We Love When Mom Teaches

Hey, it’s Jet Here.

On the day before Mom has a scheduled Kitchen Counselor class, lots of food enters the house through the garage/kitchen door.  As Mom’s Kitchen K9s, we must inspect the merchandise!  Oh, the scents, we struggle with our patience button for Mom to unpack.

Today, she will teach a diabetic support group cooking ideas for Valentine’s Day.  Plus, she accepted a dare from the group last quarter that she could cook collard greens in 5 minutes.  I’m betting on Mom!  Then, in the afternoon, she teaches this thing called an interactive cooking class at the University of Miami.  Mom loves working with IEP, the Intensive English Program, because the students come from all over the globe.  Today’s theme – How Americans Celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Anyway, Mom often does this “prep” stuff to make her classes run smoothly.  Koko and I LOVED prep time.  After all, as her Kitchen K9s, we had jobs to do like quality control!  Yesterday, JJ experienced Prep initiation.  At one point, Mom had beets (for chocolate beet cake?) and broccoli roasting in the oven (separately), turkey bacon in two skillets on the stovetop (oh the aroma!), collards rinsing in the sink while she cut pineapple on the cutting board.

Little Miss Helpful had two paws on the counter repeatedly to see:

  • How to drain turkey bacon.
  • How much rinsing is necessary per collard leaf.
  • How much tin foil must you cut to properly wrap three beets.
  • What size floret works best when roasting broccoli.
  • How close should you get to Mom when she chops three onions.

When Mom dropped the first tidbit of collard leaf, JJ snapped it up before Mom even knew what happened.  All we heard was crunch, crunch, crunch.  Knowing how much I LOVE collards, Mom immediately invited me to sit for a stem.  JJ then scurried over for her first stem.  Mom tried to capture us chewing collard stems like stogies without success, we chomped too fast.  After three or four attempts, she worried our tummies would get upset.  So, no pictures this time.

Another great Kitchen Counselor Prep day.


6 thoughts on “We Love When Mom Teaches

  1. Hi sweet Jetty – well prep time with Mom does sound fun! What an amazing cook she is! I;m a very simple cook but have always admired those who an are excellent at it like your Mom. I was laughing at your descripiton of JJ with her paws on the counter watching Mom and then diving for the collard leaf – she is a riot that girl!!

    I;m extra pooped today – was up from 2-6;30 last night with Cassie – we had thunder (OH NO!!) and heavy rain and she would not settle – paced, paddled, panted etc. She kept waking up Jacob so I stayed downstairs with her – turned the TV on loud and she paced down stairs occasionally stopping in her safe spot behind the couch until I had to start the day at 6:00- so I;m off to bed! My sis and BIl are on a short cruise to the Bahamas and key West – will be back on Friday HEY!

    Sending you big goodnight kisses and many hugs to JJ, Mom, Rachel, Fluffy and Puffy xoxoxoxo

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Mom said thanks for the compliment. She cooks simply for herself most of the time, however, for classes, she goes all out. Yup, JJ is a riot for sure… glad you had some smiles after a long night.

      I feel for Cassie, I suffered quite a bit with the weather as well. Miss Wendy, we’re not supposed to have booms and streaky lights at this time of year. Please give Cassie lots of lovies from all of us, we really understand.

      I hope you can catch up on your rest, you are such a good Mom. Hope your sister and BIL have a great cruise.

      Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you , Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex, and Barkley

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