Bucket City

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

If you happen to read Miss Wendy’s comment from yesterday, you’ll note that we had booms, streaky lights and rain on Monday/Monday Night/Tuesday.  Miss Wendy, my bff pen pal, rescued her golden girl, Cassie, from GRSF, the same group that saved me from … too difficult to say.  Turns out, Cassie and I share a lot of behaviors in common.  I wish we could play and visit all the time, however, we live about 45 minutes apart.  Anyway, poor Cassie (and poor Miss Wendy) could not rest a wink due to the weather.  I experienced similar discomfort; I finally settled in one of my safe spots under Mom’s vanity.

I really try to keep an open mind about storms.  My favorite lemongrass bush looks like Cousin It from the Addams Family, flopped over and limpid.  Mom reminded me that we really needed the rain.

This next part of the post, well, Mom suggested, urged, forced me to share.  When the weather scares me, I feel this thing called anxiety. Scooby Doo Academy recommends keeping a journal for personal growth.  Dude, I’m all about studying, learning, growing, self-improvement…but journaling my feelings?  I’m a GUY… the whole dudes from Mars/Ladies from Venus thing…  Jet?  Yes Mom.  If you think about it, your blog is your journal.  Yeah?  Oh YEAH, wow, I’m evolved!  Yes Jetty, you are, so finish about you know what.  Yes Mom.

So, when weather anxiety occupies my body and Mom’s not home, an invisible pull with the strength of a super magnet, draws me nose first to the cat litter box.  I can’t help myself, I can’t even express the details, let’s just say you know I’ve visited because litter sticks to the wet part of my nose.

Mom and Auntie Angela tried various strategies over the years to prevent my visits:

  • Turn the box around.
  • Block it with old Cat litter buckets;
  • Add laundry liquid containers to the barrier;
  • Add Oxiclean box to buckets;
  • Add Costco-sized vinegar containers to buckets,
  • Put heavy, then heavier items in buckets,
  • Finally… PUT UP A FENCE!

And yet… last night, when Mom returned home and went to kiss my face, there it was, the evidence stuck to my nose.

Another sort of great day.


4 thoughts on “Bucket City

  1. Dude, Jack here. How did you get through that little door? You must be a contortionist. Maybe the cat thing is compfort eating? I feel for you. As I said before, I haven’t really had issues with the booms but the dog down the street, Katie does and if her family is not home she somehow escapes from her house, busts through the screen on our patio and barks at our door, Ginger and I do not like her very much since when that happen we are locked in the bedroom and she gets to come in the house until Mom can locate her parents (sometimes it takes forever). One time she did it at 2 in the morning and woke everyone up (and her parents were home). Once, I am ashamed to say, she stuck her nose in the door before Mom locked me in the bedroom and I tried to bite her.

    Wish I could offer some works of wisdom to solve your problem, just hang in there Jetty.

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hey Jack, good to hear from you, Man!

      Ah, Mom asked me the same question. She thinks my Auntie Angela may have left the fence open, stepped away and I made good use of the time. Dr. Schaffer told Mom that us K9s like the protein in the p__p! Mom did a big EWWWWWWW sound. I agree with your diagnosis, Jack, I think it’s comfort eating, too. Hey Man, you and your Mom always provide good info, ever think about counseling?

      Sorry to hear that Katie suffers the same discomfort, however, I wish her humans would protect her better, so as not to disturb your family. She must not have a winning personality if you don’t like her, Jack, because you’re a chill kind of guy.

      Thanks for your support, Jack, means a lot.

  2. Hi Jetty – I;m so sorry you had a hard time with this nasty weather – I was thinking about you as it was storming Mon night and I meant to ask you yesterday how you were but I was so tired I forgot to ask you – sorry sweet boy xoxox this is supposed to be the dry/quiet season!!

    My little Pom Rex gets the same satisfaction you do from p—p and has done it for many years – must be a thing from dogs ancient past!~

    I agree with you about poor Katie above that Jack mentions – I wish her family would take better care of her as she can get hurt in so many ways as she runs terrified through the storm when she escapes her house –

    Did JJ mind the storms? does she partake in the kitty box treat also?

    Well off to make lunch for Jacob tomorrow as well as dishes and ironing! sending goodnight kisses to you my favorite guy and hugs to JJ, Mom, Rachel, Fluffy and Puffy xoxoxo

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Sorry Mom did not transcribe my dictation last night.

      I know Miss Wendy, it’s hard enough for a guy like me to get readjusted after the firecracker winter season without the surprise storms during dry/quiet season.

      Uh oh, Rex too? Yeah, that’s it, we’re honoring our ancient past… I’ll go with that Miss Wendy!

      JJ seemed ok, Mom’s still determining her storm character. She’s curious about the kitty p__p, not sure if she has tried it, no evidence on nose so far.

      Good Morning Jetty kisses and JJ hugs Miss Wendy. We have a few people here today installing a new front door, our old one rotted. They’re a noisy bunch, will have to supervise.

      xoxoxo to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex and Barkley

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