Don’t Say Dental Hygiene Month

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Last night, Mom had an “oh no!” moment when she correlated the date to the end of Dental Hygiene month.  Our dental treat container, (can you believe she uses washed out kitty litter tubs to hold the packages?) has reached the red, blinking, “Warning, Warning” levels.  Since many retailers discount dental treats during February, Mom MUST order today.  Jet?  Yes Mom.  This year, February includes one extra day for this math calculation adjustment thingie called Leap Year.  Thanks for explaining Mom, so really you have today and tomorrow to order our treats?  Exactly my boy.

I know I’ve mentioned these items before, however, since Scooby Doo Academy recommends reviewing for information retention, I will run down our preferred dental treats.

Twistix – Tail Up – good for your belly, your breath and fun to chew.

Tail down – JJ and I can polish these off in about 2 minutes.  Mom:  Sometimes like a piece of licorice, the chew gets stuck in their teeth and you see them confused that there’s a good taste in their mouth just out of reach!

Bone-a-MintTail Up – good for your belly, your breath, fun to chew.  When Koko was alive, Mom gave her this treat on the nights I received the next item.  Now, since the Chewminator and I have the same chomping pace, Mom gives us the same treats on the same nights. 

Tail Down – Mom buys the small size (Mom: economic realities my boy) so we masticate (vocabulary builder) in 3 minutes.

HEXtra ChewsTail Up – Dr. Schaffer approved, keeps us busy for 10-15 minutes, tastes yummy, crunches.

Tail Down – Mom should give them to us all the time.

Mom: A little pricey, must intersperse with other treats.

BonesTail Up – The marrow is delectable, keeps us happy for hours, reusable (Mom spices it up with a little peanut butter, almond butter, or cream cheese.)

Tail Down – Mom opens the freezer to remove the bones only once a week.

Mom:  make sure your vet tells you what type of bone is safe for your particular K9. Bone chewing can be sloppy business, make sure your K9s either have napkins (towels), or chew in an appropriate location.

HoovesTail Up – keeps us busy for days, sustainable (Mom taught me about that.), nice and loud.

Tail Down – Mom doles these out periodically.

Mom: the hooves smell a little bit, make sure the hooves are from the USA as some hooves from China are tainted with you do not want to know what.

Antlers, hornsTail Up – keeps us busy forever, even the Chewminator!

Tail Down – kind of boring after a while, then upon rediscovery really exciting again.

Mom:  Make sure antlers and horns are from the USA, can be pricey, however, last forever.

Fellow K9s, what dental treats (preferably all natural) do you enjoy?

Humans – Don’t say Dental Hygiene month, call it dental treat month… just call me Jet, the Spin Dentist!

Another great pearly white day.

12 thoughts on “Don’t Say Dental Hygiene Month

  1. Hi Jet, we are so jealous of your wide range of dental treats. We don’t have nearly so many in the UK. The main ones we get are the vegetable chews in the shape of hedgehogs and crocs.

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Dexter. Bummer… Mom and I would not have figured that to be the case. We would have thought you might have access to bones and antlers at least! Well, if you’re ever in Miami, give a shout, we’ll send you home with lots and lots of treats!

  2. Hi sweet Jetty – Wow you are super lucky to get such a great assortment of yummy chewing treats! I;m so glad for you and JJ – what a wonderful life you have with your amazing family!

    My current 3 furbabies are not big chewers – I have introduced Cassie to small skinny rawhide retreiver sticks which she does enjoy but has to eat up on the couch so Rex does not take it from her (he;s a feisty one!) plus she has a sensitive tummy so I have to be careful what she eats.

    Our Golden, Zachery, a lovely red boy, who passed from cancer at age 9, (still miss him so much was a very happy go lucky goofy guy!) was a huge lover of large retreiver sticks and pigs ears and spent many a happy hour chewing away.

    Thanks for great post – as always the best part of my day!

    sending goodnight kisses to you sweet Jet and hugs to JJ, Mom, Rachel, Fluffy and Puffy xoxoxo

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Mom just finished pressing the send button for a big dental great order, Whoo hoo!

      Have you tried Twistix Sensibellies for Cassie? They are similar to our wheat free twistix, but, made especially for sensitive tummies. Uh, Miss Wendy? I must confess that I tried to steal JJ’s last bit of Twistix tonight. Mom did the Jetty open jaw move and pulled it out and gave it back to JJ to teach me a lesson.

      Oh, Zachery sounds a little like Koko Miss Wendy. What’s a retriever stick?

      Goodnight Jetty kisses and JJ hugs… Rachel is still at school doing this thing called tech-ing for one of the performances… Mom has to go fetch her soon. 🙂

  3. Hey Jet, I made My Vickie read this post three times and take notes. She brushes my teeth every night so that is good and we live in elk and deer country so we get all the antlers we want too, but I think we need to try some of those other things so as soon as I am all better, I think her and I better go to Petsmart and find some of them.

    Thanks for the ideas.


    • Hey Bert, Jet here. I’m so glad you were able to share my efforts with your Vickie! May I be bold and suggest you try the site Entirely Pets? Mom went shopping there tonight and bought us: hooves, twistix, bone-a-mints and Hextra chews! She got an extra 10% off today by putting LEAPYEAR into the code part. Maybe in the future we can order some antlers from you!!! 🙂

      I’m sorry you’re under the weather… wishing you the speediest of recoveries.

  4. Oh, we’re big fans of all kinds of things here! Greenies are a favorite, but don’t last long. We also really like antlers. Mom says that if you get bored with them, to have your mom boil them in low sodium chicken or beef broth. They’re tasty and exciting all over again!


    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Bunny. Oh Bunny, you just made my day. Mom makes her own stock as well as having stock on hand for my sister, JJ’s kibble. I’m going to request that option right away!!!!! Thank you, thank you.

      I agree, we’ve tried greenies, and they go to my tummy really fast. I prefer the bone-a-mints. 🙂

    • Hey Kat, Jet here. Glad to meet you too… we’re newish (3 weeks now) to the blog hop scene. We’re trying to support as many fellow bloggers as Mom has time for!

      What kind of spray if I may be so bold to ask???

      We were hoping to post our Wordless Wednesday item before Mom fell asleep!

    • Hey Chloe, Hey LadyBug, Jet here. Remember to try that LEAPYEAR code today for extra 10% off! Look for the thingie she calls a purse… that’s usually where the credit cards hang out! BOL…

      Glad you found the advice helpful… 🙂 Let us know what items you selected.

      Hey, do you know if BlogPaws runs late for their hop sometimes???

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