NO Resolutions.

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Happy New Year. (Mom said to say that to be polite to human readers.) I cannot tell dates, so, the changing of a year escapes me. Last night, well, let’s just say, I’m glad dawn lands in my view soon, really soon. Mom and J.J. helped me leave the garage @ 6:00 a.m. after an early breakfast. I trotted past two houses, pausing twice then, stopped in my tracks, did a U-turn and briskly trotted home, not budging from the garage door. I love Mom for understanding as she does. She waited about 20 minutes and tried again, because J.J. signaled she HAD business to do. I tried to muster up courage, no luck, so the girls went alone.

Jetty, I really do understand, when you’re ready, I will take you out for a lovely walk. I think the daylight will help as will more time to disburse the leftover fire(cracker) smells. Thanks Mom… sorry for messing up our usual schedule. Oh Jetty, we all face challenges and deserve love and support. I understand this is your challenge and will always try to help the best I know how.

Mom, I wish I could make that human resolution thing, promising to try and overcome my fear, however, we K9s live in the present, so, a future promise does not compute. I can promise to live in the now and set an example daily, will that work? Absolutely my boy, humans sometimes look back or plan forward and forget to enjoy the present, so your promise to set an example will remind me to practice living in the present. Thank you Jet.

Mom, I know you’re tired from helping me through last night, so, let’s keep this short.  Thanks Jetty.

Another great day (as soon as the sun comes up.)


12 thoughts on “NO Resolutions.

  1. Happy New Year sweet Jet and family, you and my beloved Cassie are so much alike! She stepped out to do her business at 3:00 in the morning *like she does every day, sniffed the air which was heavy with firework dust and refused to budge! She really had to go so we tried it at 5 and 6 no go! Finally at 7:00 when the sun had made all that yucky smoke go away she did her business. You have such a special, kind hearted Mom for understanding your challenges –

    Your Mom and family (and you) must be pooped to day so I wish you a restful day with some nice naps!

    Sending lotsa love and kisses, Wendy

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. I feel for Cassie, I do. I tried, I tried to go out, but… I couldn’t even go when the sun rose because of that yucky firework dust you mentioned.

      Sounds like you are just as kind hearted as my Mom, Miss Wendy.

      Mom and Rachel visited my grandpa for lunch, so, they had a late afternoon siesta. (with us of course!) Mom has to finish writing her newsletter, which she wrote mostly this morning, after trying to walk me. (J.J. went out with Mom solo.)She’ll blast it on Tuesday because Tuesdays and Thursdays have better readership!

      Happy New Year to my best Pen Pal EVER, Cassie, Rex, and human family… Jetty kisses. I hope you got to doggie nap today, too.

  2. Hi sweet Jet – I;m glad your family got to take a snooze – we had my parents over to watch the Patriots game they just left so no naps here!

    just when we thouight it was safe…..BOOM more fireworks! I just tried to walk with Cassie for our nightly Dad takes Barkley and I take Cassie walk, but she would not budge at all! She dug her feet into the ground and would not move! At that time I didn;t hear the fireworks but she must have sensed them cuz five minutes after she scurried into the house, barkley kept walking with his Dad, BOOM BOom! Hopefully when the kid go back to school tomorrow this will be over.

    Lotsa love and wishes for a quietier night for you and your family

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Patriots??? I thought you were from NY? Mom said there are 3 NY football teams and none of them end with the word Patriot.

      Miss Wendy, the same thing happened to me. Mom harnessed me up and I planted paws firmly on tile and wouldn’t budge. She asked my human sister, Rachel, who always seems to get things done to help. She got me as far as the garage and said, “nope, he’s not going out.” Mom tried twice more, since I drank a lot of H2O. She gave me 3 more cream cheese balls (25 mg of benedryl each 1 mg/lb according to Dr. Schaffer), to prevent a repeat of the night before. I do love cream cheese Miss Wendy. I did a little better all in all, but, NO tank emptying.

      Lotsa Jetty kisses right back… hope Barkley, Cassie, and Rex had an easier night, too.

  3. P..S Hi it;s me again,

    I just read the lovely thanks your Mom wrote about me on the GRSF website – she does not have to thank me. I started writing on your blog to help Mom after the loss of her beloved Koko. I know how devastating it is when our special pet passes to the Bridge and I wanted to help your Mom feel not so alone.

    But it has turned into such a gift for me – I should be thanking her! Reading your blog always makes me smile and I love hearing about your days with JJ, Fluffy, Puffy etc. I think your Mom and I have so much in common and I can;t wait to give you, JJ, Rachel and her a big hug at the reunion!

    • Hey, it’s Jet and Jet’s Mom here. Hi Miss Wendy. We love sharing our adventures with you. Can’t wait to give you Jetty kisses at the reunion, too!

      Hi Wendy. I believe it’s important to share appreciation. While perhaps not necessary to you, I wanted you to know how meaningful and supportive your words have been. You HAVE made our grieving time easier and if we can share a smile with you or start your day well, than we are grateful for that too. 🙂 We do seem to have lots in common, can’t wait to meet you at the reunion as well.

    • Hey, it’s Jet’s Mom here. Well, all I can say is I grew up a Knick fan since I was 4. Since ’88 I’m a Heat fan except when they play the knicks and then I’m conflicted! The ONLY time I root for Boston is when they win the Eastern Conference. I do have a caveat… I really like Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and KG… (especially the KG interview with Bill Russell a few years ago)… happy they won. Also, was SO happy for PJ Brown (former Heat player who is the nicest guy and really participates in the community) when they won the championship. Oh, and I like coach… being a former Knick and all… he seems classy.

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