JJ’s First Spa Day

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Finally, Mr. Handsome replaces Mr. So-So!  We haven’t had Spa Day in a month because of “You Know Who.”  Jet.  What?  You know.  Ok, Mom.  JJ arrived during my off weekend with an ear infection.  Understandable.  Then, she couldn’t get wet because she had a terrible sinus infection, which required a shot, Cipro, a culture and lots of tissues.  Next, we had to wait because we endured our monthly application of Frontline this Tuesday.  Mom insists on putting showers aside until four WHOLE days after application.  Jet, I do that because the instructions say for best results… I already found a tick on JJ’s back when combing her.  Can you imagine trying to find a tick or flea in your rich, fluffy, onyx coat?  I guess I understand better now, Mom.

I almost forgot our routine.  We enter the spa with our towels ready on the counter.  Mom begins our detangle-brush-comb-out session.  I hope suggest JJ go first (see Jet, the Gentleman.)  She takes all of four minutes; that girl should do commercials!  Mom brushes my whole body, and then uses the flea comb to remove stickers and undercoat.  She does this flip thing like in rodeos to repeat same on other side.  Mom showed JJ all the fur she removed and wondered how I have any left.  (It’s a gift… no Hair Club for Men for this guy!) JJ and I received our special “spa day only” treats as we entered the shower.  I tried to stretch my body onto the glass door to make my escape unwind.

After water temperature adjustments, I, Jet, the Gentleman, prayed recommended Mom  wash JJ first.  JJ seemed surprised but rapidly got into the swing of her Spa Treatment.  Again, she finished in record speed.  Of course, she stayed still whereas I continuously trotted around the square perimeter of the stall. I believe keeping Mom alert and focused helps her stay healthy.  Mom used Koko’s towel for JJ and I retained my navy blue plush one.  JJ rolled around on the tile floor like a creature with an incurable, traveling itch.  Miss Show Off dried rapidly, unlike my four hours.  Perhaps JJ stashed a K9 hair dryer somewhere… hmmmm….  She does smell lovely in lavender, though.

We unexpectedly played in Dixie’s yard at night; stickers clinging to us like magnets.  Mom had to do the whole detangle-brush-comb-out session again.  She’s a good sport.  (Thanks Jetty.)

Another great and Green Tea/Rosemary scented day.


8 thoughts on “JJ’s First Spa Day

  1. Hi Jet,
    Glad you are such a gentleman about spa day. My Jack acts like such a drama queen. When I shower he tries to get in with me but when it is his time to shower he walks around trying to escape the hose. Then he refused to shake off in the shower and will only do it in the rest of the bathroom, which necessitates a total bathroom scrub down. He does like the drying off part but after that is done, he runs out of the bathroom and rubs and rubs all over the carpet. Pushing himself from one side of the room to the other. This from the dog who will happily run through the sprinklers (even sitting on them sometimes) and jump in the pool at every opportunity.

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Rebecca. Can I tell you a secret? I’m more like Jack than I let on. I shake off in the shower a LOT, but, I do the same thing Jack does in the bathroom, on the walls of the house, in my cozy day bed, on Mom’s bed, the couch, etc… (cat’s out of the bag, now… heh, heh, heh…)

      Mom just told me as she shared your comments, that she giggled a little inside because you “get it”!

  2. Happy sunny Sunday sweet Jet – I laughed so hard at your desriptionn of your and JJ;s Spa day!
    Cassie also tries to melt into the shower doors and paces around the whole stall! and like JJ the first thing she does when I say to her “ok you can go” and she bolts out of the bathroom is go up side down and do the crazy wiggle dance!

    Boy your guys are are lucky your Mom takes such wonderful care of you! I know Jet sometimes things happen and we can;t bath you when we want – too cold this week to bath Cassie, this weekend I;ve been taking care of her human brother with his sinus infection etc. Hopefully she’ll have her spa day one warm morning this week.

    Give your Mom lotsa extra kisses for taking such good care of you and your sister!

    Enjoy the day – sending hugs and smootches to you and JJ

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Sorry to hear your human son is still (Mom says the proper term is ) “under the weather.” She asked if he was drinking lots of hot fluids, not eating dairy? (what? no cream cheese or yogurt, hmpf)… there she goes doing her Kitchen Counselor thing again!)

      Oh no! 2 wiggle dancers… we should put them together and make a video! Thanks for helping me understand that waiting thing. I’ll tell Mom what you’ve said, you’re awfully kind Miss Wendy. I’ll give her Jetty kisses, too, if You Know Who will let me get a minute with Mom… she’s kind of hoggish of attention.

      Hope you had a good day, I’m starting to remind Mom about dinner! Jetty kisses and JJ hugs to you Miss Wendy.

  3. Hi sweet Jet – My human son, Jacob, is feeling better thanks, yes he is good about drinking lots of fluids – tell Mom thanks for the good advice!

    guess what just happaned? I was walking with Cassie for her long walk down to the pond, beautiful weather, looking around at the trees, birds etc, all is happy, then we hear a POP POP POP (those darn fireworks – when will it end????) and she looks at me with her big brown eyes and stops in fear, I had to gentle nudge her to head home where she ran directly to her safe spot behind the toilet. Poor girl – I feel so bad for her when she gets scared – at least she did empty her tank. Whew – I sure hop ethis noise nonsense stop soon! I hope you and JJ and your family have a restful night. sending kisses and hugs xoxoxox

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. So glad to hear about your human son feeling better. Today was JJ’s first day without Cipro in 2 weeks! Mom says… anytime! 🙂

      Oh no, poor Cassie… I’m in total agreement, there should be ordinances, laws, something to spare us this hardship. Mom asked to write something and told me to return to chewing my bone…

      Hey, it’s Jet’s Mom here. Hi Wendy. Jet saw a beautiful dog while walking tonight. He barked so hard that he covered the sound of the “pops” and thank heavens they ended by the time he stopped speaking… (about 3 houses!) We all made it around one of our shorter routes for the first time in weeks. I gave them both big meaty bones from the freezer as a treat! Please give Cassie smootches, belly rubs, hugs or whatever else would help her from all of us.

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