Hoofing It

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Gotta hand it to JJ, she’s quite the archeologist.  Over the last two days, she sniffed and then excavated two hooves buried deep inside the crevice of Mom’s treadmill.  When she finally dug the first hoof out, I tried not to remove it for further inspection.  At some point, I felt the unquenchable need to give her my investigative opinion.  Mom allowed me to take the hoof on our evening walk with Mary Ann and Dixie.   Excuse me, Jet?  Yes Mom?  I would like to add one sentence if I may.  Sure Mom, go ahead.   Thanks, Jetty.  Jet and JJ rotated custody of the hoof on the walk until at some point, I quietly realized they left it somewhere along the route.  Back to you my boy. 

Yesterday afternoon, JJ completed another treadmill hoof excavation.  When I removed it from her mouth, Mom made a mental note to give JJ another after our walk.  For some reason (see above) Mom removed the hoof from my mouth before we left the house. Due to a loud noise from our neighbor’s car door slamming, my personal walk aborted quickly.  Mom and JJ returned me to the safety of the kitchen and resumed their evening constitutional.

Mom did a bit of excavating in the laundry room to determine where the few remaining hooves in a bag were.  Hidden deep in our cat litter pail architecture (to prevent the K9s from visiting the litter box) she selected a hoof for JJ and returned my earlier specimen to me.  For 1 ¾ hours, JJ and I happily licked, chipped, cracked, and chewed on our hooves.  We switched hooves politely a few times to compare quality.  Mom appreciated the uninterrupted time on the computer.

Oh, I realized that some of you may not know the whole hoof story.  You see, in an effort to be wholistic, companies collect, clean and sanitize cow hooves.  We, K9s chew on them as toys and dental treats.  While a bit stinky, for those of us who enjoy a good chew, hooves are a natural choice.  At first, Mom got grossed out a bit, now; she handles the concept in a tip to tail, using the whole animal, respectful kind of way.

Another great chewy day.


8 thoughts on “Hoofing It

  1. Hi sweet Jet – sounds like such a fun time! I especially like how clever JJ is in finding the hooves in Mom;s treadmill! Very sweet how you 2 share/exchange hooves while chewing – That reminds me that we had a Golden a long time ago – a special, slender, playful, red boy named Zachery who loved to chew rawhide retriever sticks and he and his brother, a gentle, beautiful and soulful large golden/chow mix names Brett would chew retreiver sticks for hours and trade them back and forth like you and JJ. None of my current dogs are big chewers – I miss watching them – thanks for your visual! xoxox

    Wouldn;t it be nice of people could share like you dogs do!!

    How is your fur and paw paws today from those nasty pins? ok I hope and Mom;s backside also!

    sending you so many kisses and lotsa hugs to JJ and Mom, Rachel, Fluffy and Puffy too! xoxox

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. I agree, JJ really impressed us with her skills! Thank you for sharing your story about Zachery and Brett. I’m glad you have special memories to retrieve, Miss Wendy.

      Yes, sometimes, you humans are slow on the uptake.

      Thanks for asking about my paws. Mom combed me again and removed 2-3 stragglers and found 1 in her bed. Otherwise, we seem to have a bunch of little sticky green ones. She’ll remove them in a little while when she watches Private Practice!

      Losta Jetty Kisses, JJ hugs (from Mom too!) to Mr. David, Mr. Jacob, Rex, Cassie, and Barkley xoxoxoxo

  2. Hi Jet! Thank you for sharing this post with me, too. I have two questions for you today! Do you know if it’s safe for doggies to eat the pieces they break or chew off of cow hooves? (Also, do you know if deer/elk antlers are equally safe as hooves, and also okay to “eat” as it is chewed?) Second, how come your walk ended with the car door slam? 😦

    • Hey Holly, Jet here.

      Most welcome.

      1. We usually chew on the broken off pieces, however, Mom noticed that we usually leave the smaller pieces around for her to collect.
      2. We just chew on the deer antlers, have not notices that anything breaks off in our experience over the last few years. 🙂

      Can you refresh our memory about the door slam so we can answer your ??? 🙂

      • Hi Jet! That’s good that you leave the smaller pieces behind, even though it’s messy. I’d be worried my beagle pup would just swallow it all and I’m not sure how safe that would be. He loves the deer antlers and nothing has broken off, but it does magically get smaller and smaller…

        I was referring to when you said this about the door slam: “Due to a loud noise from our neighbor’s car door slamming, my personal walk aborted quickly.”

        Did that spook you? 😦

      • Hey Bru, Jet here. Hi Miss Holly.

        Oh, yes, I’m quite sensitive to loud noises. As you get to know us, you’ll see that I have 2 man caves (you can search the term in our blog) for safety. I’m anxious about booms, streaky lights, fireworks, etc…

        thanks for helping us remember. )

      • Aww, I’m sorry that loud noises make you anxious. I’ve been pretty lucky with Bru. We were outside in the backyard when he first heard thunder and he didn’t mind one bit! I hope you learn to cope over time. Good luck!

      • Hey Bru, Jet here. Hi Miss Holly.

        Mom’s tried a slew of thingies, so far, no luck… we’re exiting yucky season (April-November), so, I should have an easier time until next spring. 🙂

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