She’s Got the Symptoms

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

As I learn more and more about JJ’s personality for my Scooby Doo Academy independent study course, I’ve noted the following symptoms unfolding:

  • She enjoys her pink accessories – leash, collar, and now scoop the poop holder and bags.
  • She appreciated the invitation (well, invitation is a teensy stretch), participating in wardrobe selection with my human sister, Rachel.
  • She CONSTANTLY jumps up to the counter, (in K9 terms – counter surfs) when:
    • Mom’s cooking.
    • Mom’s washing dishes.
    • Mom’s feeding the felines and K9s.
    • Mom’s doing the laundry.
    • Mom’s taking care of personal grooming tasks.
    • Mom’s reviewing a knitting item.
  • She hangs out with Rachel when she watches What Not to Wear, Toddlers and Tiaras, Dance Moms and other similar shows which Mom and I try to escape.

Add to the list, yesterday morning’s occurrence.  Mom, JJ and I took our usual weekend morning walking route.  Towards the end, we must cross a major intersection.  We practice listening to Mom’s “Wait (I count to 10) … Ok” command as we cross from east to west and again as we cross north to south at the traffic light.  While waiting for the second cross, JJ grabbed a dark item out of a littered food container.  Speedy Mom dropped the scoop bags and pried her mouth open and retrieved the item before JJ could close her jaws for the second time.

I heard an “Ewww” and saw Mom toss the item and then wipe dark goo off her hands on the dewy grass.  Mom gave JJ a “Naughty” synchronized with a two finger swat to the muzzle.  Can you guess what the item was?  Here’s a clue:

Aside from chocolate topping the dangerous for K9 list, this proved my prior observations…

SHE’S A GIRLY GIRLJet?  Yes Mom?  Making generalizations about a being does not allow the fullness for who they are.  While JJ indeed possesses many traditional feminine qualities, she also loves to wrestle, play, fetch & retrieve, carry items, chew, and other traditional masculine traits.  Remember, you do not like when some humans think you’re just one thing (scary – because of your coloring and size), right?  Also, you have quite the gentle side and we still consider you quite the manly man.  Wow, Mom, you opened my eyes, you’re right.  Ok, I’ll amend my observation, how’s this?  JJ balances her character with equal parts girly girl and masculine traits making her a great sibling.  I LOVE it Jetty, A+!

Another great observational day.

3 thoughts on “She’s Got the Symptoms

  1. Hi Jet – I agree with Mo – you deserve a A PLUS from the Scooby Doo Academy for these very smart and thoughtful observations about JJ. She is quite a character – I was laughing out loud when you reported on all her girlie traits! Cassie is the first girl dog I have had and while she does’nt have as many awesome girl qualities as JJ – I know she scoff down some gooey chocolate faster than I could pry her jaws open! Your Mom must be very fast – she is the best!

    Well off to to do some chores – I have company coming this week – my Sister (I only have one and we are very close – I;m so excited) and her husband are coming to visit on Wednesday from Boston – lots to do!!!

    Sending so many good night kisses and hugs to you, JJ, Mom, Rachel ( please tell her I love Toddlers and Tiaras show also!!), Puffy and Fluffy – love you Jetty xoxoxoxoxox

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Mom worked so much yesterday that by the time she returned from class, put away her supplies, walked JJ and I, it was 10:30! I didn’t have the heart to ask her to take dictation.

      Thanks Miss Wendy, if I need any recommendations for Scooby Doo Academy, may I ask you?

      Yes, Mom improved her removal skills with Koko and I, she’s quite speedy.

      I’m so happy for you, siblings rock! Mom doesn’t have any, but, I loved my sister Koko and JJ is really fun… I think I love her already, even though we’ve only known each other 7 short weeks.

      Oh, we showed Rachel your comments about the shows you share in common. She laughed and said she can’t wait to hold this thing called a TLC marathon with you! She’s a great baker, maybe she can bring the snacks?!

      Have a great day Miss Wendy, Jetty kisses to all.

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