Mom Got Mushy, Ok, I Got Mushy

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

To maintain my Manly Man reputation, I will lead you to believe that celebrating Valentine’s Day, well, it’s mushy.  The whole kiss thing, lovey dovey stuff seems artificially elevated for one day in February.

However, if you read between the fur, you will learn the truth; I love when Mom gives me lovies.  Before GRSF rescued me, I … too painful to write about… let’s say I did not receive lovies.  Here are the lovely things Mom does with me:

  • She stops everything when I nuzzle her a certain way and gives me a short massage and tells me how much she loves me in a soft voice.
  • She understands when I’m too scared to leave the house.
  • She will take me out at whatever time my courage returns to keep me comfortable.
  • She permits me to cuddle up on our her bed.
  • She calls me all sorts of special names.
  • She makes sure I receive yummy, healthy kibble, delicious dental treats and tidbits when she cooks.
  • She pampers me during spa day with special treats and manly man smelling shampoo.
  • She opens the windows for me when we ride in the car, even if she would prefer the a/c.
  • She brought JJ into the house so I did not stay an only dog after Koko passed.
  • She generously transcribes my thoughts for my blog posts.
  • She brings us to places where we can run leash free and have play dates.

For all these reasons and more, I love you Mom.

Jetty? Yes Mom.  May I write a bit?  Sure, go ahead.

Your list brought tears to my eyes.  You and I truly bonded after about 10 months.  I’m so grateful to have you in my life.  You possess equal parts humor, sweetness, kindness, and energy.  My list would occupy pages and pages; I’ll continue to tell you and show you how full my heart feels every day.  Happy Valentines Day my boy, I love you, too! 

Another great and mushy day.


6 thoughts on “Mom Got Mushy, Ok, I Got Mushy

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Daisy, Hi Miss Daisy’s Human. Mom and I want to thank you both for your thoughtful comment. From Mom… Vice versa. To finally have the opportunity to share my world with animals (2 cats/2 dogs) has lifted my spirits more than I thought possible.

      Happy Valentines Day to you both as well. 🙂

  1. Hi sweet Jet – HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! this post was so awesome to read – made me a little weepy with happiness – your Mom is the best – I wish all animals knew such love and kindness – you and your Mom are both very special and I;m sending you both big HVD hugs xoxoxoxo – sending them to JJ, Rachel,. Fluffy and Puffy too!

    p.s. Hope Rachel is feeling better!

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Mom and I had a few more words to type and YOU KNOW WHO nudged the keyboard and ZAP, all gone. Let’s see how our memory is.

      Thanks for agreeing with my feelings about Mom. Your pups know such love and kindness from you, too Miss Wendy.

      Big HVD kisses from me and hugs from Mom and JJ.

      Thanks for asking about Rachel. Mom says she’s doing this thing called recuperating. We think she’s better because she’s watching a lot of that TLC stuff.

      Mom, JJ and I need to catch up on Westminster. WE only saw the hound group and 1/2 the toy group on tivo before we fell asleep!

      Extra Jetty kisses for you on this Valentines day Miss WEndy.

      xoxox to Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex, and Barkley

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