Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Today is the day, the Golden Rescue South Florida Reunion!  Mom, JJ and I can’t wait to see everyone.  First, Mom has to collect:

  • The collar GRSF lent us the night we took JJ home for a “sleepover.”
  • My cool bandana.
  • A bandana that JJ won’t eat?
  • Water for our 90+ mile drive (each way… Mom is dedicated.  Thanks Jetty.  Welcome, Mom.)
  • Our seatbelts and harnesses.
  • Towels for all sorts of reasons. (We sit on a car seat protector.)
  • Mom’s camera, phone, charger and phone number to call in for radio spot.  (see below.)
  • Other stuff we can’t remember right now.

Mom says this procedure reminds her of when my human sister, Rachel, traveled in the car.  She said she felt like they moved every day!

Can you believe Mom will stop midway through the drive to have her 5 minute And The Women Gather blogradio spot with Lorna Owens?  Miss Lorna knows Mom will use her mobile phone today; however, she is unaware that JJ and I will sit beside her in the car.  Hopefully, we will not have any comments to share.

I’m particularly excited to meet Miss Wendy and Miss Rebecca because they write such nice words to me.  Miss Rebecca’s dog, Jack, already told us what bandana he will sport!  While JJ will blend quickly into the crowd, only a few flat coat retriever mixes will attend, so, Mom should spot me easily.  Plus, I have quite the swagger, if I don’t say so myself!

We thought about having an early spa day today, and then thought the better of it.  No doubt, we will have so much fun playing tomorrow, we will come home filthy!

All three of us want to go to sleep on time tonight (I’m dictating this post early) to maximize our energy tomorrow.

Another great and partying kind of day!

Ladies, Ladies – Can’t Stop to Chat Right Now

Hey, It’s Jet Here. 

Last night, Mom took JJ and me out early for our evening walk so she could drop my human sister, Rachel, off at the hospital to visit her Grandma and make her meeting on time.  Mom described the sky color as violet mixed with deepening blue, the final colors of light before the night sky takes over.  We proceeded in the counter clockwise version of our morning rectangular route. 

We immediately heard our friend Dixie barking up a storm.  I think she tried to tell us her Mom was not home yet, why were we walking so early?  Then, as we passed Vance and Vilda’s house, they went bazonkers.  I think they asked us say hi at the fence.  When we did, the racket hurt Mom’s ears; we returned to the street and kept going.  As we rounded the corner, Pebbles, the large boxer with a deep, low pitched Kathleen Turner voice, dared me to play “chase me up and down the fence.”  I wanted to oblige and pulled hard mimicking Pebbles’ moves from the street.  Mom made it clear that we didn’t have time and kept moving towards the next corner.  

Within a minute of turning our second corner, Jet, (yes, we have another Jet in the neighborhood, hmph!) the black and white cocker spaniel goes apoplectic behind her fence on the opposite side of the street.  Her human told Mom she’s afraid of big dogs.  Sorry to learn of this, we always hope for an opportunity to meet and break preconceived notions.  I never talk back to Jet even though she boisterously speaks at least two to three houses’ worth.  

We caught Lola and her new schnauzer sister outside too.  They speak in high pitched, rapid fire tones ad infinitum.  The only occasions I have to reply in person occur in Samson’s or Dixie’s yards.  Since they speak German, I told them in raised voice (to get their attention) that I could not understand what they’re saying.   They seemed irritated and intent to get their message across.  We rounded the next two corners back to our house in time to meet Mom’s tight schedule.  

Mom said I reminded her of this guy named Tom Jones! 

Another great day.

Waste Management

Hey, It’s Jet Here. 

When asked, Mom responded that she thinks we know each other well enough to post on this sensitive subject.  In our neighborhood, garbage pickup happens on Mondays and Thursdays.  As a result of Martin Luther King’s birthday, the garbage truck did not visit on Monday.  Boy did our garage get stinky even with the mandatory big green waste bin keeping our sealed inside bags contained.  

On the subject of garbage bags, I have to share.  As previously noted, Mom scoops the poop like a good neighbor.  I’m proud of her for that, really.  She tried a few holders before settling on caribiner connected holders with the option to dispense  both styles of bag designs.  So far, so good.  My only complaint? COLOR.  At first, most bags came in blue, then teal, then, black or grey, then rainbow assortments, pastel assortments, bags with jokes, bags with paw prints, skulls, bones, you get the idea.  Mom tries to purchase assorted color multipacks on sale.  I didn’t mind as long as she installed the manly man colors for me.  I even dealt with the orange and green bags which we could explain away as UMiami Hurricane colors. When Koko went over the Rainbow Bridge, I understood we had to use Koko’s supply of light purple bags.  

Last week, my human sister, Rachel, purchased a gift for JJ; a pink, pocketbook style dispenser with pink bags.  The pocketbook attached with Velcro and fit right in with JJ’s leash and pink color scheme.  Last night, my dispenser ran out of the last roll of purple bags.  Unfortunately, Mom forgot to reload this morning.  When I did my solid business, she scooped with JJ’s PINK bags.  Oh, the embarrassment, pink Mom, PINK!  You couldn’t figure something else out?  

Jetty, Jetty, Jetty.  First of all, you are colorblind!  With that said, Real Men can rock pink in their worlds if they want to.  Most neighbors appreciate that we scoop the poop and do not judge you by your scoop bag color; they like you because of who you are.  When we walk with our pack and someone needs a bag, they always know you will share yours.  Pride in who you are, thoughtfulness and sharing far outweigh the small issue of scoop bag colors, wouldn’t you say my boy?  Wow Mom, never thought of it that way, thanks.  Bring on the fuchsia! 

Another great and colorful day.  

“Paw”dies for Miss Wet Paws

Hey, It’s Jet Here. 

Continuing my Scooby Doo Academy Powers of Observation class has turned up another interesting mystery about JJ; her paws always seem to be wet.  Mom and my human sister, Rachel noticed this fact, too, and began to watch her habits more closely, as did I.  Our sequential theories: 

JJ stepped in “accidents” we did not know about in the house. Not true.  We scoured house, no wet spots found. When JJ does have an occasional accident, she does so in the same location. 

JJ’s paws stay wet abnormally long after walking outside in wet grass. Partially true; we collected evidence and determined that her paws remained wet for the same duration as mine. 

JJ drinks sloppily out of the water dish and then steps in the water on the floor. True; we believe this accounts for part of JJ’s constant “wet paw” condition. 

JJ has a “thing” about cleaning her paws. Ding, ding, ding, – we have a winner!  We carefully made observations and showed each other her frequent attention to her paws.  When she puts her back paws fully in her mouth, one at a time of course, she tends to lose her balance and either roll off the bed or into some humorous position.   

Last night, when we cuddled in bed with Mom to go to sleep, JJ’s paws perfectly aligned with my face.  I decided to give her a treat, a Jetty “Pawticure.”  I cleaned her paws meticulously to save her the trouble.  Mom’s eyes focused on her book, glancing subtly to see my technique yet not disturb the process.  Miss Wiggle Girl actually stayed put for the whole treatment.  When finished, we both fell quietly asleep, which Mom found charming.  

Another great day.  


Hey, It’s Jet Here. 

Generally, we place a high priority on punctuality.  Mom learned from her Dad to arrive fifteen minutes early not fifteen minutes late.  Arriving what’s called, “fashionably late” to a party is this thing called an “exception to the rule.”   When you live in Miami like we do, when attending an event, you must ask whether the start time is “Cuban time” (sometimes referred to as Latin time) or American time.  The interpretation of Cuban time: arrive anywhere from ½ hour to 2 hours late and think nothing about it.  This occurrence takes getting used to.  Mom’s had food get cold and wonder if her party flopped when all of a sudden the doorbell began to chime.  

As part of Scooby Doo Academy’s etiquette classes, I practice punctuality too.  A true gentleman never makes a lady wait.  I continue to wake Mom at LEAST fifteen minutes (usually more like 30-45 minutes) before our breakfast time.  We make sure that we build in extra time for traffic when visiting Dr. Schaffer.  We leave our house with plenty of minutes to spare when meeting our pack.  

Then why have we posted late two days in a row??? I’ll tell you why… THE MACHINE THAT I REST/SLEEP/DICTATE BESIDE.  I know you have read about Mom’s computer issues.  Well, her newsletter took 2 ½ hours longer than usual because of all that technical stuff.  Mom even left the room a few times.  (I think I saw smoke coming out of her ears!)  On top of the computer stuff, Mom has a REALLY long schedule on Tuesdays, so, if she can’t post before work, she can only post about this time of day, after she: walks us, gives us treats, cleans up cat v___t, feeds my human sister, etc…  

Can I tell you something funny?  In her newsletter today, she included a little prayer to vanquish these things called poltergeists/hobgoblins and other mean creatures from her machine.  For her sake, I hope it works.  Thanks Jetty, you have such a kind heart.  Aw, Mom. 

Another great day night.

Boom, Boom, Boom, Black

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

We apologize for the late post.  Mom has fought her computer again.  She said this thing called firefox will not work and she had difficulty accessing the internet.  She figured out a temporary solution and here we are.

Just as my nightly Courage Meter began to inch up, last night happened.  

My human sister, Rachel, accompanied us on our nightly walk to Dixie’s house.  The ladies tried a new idea to shift me over my reluctance (Jet – reluctance? Let’s try refusal) to walk past Dixie’s house.  We crossed the street and guess what? Same thing!  Back to the Drawing Board. 

Shortly after returning home, we heard a big boom.  Mom suggests the word explosion to differentiate (I’ve worked on building my vocabulary!) between the holiday booms and last night’s sound.  She told Rachel that the sound probably arose from a transformer blowing out, not that uncommon in our area, unfortunately.  We weathered that noise reasonably well.   And then… 

While Mom and JJ walked outside for last tank emptying (I couldn’t muster enough courage.), IT HAPPENED AGAIN!  Within an hour give or take, a louder boom of the same nature occurred, freaking out Rachel and I in the house and JJ and Mom outside.  Mom returned quickly with JJ, tried to calm all of us down and decided to check in with the police.  The dispatcher said she would send out a car to the area.  Good idea Mom.  Thanks Jetty

About 15-20 minutes later, IT HAPPENED AGAIN!  Rachel and I really freaked out this time.  Mom called the police again.  They said we were the only call, however, the officer from the first call did hear the boom.  Mary Ann called Mom to say she heard it too and Mr. Jim called the police.  

Well, another 15-20 minutes passed, and BLACK, the lights went out.  For all the horror movies Rachel watches, she joined me in my extreme discomfort.  Mom got out the flashlights and candles.  Rachel called her Dad, who investigated and learned that 500 houses in our area lost power.  Eventually, we settled into the darkness with Rachel and Mom chatting from bedroom to bedroom.  We heard the FPL trucks which restored power within about one and a half hours, just as Mom, JJ, and I drifted off to sleep. 

Another great day.  (because I can catch up on my sleep and it’s light out…)

Tug-a-Jug and Other Ideas

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Thank you dear readers.  You have taken my posts about the Chewminator to heart. Yesterday, Mom received a link to a blog post about toys for tough chewers. Mom will update the link when her email comes back up. (You do not want to go there with her today on this subject; it’s a really sore one.) Anyway, she read the whole post and looked up several of the items. She even told the story to my human sister, Rachel’s Grandma yesterday at the hospital to do this thing called diverting Grandma’s attention.

The first item that looked Chewminator-worthy is called Tug-a-Jug. I think the three-part construction has a chance to engage JJ, since her teeny tiny limited attention span can keep moving down the toy to get the treats/kibble.  Busy Buddy makes several toys, including dental helpers, which seem like logical choices for JJ.  One unanswered question: does the plastic contain that yucky BPA stuff? If not, we will put  Busy Buddy on the Chewminator’s wish list.

If we save some biscuit money, we may look into stuff from this Nina Ottosson. She makes gizmos that interact with us K9s. Mom liked the one called Tornado, Rachel thinks Mom likes it because of the blue color. No offense to JJ, but… I’m 50/50 about whether this type of interactive stuff will do the trick.

I think JJ would love Vibram’s Chewie Shooey, with the combo rope, rubber shoe; Mom will like the pet-safe materials. According to Rachel, pink and JJ go hand in paw!

Miss Chewminator would probably enjoy the Everlasting Fire Plug, too. When the treats roll around in the Plug, they will drive her wild! (heh, heh…) Again, the materials do not include that dangerous stuff.  By the way, Mom could not resist the golden when choosing the best picture.

Do you have any more suggestions or recommendations? Let us know; Mom’s blanket shrinks daily!

Another great and playful day.

Riddle Me This…

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

JJ, Mom and I just returned from our predawn walk in the fresh, crisp, day 1 of cold front air.  Remember how much I love the scent of pine?  If not, no worries, read this.  To my utter delight and surprise, five houses along our path this morning graced their lawns with Christmas trees ready for Monday’s garbage pickup. Ahhh… to smell the limbs… to empty my tank… good stuff for a Saturday morning!

On the subject of walking routes, Riddle Me This:  What is the difference between walking clockwise on our morning route in the predawn darkness versus the post sunset darkness?

Here’s the back-story to help you.  Almost every weekday morning we journey in a clockwise rectangular route passing: my friend, Dixie’s house, my non-friend, Abby the border collie’s house (I’ve tried, really.) Pebbles, the boxer with the deep bark’s house, Freddie’s house, Lola the chocolate lab’s house, Pepper the medium sized poodle’s house, Vance & Vilda the Westies’ house, Simba’s house, Neve’s house, Sammy’s house and finally back home.  We pass other houses, too, however, it’s easier for me to remember the houses with other K9s in them.

At night, depending on who we walk with, if anyone, the weather, the time, and/or my personal curiosity, we head out one of three ways.  If we choose to copy our morning path, we usually stop and either pick Dixie and Mary Ann up or at least say hello.  For some reason, after that I will NOT continue in a clockwise fashion.  Mom tries:

  • “Jet” therapy techniques,
  • her “I’m serious” voice,
  • encouragement from Mary Ann,
  • “snap out of it” techniques from Caesar and
  • anything else she can think of at the moment.

A clue:  If we can somehow travel by two or three houses, I eventually get back into normal rhythm.

Another great and enigmatic day.

Don’t Forget to Howl at the Moon

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Earlier in the week, Dixie’s Mom, Mary Ann left us a voice mail to look at the beautiful moon when we walked. As K9s, we excel at mindfulness and living in the moment, however, you humans could use practice.

When people ask Mom whether she minds walking us so much, she often replies that walking allows her to reconnect with her surroundings and take time to “appreciate the flowers.” Imagine missing out on:

  • Rainbows, Sunsets, Moon phases.and Constellations (we even saw the International Space Station).
  • Suburban “wildlife” – i.e. birds (macaws, parrots, crows, ibis, herons, woodpeckers, owls, peacocks,) iguanas, possums, snakes, fish, mice, rats, geckos, (bugs, ewwwwww).
  • The weather for the day.
  • Flowers in bloom, Greenery.
  • Home Improvements.
  • Sounds and scents in the neighborhood.
  • Houses preparing for the day or preparing to rest.
  • Rhythms like: garbage recycling days, grass cutting, Holiday décor.

You get the idea. If you promise not to tell, I’ll share an inside scoop – we  howl at the full moon and then Mom and Mary Ann laugh.

Another great day and moonlit night.

Lincoln Logger

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Remember my Scooby Doo Academy Powers of Observation Case Study?  (If not, no problem, read this.)  Well, I have observational data to share with you today.   Over the last week or so, I’ve noticed that JJ is a Roller.  What do I mean?  Excellent question.

  • She rolls over at the first sign of attention for belly rubs.
  • She rolls over when playing with toys.  The funniest sight occurs when she plays with a toy in Mom’s bed and rolls right off!  She looks like a log rolling downstream or like one of those log rolling competitions where lumberjacks roll fallen logs back and forth with their feet.
  • She uses the “rollover” move when we wrestle and then springs back really fast.
  • Mom even tried the rollover command as she drew a circle in the air with her pointer finger.  For a first try, JJ rocked!  Neither Koko or I had/have this trick in our repertoire.
  • Oh, when she rolls with a toy in her mouth, you can play freeze tag with her and she will go stock still with the toy clutched in her mouth, four paws in the air, eyes closed, belly rubbed!
  • She can stop drop and roll like they teach humans for fire safety.

Jet, can I share something related with the humans?  Sure Mom.  Thanks Jetty.  For those of you who ever log rolled as a child, especially downhill, you may recall the fun of building up speed while trying to roll straight.  JJ loses her body sense, because her focus lasers in on her toys, it’s hysterical.

I asked Mom to help me research why JJ rolls so much.  She showed me pictures of a human child toy called Lincoln Logs, which she loved as a child.  She suggested I observe the shape of JJ’s torso (log-like).  She mentioned the possibility JJ received rollover training before we met her.  Hmmm… very interesting.  This girl is definitely the right choice for my project!

Another great and roly-poly kind of day.