Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Bet you thought the title would be Superbowl, huh? (Go Giants.  See yesterday’s post.)

Last night, JJ, Mom,Dixie, Miss Mary Ann and I headed out for a pack walk.  I’m still having residual boom issues causing a strange preference of altering Mom and Miss Mary Ann’s evening route. Dixie required a few rests in Miss Mary Ann’s arms as JJ and I stride at a ratio of probably 1:10 ish.  We try to walk at a leisurely pace to allow Dixie an easier way to keep up.  Her Mini-Dachshund paws are adorable to watch trot along.

Since JJ didn’t finish her ahem… solid business and I STRONGLY desired to return to the warmth of my hearth (the kitchen), Mom brought me inside and returned outside with JJ and the ladies.  Of course, Little Miss Easy Going, (Jet… Yes Mom? You know.) my sister finished her business quickly and the ladies hung out by our STOP sign chatting.

Soon thereafter, Miss Beverly and Neve joined them for more Girls’ Talk.  I heard through the windows lots of laughter, talking, and only a few barks from Dixie.  Mom says Dixie still needs final adjustments to JJ while Neve and JJ are already good friends.  I think Dixie just misses Koko a lot, which we totally understand.

Jet? Yes, Mom? Would you mind if I finish the story because I’m not sure you could hear what happened next. Sure Mom. You’re a sweetheart, Jetty.  Aw shucks, Mom.

Imagine a picture of JJ here.

Beverly, Mary Ann and I ended our conversation and as the custom goes said our goodbyes to each other’s dogs.  We try to pet them as we do so and try not to look like Twister with the leashes.  Mary Ann and I,  absorbed with our goodbyes, did not pay attention to Beverly petting JJ and wishing her a good evening.  Next thing we heard was a burping sound fit for a burly man at pub on St. Patrick’s Day!  The three of us burst into hysterical laughter realizing the sound emanated from my slender, feminine, sweet, girlie girl!   Mary Ann reminded JJ of her family’s motto… always let it out.  Mary Ann, clearly JJ has that covered!  Think I can teach her some movement for Excuse Me?  Back to you my boy.  Thanks Mom.

Another great (let it out?) day.


8 thoughts on “SUPERB…..U…R…P

  1. Hi Jack here. Mom just got the best deal at Tuesday Morning. Retractable 16 feet Animal Planet leashes for $6.99. Holds dogs up to 80 pounds. I weigh more than that but I am not a bad puller so it would be Ok for me. No only is it a leash, but it has a built in poopie bag container and, this is so cool, (thinking of Jet and his night walk problems) it has a flashlight on top that looks like a laser scope (very manly).

    I wish I would have known about JJ’s burps, we could have had a contest.
    Like · · 3 minutes ago ·

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Jack. Whoa dude, what color leash did Mom get for you? We have scoop bag holders on our leashes too. I have a blue/white leash to go with my manly man blue harness. Mom has to carry a flashlight, so, your leash sounds cool.

      We laughed a little about the burping contest, maybe next reunion??? Thanks for thinking of me. (Please tell your Mom, too!)

      Mom just got home from Miss Mary Ann’s house where they were watching the Superbowl instead of the Puppy Bowl, hmpf.

  2. Hi sweet Jetty – this is so funny – the image of delicate girlie girlie JJ burping so loud is a riot! We’re having a superbowl party (wow so much going on here – I need a rest!) but having fun! I hope you are having a fun day and are enjoying the game –

    sending goodnight kisses and hugs to you, JJ (the burper!!!) Mom, Rachel, Fluffy and Puffy xoxoxoxo

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. The fact that you take the time to write to me when you are having so much fun with your family makes me want to send mucho, mucho Jetty kisses.

      Mom took a break from the game, she thinks she might have a negative effect on the Giants. We know you like the Patriots, I’m glad we both have teams to root for.

      Please take good care of yourself along with your family, Miss Wendy.

      Sending lots of Jetty kisses and JJ hugs, (minus the burps)to you, Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex, Barkley, sister and bil!

  3. Hey Jet
    Jack here. The leash is army uniform green. Is that macho or what.. No one here watched the Super Bowl, so we were all here together. It was Ginger and my bonus day. Besides the leash I got a new toy and a big green bone. The bone is gone ( I will probably get to eat Ginger’s too since she is so picky about what treats she eats and she turned up her nose at this one, so Mom gave her a Greenie, which is her bone of preference). I haven’t ripped the toy yet because Mom has her eye on me and all I hear is “Jack don’t rip it, be nice to your babies”. She also won’t let me near Ginger’s new toy. Oh well tomorrow is another day.

    Have a good night Bro and hi to your Mom, JJ, Rachel, Fluffy and Puffy.

    Also hi to Miss Wendy. Miss your great hugs and pats.

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Jack. I’m proud of your Mom for going army green, please give her extra love from her friend, Jet. Wow, toys and treats, too? Lucky pups! Koko loved all treats as does JJ, so, no extras for me unless I “convinced/convince” her otherwise. Mom supervises our dental treat time in the evenings, so… no luck… usually.

      Your Mom sounds like mine when JJ goes into robo-chewing mode!

      Dude, high paw, have a good night. I’ll pass the word on to my family members. Right back to you, your Mom and Ginger.

  4. Hi Jet, it’s Dexter here. We worked out how to like your post! I definitely don’t have that over at blogspot. I don’t know what it is with girls, my sister Millie is a pretty loud burper! Have a great Monday.


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