J Therapy

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Yesterday, Mom disappeared for a really long time. Later, I heard her tell Auntie Liz (Happy Birthday Auntie Liz) she unexpectedly took Rachel’s Grandma to the hospital. I didn’t understand a lot of words, however, they sounded technical and complicated. Our Tia (Aunt in Spanish) Angela kindly fed us our yummy dinner. When Mom returned home, JJ and I gave her a super waggy hello. Jet, can I write the next paragraph? Sure Mom.

Yesterday reminded me that pet therapy starts at home. Upon returning to the house after a mentally draining afternoon/early evening, the moment I transitioned from the garage to my kitchen, my mood pivoted. Koko always greeted me at the door, tail wagging so hard I often wondered how it didn’t fall off. Jet arrives at the door with bed body, since my entrance usually interrupts a nap in his daybed. Sound sleeper JJ, eventually arrives at the door, shaking off the sleep I disturbed. Somehow, Jet and JJ knew yesterday was different.

They had the full-on wag going and behaved as if I returned from a 2 week vacation. They both rolled over for extended belly rubs. Jet emitted his little happy noises, which in cat language would be a purr, in horse language a whinney. The duration of the greeting surprised me. When they both calmed down enough to leash them up for their slightly overdue nightly walk, I realized my emotional equilibrium returned to center. What a gift. Uh Mom… can I continue? Of course, and thank you Jet, sorry I ran long. No worries Mom.

During our walk, while the Booms have disappeared, I still feel something called hypersensitive about noise. I stood stock still two separate times. Mom eventually realized that I heard a plane and helicopter before she did. Mom performed our “Jet” therapy:

  • She asks me to sit,
  • We take a few deep breaths,
  • She tells me in her sweet voice I’m safe and loved and
  • She knows I can do it,
  • She kisses me on the nose and a place called the third eye,
  • We wait (she counts to 10)
  • And then we move on.

Another great and therapeutic day.


3 thoughts on “J Therapy

  1. Hi sweet Jet – so sorry to hear that Rachels Grandma is not feeling well and Mom had such a tough day. I really hope she is doing better today – sending good wishes her way!

    You and JJ are so darn smart for knowing Mom needed extra tail waging and lotsa love – she is right – dogs do calm us down and remind us to breathe! I have had the same experience as your Mom and am always grateful to my furry babies for being so sensitive and loving!

    I just love “Jet therapy” -what a smart and kind hearted Mom you have!

    I often kiss Cassie on her third eye also! She was upset a little today because she smelled rain – she sniffs the air then licks her nose! quite the weather lady!!

    Off to make supper – sending kisses and hugs! xoxoxo

    p.s. thank you for asking, Jacob is feeling much better and thank goodness to reaction to the antiobiotocs!

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. We’re waiting for more updates on Rachel’s Grandma, thanks for your good wishes. (from Mom and I).

      Thank you for acknowledging our “dog sense”, some humans don’t get it. Mom says double thank you on Jet therapy.

      Miss Wendy, you have so much in common with Mom… some people are quite unfamiliar with the third eye, Cassie’s lucky you know where it is and kiss her there. We really like that. Mom said you two might enjoy speaking a little more about that at the reunion. (She just signed up!)

      Cassie is so smart, I had the same reaction today. I sniffed and decided to remain cozy inside and not go out. (Mom just tried again, no luck.) Maybe Cassie can be the weekday weather dog and I’ll do the weekend reports.

      We’re glad to read Jacob is feeling better with no icky reactions… yippee.

      Jetty kisses and JJ hugs…

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