How Many Goldens (& Honorary Goldens) Does It Take…

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Yup, we’re posting late again today.  You’ll understand why as you read along.  As you know from yesterday’s post, we could not wait to go to the Golden South Florida Rescue Reunion.  We left at 9:10 after Mom harnessed JJ and me and clipped us in to our seatbelts.  (Safety First!)  At 10:00 a.m., Mom called in to Miss Lorna’s blogtalk radio show; we promised to try to stay quiet.  (Yes, Mom pulled over to this thing called a shoulder and put on hazard lights.)  Guess what?  Miss Lorna’s first guest did not call in so she asked Mom where she was going and they spoke about dog rescue, breed rescue, and our reunion until 10:15, Mom’s regular Kitchen Counselor spot.  THANKS MISS LORNA, you will undoubtably help so many of my fellow K9s waiting for adoption!

We arrived at the park promptly at 11:00; stretched and shook to get our bodies ready to play.  Miss Wendy and Miss Rebecca (and Jack) found us quickly.  Miss Wendy gave me lots of hugs, kisses, and attention.  Mom photographed Miss Wendy with JJ because I had K9s to see and places to go.  I loved hanging out with everyone; I trotted from group to group.  OH did we love the dirt.  I decided to try my paws at dirt angels.  Mom said you humans make snow angels in a similar manner.  Lots of humans laughed at my antics, although I’m not sure why.

Several GRSF volunteers doggie-sat us while our humans had lunch next door on the human side of the park.  Miss Wendy, Miss Rebecca, Mom and a few others hung out, swapped stories and enjoyed the sunny day.  After lunch, Mom played fetch with JJ while I enjoyed the ambiance for a little while longer.  Mom brought us to the human side (as did everyone else and their K9s) and we sat in the grass while the leader of GRSF, Miss Carol, spoke to us.  Then, they participated in this thing called a raffle and another thing called a silent auction.  Mom didn’t win anything; she told us she should not play this thing called the lottery.

We said our goodbyes and journeyed home for another 2 hours.  JJ and I totally pooped out and slept almost the whole way home until we hit this stuff called traffic by our house.  That’s how Mom took this picture.  Would you believe all three of us then slept for 5 hours?  We woke up at 9:48 p.m., had dinner, Mom cooked for two hours to get ready for work today and walked us around 11:30.

Another great day (reunion)!


14 thoughts on “How Many Goldens (& Honorary Goldens) Does It Take…

    • Hey, its Jet’s Mom here. Hi Marcia. They are so much fun in the car. I put the windows down, Jet looked out for a bit, they traded places here and there, took naps, perked up again and repeat.

  1. Jetty, It was so nice to meet you, JJ and your Mom. You are indeed a handsome dude and a gentleman and I noticed how you ran to protect JJ when the dogs were crowding her. You were so funny making dirt angels. I did’t get to give you as many hugs and rubs as I wanted to but I know you had places to go and dogs to meet. Your sister JJ is a real sweetie too. You Mom is so nice, I really enjoyed spending time with her. Did you have a spa day when you got home? Jack slept for a little while and then was up and ready to go. He had to get his ears flushed and his medicine put in, so after that he wasn’t very happy. Ginger was upset with me because I left her home (but she would have had a miserable time, she hates dog parks). She finally forgave me and ate the cookie I brought her. Hope you are being nice to Mom, I bet she is tired after yesterday and having to work today. Have a good night sweet Jet.

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Rebecca. I was delighted to meet you, too. Jack is my kind of dude; a real manly man. Mom loved his bandana and thought he was incredibly handsome with soft, red curls. Thanks for noticing my herding skills. As the “Boy of the House”, I make sure Mom and JJ receive the proper respect and protection they deserve. (I’m subtle though.)

      Like Miss Wendy, I could feel your attention. Thanks again for noting that I had stuff to do… I’m a Dogs’ Dog as they say. Mom calls me the “Mayor” sometimes! We had a long ride, so, we had spa day after mom returned home from work today. We all needed another nap after that! My ears stay quite clean compared to my Golden sisters. (Koko had several infections and existed on ear maintenance as will JJ now that her infection has cleared.) We empathize with Jack. Mom has to clean Puffy and Fluffy’s ears this week… you can imagine how much they love that. (heh, heh, heh… JET? Yes Mom? You know Jet… OK, Sorry Puffy, Sorry Fluffy… that’s better.)

      Sorry we didn’t meet Ginger, however, it’s kinder to let her stay comfy at home if she would not enjoy a park. Next time, I’ll share my cookies with her if you remind Mom. 🙂

      Jetty Kisses Miss Rebecca, I hope we do not have to wait another year to see you and Jack again! Oh, JJ said I could send you hugs from her.

  2. Hi Jet – whew you guys did have a very long day! Glad all is well!

    I love the picture of me and JJ, I didn;t even know Mom snapped it! I also love you and JJ in the car – what cute faces!! I think I was able to successfully attach the photo of Mom and JJ to Moms e-mail if not let me know I;ll try again!

    Cassie, Rex and Barclay are good – their Dad went back to Orlando very early this morning so they were a little sad about – we did’t get in our family walk – but thats ok – he’ll be home again on Friday. They were kinda off schedule since we were gone yesterday for so long, but we got everyone back on track today – Rex is going for a grooming this week as my sister and brother in law are coming to visit in 2 weeks.

    Hope you all get in a good nights rest tonight.

    sending huge kisses and hugs to all of you! xoxoxox

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. I love your picture too. We were reallllly tired in the car…

      Yes, we K9s do like our schedules. Please give your gang hugs and regards from us. Sorry about family walk, we do love our time with our families… next weekend for sure! Oh, Rex will look cool for his aunt and uncle… does he wear bandanas?

      Hope you rest too, Miss Wendy. Lots of extra Jetty kisses for you.

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Sister. Yes, she was there with Samantha. I didn’t notice her but, Mom did. She said hello and Mom told her you had a really tough time with the situation, it was about a 30 second interaction. I was proud of Mom for being polite, yet honest.

  3. It was so nice meeting everyone! What a great group of people with their wonderful pups! My husband Jeff who was the gatekeeper and my pup Maggie who was right by his side the whole time and I slept like babies that evening! Can’t wait to do it all again next year!

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Sharon. Do you have pictures of your cards anywhere? If so, we can link to them for you. Please thank Mr. Jeff, I tried to help him with security here and there. We can’t wait either.

      Have a great night. Jet

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