however, she happily travels down the pages one by one, whether the page belongs to a book, magazine or a computer screen.  She always has reading material in bed, using anything from a strand of yarn to a magnet, to a laminated style bookmark.  Over the years, I may have, on occasion, batted a book with my paw, or swished one with my tail sending them flying to the floor.  One of my more mischievous moves would cause the book to fall behind the bed.

Mom recently finished two books by this guy, Clive Cussler.  She loves his books when she needs a fast read.  Since she follows several of his series, they feel like old friends.  Auntie Liz gave her a book by Geraldine Brooks called People of the Book for Hannukah.  Mom began reading it last Sunday night.

Day one: Mom’s yarn bookmark went missing.  JJ and I blamed the felines.  Day two: Mom replaced it with a bigger, sturdier bookmark.  Day three: Mom went to read a few more pages before bed and this is what she found.

Now, I’ve already confessed my literary adventures, so I’m not throwing anyone under the food bowl, but…. It wasn’t ME.  I would suggest it might have been a reddish/golden K9 of the female persuasion.  Mom’s a trooper, she’s gently continues turning the pages.

Another great, literary day.

Snoopy's Dog Blog

The Hey, It’s Jet Here Poll

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

I, Jet, student of politics at Scooby Doo Academy, selected taking a poll for my class project.  When I watch the news most mornings after my breakfast, waiting for Mom to hurry up and eat hers, those humans on TV mention lots of polls.  They use words like: Gallup, CNN,NYT,USAToday, ABC, CBS Tribune/WGN TV etc… so I figured, why not add a Hey, It’s Jet Here poll?

Lately, the political tracking of the Republican candidates hogs TV coverage week after week.  You humans take polls before the voting, during the voting, after the voting, don’t you guys get tired?  To maintain my integrity, I will remind you that I previously and continue to endorse Boozer for president.

I decided to track poles themselves with the following criteria:

  • How many poles exist on my weekend morning route? (Other routes will be added in the future.)
  • What type of pole is it?
  • What material did the humans use in construction?

I present to you… the results:

  • 19 poles in total.
  • 15 telephone poles, 4 traffic light poles.
  • 15 wooden poles, 4 metal poles.

Uh Jet?  Yes Mom.  Little problem.  What’s the problem Mom?  Polls and Poles are totally different.  Polls record opinions or votes whereas poles are  long, slender, rounded pieces of wood or metal with one end usually in the ground.  Poles support other items like wires, electrical circuitry, or tents.

Hmpf.  Mooommm, I know that, I wanted to see if you were paying attention!  Really Jet?  If you say so… 

Another great day of tabulations.

Woofwide Wrestling Federation

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

I first practiced wrestling with my sister, Koko.  Here are two pictures of Koko and I in outdoor action captured by my friend, Nancy’s, human Mom. You’ll note Nancy serving as ref in one frame. 


Koko and I looked like we belonged in the movie Jaws, when in reality, we almost never left a scratch.  I loved Koko and allowed her to win sometimes so that she would keep playing with me.

After two months observing JJ’s moves, Mom and I think she’s ready to train for WWF.  We offer up the following moniker, which has received pawsitive feedback – THE CHEWMINATOR.  Imagine if you will, JJ trots down the aisle sporting a bedazzled pink satin cape with the name THE CHEWMINATOR in rhinestones down her spine.  When JJ pulls the Velcro straps with her teeth, the cape slides off revealing … a hot pink boxing style outfit with the Chewminator logo.  (All you graphic designers out there submit your logo ideas!)

As her steady wrestling/sparring partner, I, Jet aka “Mr. Handsome” feel qualified to comment on her skills:

  • She’s got quick paws,
  • Unending endurance,
  • Spunky bounce to her step,
  • Good jaw reflexes,
  • Fearlessness,
  • Bounce back ability when she falls off the bed, couch, ottoman, etc…
  • Good Sportsmanship (she LOVES to shake paws)
  • Doesn’t hold a grudge,
  • Unafraid of larger K9s (like me),
  • Long, lean, athletic body shape.

Just like the WWF for humans, JJ has her Woofwide Wrestling Federation signature move – THE UNDERPASS.  She throws this move in to confuse her opponents (again, usually me.)  She’s jawing with me, jumping on me, beside me, grabbing a back paw and then all of a sudden, she sneaks right under my belly as if I were the Brooklyn Bridge.  JJ throws down her UNDERPASS move so fast; one minute you’re looking for her on the left and she’s already on your right!

Hey, London Olympics start this summer, think we still have time?

Another great and sporty day.

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I’m Singing in the Rain

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Ok, I did not exactly sing in the rain late last night, let’s say I had that Gene Kelly glorious feeling of enjoyment in the rain.  Miss Mary Ann and Dixie came over last night by car because Dixie does not like her undercarriage to get wet.  The rain began when they tried to head out for a walk with us.

Mom, unaware of the weather change, welcomed them into the house for a visit and leashed JJ and I up with our raincoats while Mom and Miss Mary Ann spoke.  As you may have guessed, I could not muster enough courage to leave the garage.  Mom and JJ looked like Laker fans with their duck yellow (Mom) and purple (JJ) outerwear.

About an hour later, my tank let me know it needed emptying NOW.  I barked and nudged Mom while she worked on the computer.  She asked me if I wanted to try to go out again; I answered by trotting to the garage door and stepping into my harness.  The rain diminished to a light drizzle and Mom figured I would scoot to the side of the house, empty my tank quickly and sidle back inside the garage.  She gambled and we left sans outerwear and sans garage door clicker.  Good thinking Mom… until…

I realized that the drizzle felt refreshing on my back.  The side of the house did not evoke any tank emptying urges and I led Mom diagonally away from the house.  She did not want to interrupt my momentum and off we went.  I passed a favorite pole on my young friend, Ruby’s yard.  I passed a provocative patch of grass on Roger and Vicky’s yard as the rain frequency and volume increased.  I passed the first of three favorite tall thin trees on the next yard and FINALLY decided the second tree had the right mojo for tank emptying.  By then, I found my swagger and wanted to continue my constitutional.

Mom led me into a U-turn because by this point, we both looked like this thing called very wet.  With my nose tenderly sniffing the ground on the return trip, smelling all the wonderful scents lifted by the rain, I barely registered my water saturation.  Gotta give Mom some credit, she gave me smell time on the way back, even though the rain strength increased.  Mom heard and saw Gene Kelly performing “Singing in the Rain” in her mind’s eye as I took her on the scenic route home circling trees, following hedge lines,  and tracing semicircle driveways with my paws over the three yards on the opposite side of the street. 

Another great day (and night in the rain.)

Kitchen K9s at Sunrise

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Oh, what a great week to be Mom’s Kitchen K9s.  First we had Prep Day and today Mom awoke poised and ready to cook and prep for herself.  By 5:30 a.m.:

  • Turkey burgers hit the Forman,
  • An array of veggies lined the counter,
  • Five bowls arced around her bamboo cutting board,
  • Her favorite knife and peeler rested on the board,
  • Three tiny Tupperware and 2 metal prep bowls arranged like soldiers flanked the spice area, and
  • The cabinet holding our garbage/recycling cans slid open a few inches ready to receive items before the garbage pickup at 9:00.

JJ continued her Sous Chef course, jumping up on the counter to learn how to: peel carrots and cucumbers, wash peppers, cherry tomatoes and lettuce (from Miss Mary Ann’s garden by the way), season ground turkey (today Mom combined salt free poultry and Mediterranean seasonings) and make salad dressing.  I have to check her Scooby Doo Academy schedule; seems like she’s working towards a home economics degree.

As mentioned Tuesday, JJ and I revel in our QC (quality control) responsibilities.  We confirmed that the carrots, celery, radishes, red peppers, (we refrain from lettuce, and can’t have scallions) and cucumbers passed muster.  Our daily 6:00 a.m. belly alarms quietly sounded, however, we gladly turned them off, enjoying tidbits until Mom had time to pause and serve us breakfast.

By 6:24 a.m. the eight turkey burgers looked like a pancake tower in a container, four of the five salads lined one shelf in the fridge, (one stayed out for Mom’s breakfast,) four of the five dressings stored on the door shelf ready for grabbing (one stayed out for Mom’s breakfast,) and the drip tray from the burgers, hey… where did it go?  Sometimes, I jump up and find a way to either lick it or tip it over onto the floor.  JJ showed promise last week by directly jumping up and pawing it over onto the floor.  Today, Mom made the tray disappear.  Little did we know…

She intended to let it cool down and use it as a surprise gravy on our kibble.  Gotta love Mom.  She scooped our kibble the normal way and then brought our bowls out to the kitchen where she would normally top JJ’s dish with gently warmed chicken stock.  Instead, she lovingly spooned the drip pan goodness onto BOTH our food bowls.  Scrumptious I say, Scrumptious.  Gotta make sure Mom does that again.

Another scrumptious (can’t say this enough) day.