Just Like Cousin Christopher

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

My human cousin, Christopher, is Mom’s Nephew of the Heart.  She told me that sometimes people become your family in ways other than birth or bloodlines.  Hey Mom, that word gives me the creeps.  Jetty, don’t worry, we’re not talking about taking blood, we’re talking about descending from the same ancestors.  Phew, thanks Mom, my stomach got a little queasy.  You know Christopher’s parents are Tia (Aunt) Maite and Tio (Uncle) Wayne, my longtime friends.  Oh, now I get it.  Good.

Cousin Christopher has so many titles after his name, I’m jealous.   Check this out; he’s an EMT, Paramedic, Firefighter and studies nursing.  Dude, I can’t keep up, I’m only one K9!  Anyway, as you know, I’m enrolled in Scooby Doo Academy’s Health and Wellness Section, read this.

Mom’s feet have improved, however J.J., according to my powers of observation, seems to have a cold.  She’s sniffling, sneezing, snuffleling and snoring.  That girl needs to learn how to use tissues!  For two days now, I’ve had to lick her runny nose, tend to something that caught my attention on her right front paw, nudge her right ear with my nose to flap it up, so that I can investigate the progress of her ear infection.  (Mom cleans her ear with earwash and medicates twice a day.)  Her already meager interest in food decreased further.  Mom handfed her twice; I think both of us felt nervous she didn’t eat.

Yesterday, Mom called Judy at Dr. Schaffer’s office.  They decided to wait one day; after Mom posts this, she’s taking J.J. for an appointment.  Many years ago, on Christmas Eve, (Noche Buena in Miami), Mugs, the cat she rescued three months earlier, became gravely ill.  When she and Mr. Fred returned from Tio and Tia’s house, he looked dead.  Try to find vet help on Noche Buena – impossible!  They found an emergency clinic and something called $3,000 later, Mugs felt better.  Mom does not want a repeat.

While they visit Dr. Schaffer, this guy’s going for a nap, this nursing stuff makes you sleepy.

Another great and caretaking day.


Gotta Protect My Boys

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Houston, we have a little problem.  J.J. thinks our felines belong in the toy basket.  Seriously, I’ve TRIED to explain they breathe air like we do and prefer to freely saunter, scamper and move through the house at will.  Every time either Puffy or Fluffy goes on the move, J.J. chases them in her playful, endearing way.

To their credit, the guys try to avoid contact, however, when she enters the FMZ (feline man zone) all bets are off.  Puffy, hisses like a viper and swats at J.J.’s face.  Fluffy desperately tries to outrun her and hide.  He will hiss only as a last resort.

I’ve tried a few tactics so far to wrestle educate her in the ways of our home, no luck yet.  I’ve had to turn my body sideways to block J.J. from reaching my boy, Fluff, a few times.  Surprisingly, I took pity on Puffy once and blocked for him, too.  Hey, now that I’m saying this, do you think the Miami Dolphins might have some use for me?  Jet, I think the Dolphins could use all the help they can get.  Cool.

A few nights back, my human sister, Rachel, had a J.J. sleepover in her room with the door shut.  I thought Puffy and Fluffy were going to high paw me in Mom’s bed.  We resumed our previous sleeping locations and enjoyed a boys’ sleepover with Mom.  Bliss.

Like I said before, she’s a work in progress.

Another great day.

Happy Hannukah

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

We celebrate Hannukah in our house. One of the sayings for Hannukah  talks about a great miracle happening.  The Jewish resistance fighters wanted to rededicate and purify the defiled temple, but they only found enough oil for one night.  The oil miraculously lasted eight nights!   This year, Mom said J.J. is our little miracle and giving her a forever home is her little miracle.

Remember the Hannukah collar Mom originally bought for me?  Well guess who wears it now?  Yup.  At first, she tried to eat it, which Mom did NOT appreciate.  I wore Koko’s collar, which has little jingle bells in it, triggering the NEVER ENDING “Can we play now?” signal in J.J.’s brain.  I gave the girl a break and went through the wrestling motions hoping to pass the minutes until present time.

Mom and my human sister, Rachel, first light the candles, sing the blessings, say Happy Hannukah, give kisses and then… ok, Rachel usually gets her presents first.  That’s alright, I’m Mr. Patient.  Mom kissed me and J.J. and wished us a Happy Hannukah, too.

Then… nothing… Huh?  Mom? What’s up?

Well, Jetty, to be honest, this year has been rough for so many families, including ours.  We’re going to celebrate the holiday without the buying part… you’re going to receive the gifts of:

  • Time together.
  • A visit to the dogpark – Really Mom, really?  It’s been sooooo long.  Jet, that’s because the last time, you cut your paw on glass and $300 later along with the Cone of Shame, I decided we needed a break. 
  • Treats like your favorite boiled eggs, rawhides… – hey Mom, what about a bacon cheeseburger? Jet… Yes, Mom?
  • Spa Day – the first one with J.J. 
  • Playdates with J.J. and your pals

Yeah, Mom, that sounds good, I can woof with that.

Another great and miraculous day.

It’s Official, Reintroducing Jasmine Joy, Joy Jasmine or J.J.!

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Thanks to Miss Wendy, who writes to me most days.  She sent in both names with the following thoughts:

  • Joy – seems to fit her personality also starts with J like your name!!! Also I have a book about Goldens and it is called “Goldens” A chronicle of Joy”
  • Jasmine – I’d call her Jazzy – also J name

Mom loves nicknames (read this) so, Jasmine felt right.  Rachel found J.J. watching Disney’s Aladdin Monday night when she and Mom returned from grocery shopping.  (Rachel forgot to turn off the t.v.) She told Mom that J.J. must like the name since she watched Jasmine in the movie!

Both Mom and Rachel liked Joy for different reasons. Mom liked Miss Wendy’s reasons and Rachel liked the name because she likes some TV show called “19 Kids and Counting” where all the children’s names begin with “J”!  Of course, I like both names because they follow my tradition of “J” names.  Oh, Mom likes Jasmine Joy and Rachel likes Joy Jasmine.  Both of them LOVE calling her J.J. because it’s sassy and spunky like the former “You Know Who” is.

Thanks to:

  • Miss Denise for her Sunny recommendation and her thoughts behind it.
  • Miss Karin for her “foodie” names like Truffle, Champagne, Mango and Cookie.  Mom appreciated your thoughtfulness in acknowledging her personal and professional passion about the kitchen.
  • Miss Shelly for taking the time to review the name list and sharing how she named her K9s.
  • Miss Rebecca for playing devil’s advocate.

Another great and decision-making day.

Showing You Know Who the Ropes

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Who knew my Scooby Doo Academy mentoring class would engulf my life?  When You Know Who (renaming almost finished) joined our family last week thanks to Golden Rescue South Florida, Mom emailed the Academy and enrolled me in Mentoring 101.  My Nana taught Kindergarten for 27 years, Mom educates people as the Kitchen Counselor and now I’m a MENTOR.

My teacher says to share a personal anecdote to establish a bond with your student.  I told You Know Who (renaming almost finished) about my first three weeks in the family.  The first week I ate the arm off the couch, the second week I ate a basket and the third week I ate a bag of treats and THE BAG.  You could see her relate.

Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far:

  • We sit by the door after our walk so Mom can remove our leashes.
  • Mom and my human sister, Rachel, have a particular hand signal for sit.
  • We wait forever (Jet, I count to 10 in my head) to cross big streets.  Mom takes a loud breath and a strong first step when we can move forward.
  • We wait for Mom to finish breakfast or dinner before we signal we need to go outside, most of the time.
  • We sit to receive tidbits of veggies.  (You Know Who isn’t really food driven, most puzzling.)
  • We receive yummy treats (dental treats my boy!) after our long night walk if we’ve done all our business.
  • We wait while I Mom delivers Mary Ann’s paper to her porch.
  • We do not pull while Mom scoops the poop.
  • We like when Mom brushes and massages us.

This girl has SO much energy, Mom says (grown up humans, do not read this next part to young ones.) it looks like I’m on Valium.  I remember not feeling safe or fully settled for a long time, too.  I think that’s why I chewed, panted, and drank like a fish, just like she does.

Don’t worry, You Know Who (renaming almost finished), I, Mentor Jet will stay with you through the whole process, you are not alone.

Another great and educational day.

Simba, the Escape Artist

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Houdini has nothing on my neighbor, Simba.  For the last four years or so, he’s met everyone on the block, like a door-to-door salesman.  One of the first times, Mom received an emergency call from Laurie, saying she saw Koko running down the street.  Mom raced home in record speed to find Koko wagging at the door.  She realized that Simba was the escapee; she and Laurie finally caught up to him and tried to return him.  They left a note and Laurie kept him in her backyard for the afternoon.

Simba appears as a swoosh of golden fluff in the corner of Mom’s eye when she’s working in the office, hanging out by our garage door, trotting down his street (unfortunately – very dangerous), or doggie paddling in the canal.  By now, he knows us; we’ve bathed him, kept him for afternoons, had dinner dates etc.  Many of our other neighbors have taken their turns with him, too.

On Saturday, Mom and my human sister, Rachel, had a lunch date with my Nana and Poppi in some place called Ft. Lauderdale.  Mom made sure You Know Who (renaming in progress) and I emptied our tanks with a quick visit in the backyard.  Mom heard Rachel calling her and responded she did not need help.

When we returned, there wagged Simba, in MY house like he owned the place!  He’s so doggone happy all the time, you can never get mad at the guy.  After introductions to You Know Who (renaming in progress), Mom and Rachel put Simba in the car and took him home.  Rachel tried ringing the bell for five minutes.  Since they had a long drive ahead, Mom wrote a note and they took Simba back to our house and decided to open Doggie Daycare.




Wishing we had a daycare cam, Rachel and I envisioned all types of scenarios during our five hours away.  Luckily, we returned to zero destruction, only two golden and one fluffy black wagging tails.

Another great and playful day.

Family Input – Skylar Pt. 2

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Have you ever heard of this word called hullabaloo?  Well, I learned about it today because when Mom and I posted Pt. 1 yesterday, did we get calls!  Dixie’s Mom, Mary Ann, called to say that she will continue to call Skylar “Lady Sienna” because Skylar wouldn’t do.  Auntie Liz told us that Skylar reminds her of children with this thing called outdoor suspension. She said we should have asked the family before we made it official.  Mom and my human sister, Rachel tried to persuade them both, no luck.  Mom and Rachel asked them for proposals.  Here are a few:

  • Blaze (Mom and Mary Ann liked this, Rachel didn’t.)
  • Georgia, Emma, Juliette (Rachel got into the act.)
  • Sugar
  • Astro (because of Jet)
  • Lola
  • Lulu

And on and on… none of them felt right to us.

Who knew we would cause such a stir?  Mom didn’t know you could change names, so, she never thought to try it with Koko.  She always said she would have named her Honey, because she was honey colored and honey sweet.  Everyone loved my name when they found out. (of course… read this)

So human readers… WE NEED HELP… poor pup can’t find a suitable name for the extended family to agree on.  Here’s what we know so far:

  • She’s happy, happy all the time.
  • She chews EVERYTHING – got into Mom’s socks today.
  • She counter surfs in all rooms of the house.
  • She thinks Puffy and Fluffy are fun toys.
  • She’s playful (and not a half bad wrestler, I might add.)
  • She’s spunky and sweet.

Ok, with these qualities in mind, can you send recommendations in RIGHT AWAY?  Auntie Liz said we should call her “Doggie” in the meantime.

Another great, but, PLEASE HELP US day.