Mom’s On Assignment

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Mom asked me to dictate early (Saturday afternoon) because she … I can hardly bear to write this … is LEAVING us for 24 hours.  Ok, my human sister, Rachel, will keep us company in addition to our Madrina (Godmother in Spanish).  Yes, Mom left a detailed, one page sheet of directions for Madrina, but… still…

Remember last week when she went to that Food Network stuff?  Well tonight, she and Auntie Liz will attend The Best Thing I Ever Ate.  Hey Mom, I like late night bites and sweets and so does JJ for that matter.  Jetty, I wish I could bring you; however, Auntie Liz’s building will not permit K9s of your handsome size.  I know you find it difficult to imagine, however, not all humans appreciate K9s near their food.

Then tomorrow, Mom, Miss Mary Ann and two more friends will attend the Grand Tasting.   Last year, they tasted, laughed and enjoyed a great day.  I know because I saw their photos.  They saw this human called Paula Deen pretend this other human called Robert Irvine was a horse and she rode him on the stage!  Mom?  Yes, Jetty?  I deserve Grand Tastings don’t I?  Of course you do my boy.  Again, they serve beverages with alcohol that would hurt your tummy and body.  The thick lines for food samples would test even your sweet patience.  The demonstration areas only have chairs; no comfy spots for you to wait and listen.  Plus, to tell you the truth Jetty, I really pay attention so I can obtain information for my Kitchen Counselor business.  Mom?  Yes, Jetty?  I’m one of your Kitchen K9s, right?  You certainly are.  Well, I could help you for Kitchen Counselor business.  What a sweet boy, you touch my heart, Jetty.

Let’s do this.  Let’s make a playdate with our new cyberpal, Flo and go to the beach where you and JJ can have special fun.  Sound like a plan?  Ok, Mom, Ok… sounds great… I’ll try practicing patience and wish you, Auntie Liz, Miss Mary Ann and everyone else a great time. 

Jet, this is Flo with her friend, Sammy... let's see if we can get a picture of you, Flo and JJ!

Another great and understanding day.


8 thoughts on “Mom’s On Assignment

  1. Hi sweet Jet – boy what fun events Mom has these next few days – sounds wonderful – I;m happy for her – but I know you and JJ, Puffy and Fluffy will miss her very much. Sometimes us humans just have to go away for a bit, my family has to go away for a whole day in 2 weeks – we have to start looking at colleges for Jacob. We have someone come in and let everyone out/walk them feed them etc. while we are gone. I;m glad Rachel and your Madrina are with you with you – I bet your getting lots of attention!

    I;ll check back with you before bed – sending extra hugs and kisses xoxoxo

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Yup, we’re happy for Mom, but… Miss Wendy, it’s not the same you know. On the other hand, we like playing with Madrina, Rachel and Madrina’s son. We even slept late for them!

      Wow, Jacob’s getting ready for college? whoo hoo and boo hoo, right Miss Wendy?

      Thanks for checking on us and the extra lovies. Jetty kisses and JJ hugs.

  2. Hi sweet Jetty – I hope you had a great day and have lots of fun stories to share with Mom when she gets home. Have a good night – snuggle up with JJ and sleep well!

    sending goodnight hugs and kisses to you, JJ, Mom, Rachel, Fluffy and Puffy xoxoxo and Madrina too!

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. We gave Mom a fitting “Welcome Home” greeting and tried to inspect her many bags of goodies from that Food and Wine Festival thingie. Lots of treats for Rachel and ZERO for JJ and I. Oh well, Mom gave us a lot of lovies and a fun walk. We passed by Miss Mary Ann’s house for a quick visit. Mom shared the one part Miss Mary Ann missed because she left a little before Mom did. Mom was SO tired, that we tried to catch up on NBA ALL-STAR weekend tivo stuff and couldn’t even watch the end of the slam dunk competition before falling asleep!

      Morning to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex and Barkley!

      Jetty Kisses and JJ hugs… Mom is FIVE minutes late for breakfast!

    • Hey Miss Janet, Jet here. hmpf. I know… she feels pretty lucky. You see those Food Network folks come down to Miami at this time of year to escape the winter (what’s winter Miss Janet?) and have fun at our big Food and Wine Festival. Then, we sadly must wait another year.

      Exactly Miss Janet, oh the injustice of it all…

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