Afternoon Action

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Wow, my house hopped yesterday afternoon.  I loved it!  Usually, JJ and I patiently wait for Mom and my human sister, Rachel, to return to the house in the afternoon.  We enthusiastically greet each other, visit a bit and then the house returns to a routine hum.  Not yesterday.

Rachel’s rehearsal got cancelled allowing her to return home earlier than anticipated.  We learned that Mom stopped by the grocery store on her way home from one job to purchase the few items remaining for her University of Miami Authentic Northern Italian cooking class.  Oh did those grocery bags smell divine, nice and fishy! Jet, may I share something?  Sure Mom.  We prepared tilapia with an orange sage sauce topped with toasted almonds.  Thanks for filling in the details for our readers, Mom.  Welcome Jetty.

Next, the bell rang and Rachel unlocked the front door for one of my favorite humans, my neighbor, Ruby.  She’s 6 ¾ and gives JJ and I hugs, belly rubs, gets in my day bed with me, pretends to dress us and other stuff!

Rachel rocks with young children; she played with Ruby and then they baked sugar cookies.  Over the weekend, they baked dozens of cheesy rolls and homemade yeasted crescent rolls from Rachel’s new cookbook below.

As Mom prepared to leave for class, Ruby chatted with her a lot. Mom somehow answered her questions and loaded her car simultaneously.  All of a sudden, Mom saw another golden feathery tail in the garage; Simba pulled his human sister so hard, she let go.  Of course, he wanted to join the festivities, so Mom invited another super wagger into the house with his human sister.

Oh, while this next item gets a little personal, I’ll share to convey the essence of the activity level in the kitchen.  Turns out, while everyone told Mom JJ was this thing called spayed, whoops, they made a mistake.  Angela and Rachel fashioned a hind-quarter cover-up with this pad thing inserted out of an old t-shirt to keep the surfaces below JJ stain free.  (Mom said you can read between the lines!)

K9s, kids, Angela, Mom – happy energy…

Another really great day.


2 thoughts on “Afternoon Action

  1. Hi Jetty – well I agree nothin better than K-9s (especially Goldens) and kids – sounds like your house was full of fun!! I really love small children – your friend Ruby sounds super special! So nice that Simba came to join in all the fun!! (love the “super wagger description!)

    Whoops – sorry JJ’s not spayed – that must have been a surprise for Mom!

    Speaking of busy houses – tomorrow my Sister and BIL are coming! so excited – my sister is a ball of energy so it;ll be super hectic here – not quiet and calm like it usually is. I am very routined so when I have company it kinda makes me nervous and excited at the same time!

    well gotta go do more chores to get ready!

    sending so many good night kisses to you Jetty and lotsa big hugs to JJ, Mom , Rachel, Fluffy and Puffy too!

    p.s The meal (tilapia) your Mom made sounds awesome!

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy.

      Oh, Ruby is special, you know it! The only thing… she always tries to make me wear a crown.

      Mom just got back from the store, she had to buy this thing called a wee wee diaper for JJ. She tried to buy the pink one, however, they do not stock her size. So, she’s wearing fashionable denim. Let’s just say it’s a BIG improvement from the t-shirt gizmos we’ve tried over the last 2 days.

      Wow, Miss Wendy, you are so much like Mom’ she gets nervous and excited with company, too. Our house is typically calm and quiet, which helps me feel comfortable.

      Have the BEST time with your family, I’m sending EXTRA Jetty kisses for them.

      Hugs to Mr. David, Jacob, Cassie, Rex, and Barkley of course.

      P.S. Mom said let her know if you want the recipe!

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