Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Today is the day, the Golden Rescue South Florida Reunion!  Mom, JJ and I can’t wait to see everyone.  First, Mom has to collect:

  • The collar GRSF lent us the night we took JJ home for a “sleepover.”
  • My cool bandana.
  • A bandana that JJ won’t eat?
  • Water for our 90+ mile drive (each way… Mom is dedicated.  Thanks Jetty.  Welcome, Mom.)
  • Our seatbelts and harnesses.
  • Towels for all sorts of reasons. (We sit on a car seat protector.)
  • Mom’s camera, phone, charger and phone number to call in for radio spot.  (see below.)
  • Other stuff we can’t remember right now.

Mom says this procedure reminds her of when my human sister, Rachel, traveled in the car.  She said she felt like they moved every day!

Can you believe Mom will stop midway through the drive to have her 5 minute And The Women Gather blogradio spot with Lorna Owens?  Miss Lorna knows Mom will use her mobile phone today; however, she is unaware that JJ and I will sit beside her in the car.  Hopefully, we will not have any comments to share.

I’m particularly excited to meet Miss Wendy and Miss Rebecca because they write such nice words to me.  Miss Rebecca’s dog, Jack, already told us what bandana he will sport!  While JJ will blend quickly into the crowd, only a few flat coat retriever mixes will attend, so, Mom should spot me easily.  Plus, I have quite the swagger, if I don’t say so myself!

We thought about having an early spa day today, and then thought the better of it.  No doubt, we will have so much fun playing tomorrow, we will come home filthy!

All three of us want to go to sleep on time tonight (I’m dictating this post early) to maximize our energy tomorrow.

Another great and partying kind of day!


5 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. WOOOHOOO! Boy did I have fun meeting you, JJ and Mom today! Jet you were really playing and running hard – I bet you;ll need a nap today – or maybe you slept the whole way home! It was so great to see you having so much fun – you are a very social guy not to mention very handsome and snuggly!!!

    JJ it was a pleasure meeting you – you are very pretty and petite, very ladylike – – don;t look like a chewminator – although many times when I saw you today you did have a toy in your mouth. And a big hug to Mom who I really enjoyed spending time with and talking to – I think we could be great friends!

    I have a great pic of JJ going over the obtsacle course – I;ll try to e-mail it to your Mom if I can figure it out! Well gotta go walk my babies!

    sending hugs and kisses xoxoxo

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. HI MISS WENDY! Even though I zipped around yesterday, I could feel your love and attention all day. Thanks for the compliments, you’re as super special in person as you are when you write to me. JJ can fool you, so sweet and cutie girl out and about, Chewminator, in the house! (ok, sweet and cutie girl in the house, too.) We would LOVE to see the picture, ask Mr. Jacob to help you, that’s what Mom does with Rachel.

      Mom said the same thing to us in the car, so, I know you two will visit again.

      Lots of Jetty kisses and JJ hugs…

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. We’re fine, you’ll understand after you read our post! We’re great, although, I wish we could have another reunion next weekend! How’s Cassie? Rex? Barclay?

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