Waste Management

Hey, It’s Jet Here. 

When asked, Mom responded that she thinks we know each other well enough to post on this sensitive subject.  In our neighborhood, garbage pickup happens on Mondays and Thursdays.  As a result of Martin Luther King’s birthday, the garbage truck did not visit on Monday.  Boy did our garage get stinky even with the mandatory big green waste bin keeping our sealed inside bags contained.  

On the subject of garbage bags, I have to share.  As previously noted, Mom scoops the poop like a good neighbor.  I’m proud of her for that, really.  She tried a few holders before settling on caribiner connected holders with the option to dispense  both styles of bag designs.  So far, so good.  My only complaint? COLOR.  At first, most bags came in blue, then teal, then, black or grey, then rainbow assortments, pastel assortments, bags with jokes, bags with paw prints, skulls, bones, you get the idea.  Mom tries to purchase assorted color multipacks on sale.  I didn’t mind as long as she installed the manly man colors for me.  I even dealt with the orange and green bags which we could explain away as UMiami Hurricane colors. When Koko went over the Rainbow Bridge, I understood we had to use Koko’s supply of light purple bags.  

Last week, my human sister, Rachel, purchased a gift for JJ; a pink, pocketbook style dispenser with pink bags.  The pocketbook attached with Velcro and fit right in with JJ’s leash and pink color scheme.  Last night, my dispenser ran out of the last roll of purple bags.  Unfortunately, Mom forgot to reload this morning.  When I did my solid business, she scooped with JJ’s PINK bags.  Oh, the embarrassment, pink Mom, PINK!  You couldn’t figure something else out?  

Jetty, Jetty, Jetty.  First of all, you are colorblind!  With that said, Real Men can rock pink in their worlds if they want to.  Most neighbors appreciate that we scoop the poop and do not judge you by your scoop bag color; they like you because of who you are.  When we walk with our pack and someone needs a bag, they always know you will share yours.  Pride in who you are, thoughtfulness and sharing far outweigh the small issue of scoop bag colors, wouldn’t you say my boy?  Wow Mom, never thought of it that way, thanks.  Bring on the fuchsia! 

Another great and colorful day.  


7 thoughts on “Waste Management

  1. Jet,
    Jack and Ginger just get plain brown poop bags, that I buy at the dollar store. So you are lucky that yours come in a cute roll and in colors. Don’t tell Jack about your colored bags because he will want them. Promise?

  2. Hi sweet Jet – Wow – I love the idea of pink poop bags! Way to go Rachel! Although Cassie does have a pink color and pink leash she uses leftover plastic bags from Target, Publix etc for her waste -I;m sure she;d love some matching ones! Very snazzy!

    You and your Mom are such good people for picking up the waste – so many people in this development do not and it always makes me sad.

    I think you said Rachel’s Grandma is having her surgery tomorrow – sending well wishes to her – hope all goes well .

    sending goodnight kisses and hugs xoxoxoxo

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Mom promised when and if she ever shared her life with K9s, she would scoop because she really resents when humans leave poop on other people’s lawns. Thanks Miss Wendy, we do try to maintain fashion forward style!

      Unfortunately, Rachel’s grandma had this stuff called complications which delayed her surgery until we’re not sure when. Thank you for your thoughtfulness in remembering.

      By the way, Mom said she’s having trouble mapquesting or google mapping directions to the park, have you been there before?

      Morning Jetty kisses Miss Wendy… 1 more day until we meet in person, whoo hoo!

  3. Good morning sweet Jet – We got our directions off Google. I have your Mom’s e-mail – please tell her I;m going to scan the directions we got in and e-mail them to her. They are coming from our house in Weston using the Florida Turnpike North. Hope this helps (I;m terrible with directions!!!)

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Morning Miss Wendy. Thanks so much. We are closer to 95, however, Mom said she’ll get the general idea! Countdown to hugs Miss Wendy… Mom has to do a 5 minute blogradio spot on our way up tomorrow too, hope I can contain my happy barks!

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