It’s Official, Reintroducing Jasmine Joy, Joy Jasmine or J.J.!

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Thanks to Miss Wendy, who writes to me most days.  She sent in both names with the following thoughts:

  • Joy – seems to fit her personality also starts with J like your name!!! Also I have a book about Goldens and it is called “Goldens” A chronicle of Joy”
  • Jasmine – I’d call her Jazzy – also J name

Mom loves nicknames (read this) so, Jasmine felt right.  Rachel found J.J. watching Disney’s Aladdin Monday night when she and Mom returned from grocery shopping.  (Rachel forgot to turn off the t.v.) She told Mom that J.J. must like the name since she watched Jasmine in the movie!

Both Mom and Rachel liked Joy for different reasons. Mom liked Miss Wendy’s reasons and Rachel liked the name because she likes some TV show called “19 Kids and Counting” where all the children’s names begin with “J”!  Of course, I like both names because they follow my tradition of “J” names.  Oh, Mom likes Jasmine Joy and Rachel likes Joy Jasmine.  Both of them LOVE calling her J.J. because it’s sassy and spunky like the former “You Know Who” is.

Thanks to:

  • Miss Denise for her Sunny recommendation and her thoughts behind it.
  • Miss Karin for her “foodie” names like Truffle, Champagne, Mango and Cookie.  Mom appreciated your thoughtfulness in acknowledging her personal and professional passion about the kitchen.
  • Miss Shelly for taking the time to review the name list and sharing how she named her K9s.
  • Miss Rebecca for playing devil’s advocate.

Another great and decision-making day.

Showing You Know Who the Ropes

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Who knew my Scooby Doo Academy mentoring class would engulf my life?  When You Know Who (renaming almost finished) joined our family last week thanks to Golden Rescue South Florida, Mom emailed the Academy and enrolled me in Mentoring 101.  My Nana taught Kindergarten for 27 years, Mom educates people as the Kitchen Counselor and now I’m a MENTOR.

My teacher says to share a personal anecdote to establish a bond with your student.  I told You Know Who (renaming almost finished) about my first three weeks in the family.  The first week I ate the arm off the couch, the second week I ate a basket and the third week I ate a bag of treats and THE BAG.  You could see her relate.

Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far:

  • We sit by the door after our walk so Mom can remove our leashes.
  • Mom and my human sister, Rachel, have a particular hand signal for sit.
  • We wait forever (Jet, I count to 10 in my head) to cross big streets.  Mom takes a loud breath and a strong first step when we can move forward.
  • We wait for Mom to finish breakfast or dinner before we signal we need to go outside, most of the time.
  • We sit to receive tidbits of veggies.  (You Know Who isn’t really food driven, most puzzling.)
  • We receive yummy treats (dental treats my boy!) after our long night walk if we’ve done all our business.
  • We wait while I Mom delivers Mary Ann’s paper to her porch.
  • We do not pull while Mom scoops the poop.
  • We like when Mom brushes and massages us.

This girl has SO much energy, Mom says (grown up humans, do not read this next part to young ones.) it looks like I’m on Valium.  I remember not feeling safe or fully settled for a long time, too.  I think that’s why I chewed, panted, and drank like a fish, just like she does.

Don’t worry, You Know Who (renaming almost finished), I, Mentor Jet will stay with you through the whole process, you are not alone.

Another great and educational day.

Simba, the Escape Artist

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Houdini has nothing on my neighbor, Simba.  For the last four years or so, he’s met everyone on the block, like a door-to-door salesman.  One of the first times, Mom received an emergency call from Laurie, saying she saw Koko running down the street.  Mom raced home in record speed to find Koko wagging at the door.  She realized that Simba was the escapee; she and Laurie finally caught up to him and tried to return him.  They left a note and Laurie kept him in her backyard for the afternoon.

Simba appears as a swoosh of golden fluff in the corner of Mom’s eye when she’s working in the office, hanging out by our garage door, trotting down his street (unfortunately – very dangerous), or doggie paddling in the canal.  By now, he knows us; we’ve bathed him, kept him for afternoons, had dinner dates etc.  Many of our other neighbors have taken their turns with him, too.

On Saturday, Mom and my human sister, Rachel, had a lunch date with my Nana and Poppi in some place called Ft. Lauderdale.  Mom made sure You Know Who (renaming in progress) and I emptied our tanks with a quick visit in the backyard.  Mom heard Rachel calling her and responded she did not need help.

When we returned, there wagged Simba, in MY house like he owned the place!  He’s so doggone happy all the time, you can never get mad at the guy.  After introductions to You Know Who (renaming in progress), Mom and Rachel put Simba in the car and took him home.  Rachel tried ringing the bell for five minutes.  Since they had a long drive ahead, Mom wrote a note and they took Simba back to our house and decided to open Doggie Daycare.




Wishing we had a daycare cam, Rachel and I envisioned all types of scenarios during our five hours away.  Luckily, we returned to zero destruction, only two golden and one fluffy black wagging tails.

Another great and playful day.

Family Input – Skylar Pt. 2

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Have you ever heard of this word called hullabaloo?  Well, I learned about it today because when Mom and I posted Pt. 1 yesterday, did we get calls!  Dixie’s Mom, Mary Ann, called to say that she will continue to call Skylar “Lady Sienna” because Skylar wouldn’t do.  Auntie Liz told us that Skylar reminds her of children with this thing called outdoor suspension. She said we should have asked the family before we made it official.  Mom and my human sister, Rachel tried to persuade them both, no luck.  Mom and Rachel asked them for proposals.  Here are a few:

  • Blaze (Mom and Mary Ann liked this, Rachel didn’t.)
  • Georgia, Emma, Juliette (Rachel got into the act.)
  • Sugar
  • Astro (because of Jet)
  • Lola
  • Lulu

And on and on… none of them felt right to us.

Who knew we would cause such a stir?  Mom didn’t know you could change names, so, she never thought to try it with Koko.  She always said she would have named her Honey, because she was honey colored and honey sweet.  Everyone loved my name when they found out. (of course… read this)

So human readers… WE NEED HELP… poor pup can’t find a suitable name for the extended family to agree on.  Here’s what we know so far:

  • She’s happy, happy all the time.
  • She chews EVERYTHING – got into Mom’s socks today.
  • She counter surfs in all rooms of the house.
  • She thinks Puffy and Fluffy are fun toys.
  • She’s playful (and not a half bad wrestler, I might add.)
  • She’s spunky and sweet.

Ok, with these qualities in mind, can you send recommendations in RIGHT AWAY?  Auntie Liz said we should call her “Doggie” in the meantime.

Another great, but, PLEASE HELP US day.

Introducing… SKYLAR! Part 1

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

As you know, Mom and I started my blog as a way to lift our spirits after my sister, Koko, passed two months ago.  Having never been an only dog, the bond I already forged with Mom deepened over the past months, too.  Believe it or not, the felines and I took our relationships to a calmer place, too, guess grief can do that to you.

We never made a plan, we thought if Koko meant for us to bring another K9 into our family, we would know.  You know Mom regularly visits Golden Rescue South Florida’s website and facebook page.  (That’s how she found me when she wasn’t looking for another K9.) Well, we almost adopted a few weeks ago, however, the stars did not align.

Lisa, my special GRSF friend, sent Mom a picture on Wednesday, Mom sent it to Rachel and didn’t say more.  Mom picked up “Lady” for a sleepover Wednesday night.

She surprised me, Puffy and Fluffy with a wagging, in motion girl.  Of course, I jumped in the car and she KISSED me on the face! Huh?  We hung out in the backseat for a long time until Mom forced encouraged us to exit. That girl can sure pace.  We tried to sleep that night, although with the exception of 2 hours, we did not succeed.  “Lady” brought the following into our Mom’s bed: 1 antler, 2 bones, 1 hoof, many, many toys, 2 unraveled balls of yarn, 3 partially devoured rolls of toilet paper, and 1 sock.  Hmpf… looks like this girl needs remedial Scooby Doo Academy classes!

Rachel did not know about any of this.  Mom surprised her after school on Thursday. (details tomorrow). Mom did not want to name “Lady” without Rach.  We surprised Mary Ann and Dixie Thursday night and began testing names.  Oh, Rach and Mary Ann went crazy: Sugar, Lola, Blaze (Mom liked that one), and all these other Southern names.  When we returned home, Mary Ann texted Sienna; and we decided that fit.

Mom and Rachel took “Sienna” to Dr. Shaffer’s  yesterday for the once over.  On the drive over, about 25-30 min., Mom looked at Rachel and said, “How about Skylar?”  Rachel smiled, said she liked it and my new sister had her name!  Here’s Skylar’s introduction to Dr. Shaffer.

Another great and welcome to the family day.

Possom Protector

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Oh the nerve, the gall, the stones!  That rapscallion had the chutzpah to stare at me from the top of the fence with his beady little eyes and dare me to act.  Well, I jumped, I barked, I sneered and put the fear of fur in that possum and he fled the scene.  Mom and Rachel wouldn’t have known what to do without me.

Excuse me, Jet?  Yes Mom.  Rachel tells the story slightly differently.  She said that she noticed the varmint first and then you responded.  Mom, didn’t I stand stock still, locate the target, stare him down and make him vanish?  Yes, Jet, that you did.  Well then?  Ok, Jet, I’ll corroborate your version for Scooby Doo Academy as well as thank you for protecting us from unsuitable wildlife.

Thanks Mom.

Jet, this is awfully short, don’t you have something else to share?  Mom, you know I do, I’ll tell the readers there’s big news in store, ok?  Ok, Jet, good idea.

Another great and protective day.

Town Crier

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Here Ye, Here Ye, it is I, Jet, the Town Crier.  I barked yesterday morning throughout the neighborhood to alert my fellow K9s and their humans about the errant felines.  Perhaps you think 6:30 a.m. is too early for such notification, however, any later and you might miss a special part of “another great day.”  As a matter of history, town criers served as news broadcasters.  I broadcasted breaking news, see Mom, I’m a valuable community resource!

Excuse me, Jet?  Yes, Mom?  Jet, while I always marvel at your intelligent, perceptive, and energetic feline alerts, most people in the neighborhood prefer their beauty sleep, as did I before you and I met.  But Mom, didn’t you see the two felines stretch and contract their torsos to the max as they ran like their cheetah relatives over two yards, across the street, into another yard, toward the fence heading west towards our homestead?  Well, I saw them give chase across the two yards and then my maturing eyesight lost them. 

See Mom, that’s the whole point, since you held on to my leash, I could not chase them into submission; I had to alert the neighborhood with my warning barks.  Jet, what danger can two little felines bring to our neighbors, really?  Mom, I’m barking to help those felines, too.  They can get hit by morning traffic, attacked by vicious turkey vultures, what if they have no home?  Mom, I cannot be expected to stifle my instincts for time inconvenience.  You watch the news @ 6:00 a.m., I’m actually late.

Well let’s hope the neighbors understand your persuasive perspective my boy!

Another great and breaking news day.

Did I Make It Rain?

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Lately, I’m beginning to wonder, can I make it rain?  Mom says she thinks I may have some special powers similar to the car wash industry.  I didn’t understand what she meant, so, she explained.

There seems to be a connection between the day you wash your car and the next rain storm.  Mom says the same goes for me, as soon as we have spa day (Saturday this past week), the weather turns rainy.  During the wet season, ok, to be expected, however, this time of year, rain becomes infrequent.  Mom said we must remember gratitude, since S. Florida often ends up in a drought situation from now until May.

On the other hand, she gets this thing called bummed out because my clean paws, legs, head, tail and belly trot through or graze the elements, removing the great smelling Buddy Wash Green Tea Rosemary from my fur.  And, just between you and me… Mom LOVES the smell of Green Tea Rosemary in my fur!

Did you wonder why I left out my back?  Well, that’s because Mom and I wear raincoats.  Yup, she calls it my SuperJet raincoat because it’s red and slightly capelike (she couldn’t find exactly the right L size because the company stopped making the style she liked.  She had to order an XL size, the only plus, the price went from $25 to $7!)

As mentioned before, I love helping (read this).  If I do possess special rain powers, I should become the first ever K9 rain ambassador and travel the world!  The only limitation; I participate in spa days only twice a month, otherwise my handsome self would experience dry skin and dull fur.  Should I get my pawsport ready?

Another great day.

Egg and Avocado Surprise

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Last night, well, it was a beautiful thing… I had no idea Mom was making an omelet for dinner.  Have I mentioned I LOVE eggs?  Mom used to boil two extra eggs about once a week to share with Koko and me.  I must have like this egg ESP thing, because I just know when eggs move from the fridge to the counter and my tail goes fast and my ears perk up.  I shall describe my delight with pictures.

Mom's eggs - she gave me 2 yolks

My scrumptious yolks...

Mom's cast iron pan with test onions.

My nonstick with olive oil spray.

Mom's dish - half an omelet.

My dish - Mom only gave me half. I tried puppy dog eyes and everything.

Another great and incredible edible egg day.

Most Inconvenient

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Yesterday morning, Mom and I set out for my morning constitutional on our weekend route.   Mom budgeted our usual time allotment keeping in mind she had to leave to pick up my Auntie Liz and set up for a holiday bazaar super early.  I leisurely emptied my tank in scenic spots along the way.  As we approached our corner, I pulled to signal Mom I wasn’t finished.  Mom succumbed, hoping I would feel more comfortable for the day if I got the job done (solid business).  Well, I sauntered through the extra mileage without completing the task.

Mom returned later than usual for my afternoon mini-walk.  I jumped and chatted and rolled over for a quick belly rub before allowing Mom to put on my harness.  A bit distracted, the tank emptying took longer than usual.

After dinner, I pulled, suggested we diverge from our recent evening route and took Mom to Mary Ann’s porch.  Mom said since Miss Dixie needed a bath, we weren’t walking together.  I sat gentlemanly like and wouldn’t move.  So, Mom rang the bell and Mary Ann and Dixie came out for a few minutes to share the day’s events.  I tried to listen, I really did, but, I pointed to the door and leaned in.  Mom figured out that Mr. Jim was on my mind.  Mary Ann called her dad, he came out, petted me, and shared a few male bonding minutes.  Satisfied all was well, I insisted on returning the way we came instead of walking around the block.

Even though Mom was something called exhausted, I thought she would benefit from the extra evening constitutional and took her on a 2nd route; I’m most considerate.

Jet, thanks for the extra exercise.  You reminded me of the early days of parenting.  Frequently, parents run late leaving their houses.  We must change diapers or encourage bathroom visits, dress or change clothes, and pack up all the necessary items for the excursion.  It never fails, you complete the “leaving the house checklist”, get in the car, and OH NO! they need another diaper change, or they have to go potty.  It’s like the children know just when parents feel pressure to adhere to a schedule.  MOST INCONVENIENT… and that’s the nicest way to express parental frustration at the moment… see the connection Jetty?  Uh, sort of Mom…

Another great and on my own timetable day.