I Think I Might Need Chicken Soup

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Over the last few days, I’ve had this itchy, uncomfortable feeling in my left ear.  I’ve tried three methods to relieve the itch: scratching with back left paw, scratching with front left paw, and shaking my head right to left really, really fast.   I’ve noticed Mom watching my attempts to help myself.  She tried massaging the area, scratching the area and making me sit near her reading lamp to determine if she can see to the other side of my head through my left ear canal.  Jet, don’t exaggerate.  I tried to determine if your ear was inflamed or gooky.  Sorry Mom. Koko often had ear infections, and don’t get us started about Rachel and her ear infections. (going on about 150 by now, FOR REAL.)

We wondered if maybe, (dare we think it?) a flying or crawling icky thing might have tried to investigate my sensational hearing appendage.  If so, I would have shaken it right out of there by now.

Then, I started sneezing, just like Mom does when she has this thing called an allergy attack.  My nose looked a smidge like a leaky faucet, and after this fall when our house flooded, WE KNOW LEAKY PLUMBING!

Mom started asking the pack if K9s can get a cold.  She told me she would make me her special chicken soup if Dr. Shaffer said I had a cold or an ear infection.  Yummmm…. I can already smell the carrots, celery, parsnips, turnips, and maybe some calabaza.  K9s cannot eat onions, leeks, scallions etc… so; garlic and ginger would substitute nicely and add medicinal qualities.  This is when having a Kitchen Counselor for a Mom pays off big time.  Mom says chicken soup is medicine and love in a bowl.

We had already budgeted this morning after our walk for spa day and determined the temperature suited the endeavor.  Mom spent the late morning and afternoon out.  Through the late afternoon and evening, she observed that I wasn’t fussing over my ear as much.  She’ll watch me today and if I’m ok, yippee, if not, you can come over tomorrow night and share some chicken soup with me!

Another great and hopefully less itchy day.

Not One, but Two Good Things

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Shhh… can you keep a secret?  I can and I did.  We almost added another K9 to the family.  Why almost?  Because the adoption fell through.  As the MAN of the house, I, Jet, the Gentleman, had to lick a LOT of little water drops off Mom’s and my human sister, Rachel’s faces.  Sorry to begin with the sad thing, but, you have to know this part to understand how special the good thing was.

Mom and Rachel ordered a leash, a collar and a customized tag for my almost sister.  When Aimee, from Happy Tags, emailed Mom to confirm her order, Mom emailed the whole story back, and before you know it, I couldn’t keep up with the back and forth sharing emails.

This style in HOT PINK!

When the sad thing happened, Mom emailed Aimee and guess what?  Aimee cancelled Mom’s order and didn’t charge her.  Mom said when we adopt we’re DEFINITELY getting a tag from Aimee.

Second good thing.  Remember “that Max” (read this and this), well that Détente thing is still moving forward.  TWICE this week “that Max” and his human walked towards us hugging the left side of our street while we walked the grassy edge of the right side.

Mom:  Good Morning.

Max’s Human:  Good Morning.

Me: silent nod conveying “Hey Dude, smells good out here, huh?”

That Max:  Mild bark conveying “Yeah, been on a diet man, no fun.”

Mom says sharing good news makes more good things happen.  Does this mean I have another greasy, juicy, fatty burger in my near future?  Jet, you were doing so well up until that last comment.   Mom, a guy can dream!

Another great and good thing day.

Next Time, I’ll Have Fries with That!

Last night was GLORIOUS, an unexpected slice of heaven.  At the perfect time, about twenty minutes before my evening walk, a fifteen minute S. Florida downpour (no booms, no streaky lights) occurred.  The rain left an agreeable depth and frequency of puddles on the street and moisture on the grass.

I guess I should backtrack and begin my story at 6:05 p.m., the time I devoured completed my dinner.  Yes, Mom’s still feeding me Koko’s remaining salmon kibble.  Have no fear; the new 33 pound bag of lamb kibble is IN THE BUILDING as of last Friday.  Jet… Yes, Mom?  Anyway, Mom couldn’t tear herself away from the last 30 pages of a 750 page book and Rachel, the greatest teenager of all time, went to her dad’s house to get something.

My sniffer picked up the scent of something irresistible located on the kitchen table.  Rachel, the greatest teenager ever, tried to hide it with her math homework, like that would dissuade me.  I took those equations and pawed them right to the floor.  The white box unfortunately required some nimble paw stretching on my part, no big deal.

There it was… a big, juicy, greasy, meaty, fatty, succulent, rich half of a TGIFridays bacon cheeseburger calling out to my nose, my tongue, my incisors, I quivered with delight.  Mary Ann and my Auntie Liz always tease Mom that they’re going to smuggle a burger into the house, this was so much easier.  I even had something called the audacity to sit gentlemanly-like after my walk and wait for a treat.   Funnier still, Mom gave me one!  Readers:  I gave Jet a twistix, which is a dental treat that also aids digestion, shhh, don’t tell Jetty.

Another great and junk food day.

The Boys are Back (in the Pack)

Now that Cody, our Snow Dog/Sun Dog   has returned to the Pack, the pendulum swings to the proper extreme, let’s hear it for testosterone!  Yup, the boys have regained the balance of power!  Here’s what I like about the little dude:

  • He’s was adopted like me.
  • He works that Napolean Complex thing.
  • I get a kick out of him trying to get all alpha male around me.
  • He’s got a manly man bark like me.
  • He keeps Freddy spunky.
  • His human grandpa, Richard, tells Mom he has good manners.
  • He makes Mom and I laugh when he tangles his leash with Freddy’s and makes Richard look like he’s playing Twister.

Hey, Cody, want to take a Scooby Doo Academy course with me?  How about Emptying Your Tank like a Real Man?

Another great day with the guys.

Snow Dog/Sun Dog

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Sometimes, a fluffy, dark coated guy like me has a difficult time determining the change of seasons here in South Florida.  Mom says that when she lived in New Jersey and Missouri, the seasons changed four times a year to coordinate with the names given.  In South Florida we have two seasons, each lasting about six months:

  • Really hot, less hot
  • Rainy season, dry season or puddle/no puddle
  • Hurricane season, not Hurricane season
  • Mosquito and anything that flies and bites season, thank heaven my skin doesn’t itch season
  • Snow bird season, Snow birds go back north season

Uh, Mom?  Yes, Jet.  I think you put that last one in yourself.  Do you mean those massive flocks of birds which fly over us in the morning?  No Jet, Snow birds refer to humans that move to warmer areas during the winter and return to their northern homes when it’s more comfortable.


So, if a human is called a Snow Bird, what would you call a dog that moves here for the winter, like my friend, Cody? His Mom, Freddy’s human sister, brings Cody down from Chicago around Thanksgiving and picks him up in the spring.  Would you call him a snow bunny?  That’s a good one, Jet.  I think the term bird refers to the fact that many types of birds migrate to warmer climates in the winter, too.  Oh, so maybe we can call them snow birds with 4 feet?  Or Snow K9s? Good try, Jet.  How about Snow Dogs or Sun Dogs?  Ok Mom, we’ll keep it simple.

Welcome back to the pack, Cody!

Another great and warm almost winter day.

I like Beethoven

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

I like Beethoven.  He’s a fun loving, K9 genius, who has his own movie and this thing called straight-to-dvd empire.  I’ve spent a Sunday or two curled up on the couch with my human sister, Rachel, enjoying his antics.  Uh, Jet?  Yes, Mom? The Beethoven genius Rachel and I listened to last night had two legs, not four.  Oh, that guy.


Remember, your human Grandpa gave me tickets for two concerts in addition to Art Basel week? (Oh not Art Basel talk again.) Well, last night, Rachel and I attended the second concert.  Pianist, Anton Kuerti, famous for his Beethoven interpretations played four pieces.  His fingers and feet moved so fast and fluidly our eyes barely kept up.  We marveled at Mr. Kuerti’s memory and ability to play for so long.

I know I bring this up frequently, however, why wasn’t I invited?  I would have behaved nicely; I would have sat politely until the music transitioned me to lying down quietly.  Perhaps I would have fallen asleep to the beautiful sounds like you said some of the humans did.  When Mr. Kuerti finished each piece, I would have barked in appreciation.  I could have howled when you humans shouted BRAVO!

Jet, I agree, you would have enjoyed the concert and behaved like the gentleman you are.  Sometimes outside venues host concerts.  Maybe, we can investigate and find a musical concert that welcomes K9s as well as humans and attend together.  That would be great Mom, thanks.

Another great and melodic day.


Hey, It’s Jet Here.

In general, I’m a helpful kind of guy.  I help out around the house when appropriate; Mom doesn’t even have to ask me.  For example, on Sundays my housework helper gene kicks in early.  Before Mom leaves for work at the Farmers Market, I sniff the bags resting on the floor, to make sure all items smell fresh for the market goers.  By lying down in front of the refrigerator, I remind Mom that she has items in the fridge and freezer she must take.   When Mom comes home after work, she usually has lots of dishwashing to do.  No worries Mom, Jet, the Housework Helper at your service!  I methodically prewash the items in the dishwasher, guaranteeing a cleaner outcome.

I have better manners and wait for Mom to pull out tray and stand beside machine.

As previously mentioned, twice a month, I wipe down the walls in a majority of the house.   Because I’m such an upbeat guy and possess such a grand tail, I can multitask sweeping the floor while sitting along with showing Mom how happy I am to help her.  I clean my bowl when I’m through eating and willingly clean any food particles from those sloppy felines.  Jet… Yes Mom?  I even clean up when they throwJet, let’s not go into disgusting details.  Ok, Mom.  My human sister, tends to leave things here and there throughout the house.  I, Jet the Housework Helper, relocate those items to places I believe Mom would prefer.  Jet, I appreciate the thought and effort, however, sometimes your relocation process just confuses us … or makes us laugh!

I could go on, however, bragging does not suit a gentleman like me.  So, fellow K9s, continue helping your humans, you will make them smile, laugh, offer biscuits?, and do your part as a participant in your family community.

Oh, in case you wondered why I do not fetch the paper… Mom does not receive the paper!

Old School...

Another great and helpful day.

Nurse Jetty

Hey It’s Jet Here.

Part of my Scooby Doo Academy curriculum focuses on health and wellness.  This section includes my own health and wellness as well as others.  My sister, Koko, had a special knack in this area.  When Mom burned her foot a few years ago, Koko knew the exact location and tried to minister cleanings every day.  Unfortunately, the burn needed more intensive human treatment, requiring special bandaging.  Koko licked around the bandage and gently laid her chin over Mom’s foot every day for about four months to protect from further injury.  Koko also did therapy work as I’ve shared before; she provided a great model for me.

Yesterday, Mom finally spent some time at home.  I heard her tell my Auntie Liz that she would finish knitting her scarf by bedtime.  (She and Auntie Liz have an art show next week at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden.  Mom sold more knitted items and spice mixes recently than expected (yippee, more biscuits), which means she has to knit and blend really, really fast to increase this thing called inventory by next week!

Anyway, she spent a few hours knitting yesterday.  I kept her company and practiced my nursing skills.  From all the walking at that Art Basel stuff she had two boo-boos on her foot.  I licked her wounds for so long, I put myself to sleep!  Jetty, thank you for your loving care yesterday, you made me feel betterYou have a gentle touch, just like Koko did.  Your welcome Mom.

My favorite part of nursing Mom’s feet is when she puts this stuff called Shea Butter on her boo-boos.  I must control myself because I want to lick it right off her foot.  Mom always asks me to wait while she covers her boo-boo and then lets me lick the small amount of shea butter still on her finger.

Another great and helpful day.

Artistically Disappointing

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Besides excluding K9s from attending Art Basel week exhibits, I learned that we were seriously underrepresented at:

Five opportunities and what, three paintings?  What happened to MAN”S BEST FRIEND?

Jet, if it makes you feel any better, felines appeared with lower frequency.  Only elephants appeared in equal percentage to the glorious K9.  Here are the K9 subjects from all 5 venues. 


Really Mom, that’s the best they could do?  At least one creative soul had the sense to capture one of my relatives!

Another great and art critic day.


Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Four days ago, something happened that shocked Mom and I so much, Mom had to call Mary Ann and I had to tell Dixie right away, to make sure we had not imagined the situation.  Here’s what transpired.

Most mornings, we pass that darn Max (please read this) and his human at some point on our route.  Monday morning did not disappoint as Max and I did the whole western showdown without the dueling pistols!  Jet, don’t exaggerate. Mom, I’ve always wanted to paint that picture.  Anyway, we had reached Neve’s house on the right side of the street and Max and his human were about 1/4 of the way down our lawn on the left side our our street.

Out of the blue, Max’s human says IN ENGLISH, “Where’s your other dog?”

Mom wore this stunned look on her face, hesitating a moment to respond, “She died.”

Max’s Human:  “I’m sorry to hear that.”

Mom: “That’s Max, right?”

Max’s Human:  “Yes, this is Max.”

Mom:  “Max looks like he lost a lot of weight, he looks really good.”

Max’s Human:  “He’s been on a diet.”

Mom:  “Thanks for asking about Koko. Have a good day”

Max’s Human:  “You too.”

Mom explained this thing called détente to me, shortly after we returned to the house.  Perhaps, Max’s Human ate some “holiday spirit” with her turkey last week.  Mary Ann made Mom laugh when she said Nostradamus isn’t until next year!  Whatever the reasons, I hope the “thawing” of our relationship continues.


Another great and healing day.