All Dressed Up and Too Scared to Go

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

New Year’s Eve…I hear that you humans get all gussied up and attend lots of parties. Well, I like to hang out with friends, too. My human sister, Rachel, offered to gussie J.J. and I up. See practice run to the left. Mom says that many humans drink a lot of this stuff called alcohol. I like to drink a lot of this stuff called H20 (nickname for water!) Oh, and you humans have a lot of traditions for when the clock turns 12:00 like, watching something fall (here in the tropics Mom says it’s an orange), kissing, eating certain foods, and making lots of noise.

Some people, (I bet they do not have a K9), do not realize how much the noise part scares many of us who wear fur. In our neighborhood, fireworks go off like crazy, scaring the bejeepers out of me. First my body goes into shiver/shake mode and then I try to dissolve into Mom’s computer tower unit. Considering the unit measures about two feet by six inches and you know what I look like, awkward doesn’t quite cover it. When I can’t melt into the tower, I place my body near some wall and stare at the ceiling praying the noise will stop. Mom says I Iook like I’m in a trance. Basically, I’m a 70 pound fluffy mess.

Mom tries to help me, since this happens with stormy weather and July 4th, too. What’s worse? The silly folks in my neighborhood use those yucky fireworks for a week before and about two weeks after the holiday, so, I stop emptying my tank when it’s dark and Mom has to retrain me. (Sorry Mom. Don’t worry Jetty, I wish I could find something to ease your distress.)

Mom’s list of items/techniques tried alone and in combination:

  • this is the style I have...

    Bach Flower Rescue Remedy

  • Homeopathic Thunder Storm Remedy
  • Thunder Shirt
  • Pheromones (with Thunder Shirt)
  • Making me a comfy, cozy, quiet Man Cave
  • Cotton in Ears
  • Giving me my favorite bone to chew
  • Classical music
  • Benadryl (Dr. Schaffer gave her proper dosage.)
  • Sitting with me for 5 hours in our her closet with the other fur siblings (she never wants to do this again, she said she was something called desperate.)

So, looks like I’m staying home, I think I’ll wear the bowtie, though. Happy, Healthy and Safe New Years to you all!

Another great and ready for 2012 day.


12 thoughts on “All Dressed Up and Too Scared to Go

  1. Happy new year sweet Jet -You and JJ look fabulous – very snazzy – Rachel did a great job! I;m so sorry you get so scared with the fireworks noises – Cassie does also! you two are such gentle souls! She like you, also hates thunder, heavy rain, etc and shakes shivers, pants,tries to crawl into any open space no matter how small, paces, paddles the floor, paddles/scratches at doors etc. So sad she really panics, and like your sweet Mom I;ve tried many things – usually the benadryl or sitting with her down stairs while she is in her safe spot behind the couch (not so fun at 3:30 on the morning) works! My neighbors, like yours, start with the fireworks 1 week before the holiday and several days after!

    Me and my hubby stay home tonight (and 4th of July) we;ll have a nice meal (stuffed sole) and watch a movie. No place I would rather be than home with my family and furbabies! I hope your night is not too bad – try to relax sweet boy – it will be ok – you are safe with your family.

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Healthy New Year! Sending hugs and kisses to you, Jj, Fluffy and Puffy xoxoxo

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Oh, gosh, I’m so sorry and glad at the same time that you understand. Please give Cassie extra Jetty kisses tonight. Your description of what she does equals mine to a “T” or “J” as the case may be.

      Mom and Rachel decided to get a few of their favorite food items, they love the sandwiches from a this place called Joanna’s and will watch Harry Potter 5 tonight with J.J. and me. We might even encourage Puffy and Fluffy (J.J. still sees the word TOY on their forheads!) to join us on the top of the couch.

      Mom said to enjoy the sole, btw…

      Sending the Jettiest wishes for a Happy, Healthy, Playful, Napful, Spa Day-ful, Toy-ful, Belly Rub-ful New Years!

      Jetty kisses to all, especially you Miss Wendy.

  2. Hi Jet – I;m whispering to you – I am thinking of you and hoping that you and JJ are ok with all the very loud booms! The fireworks are crazy in our development! I gave Cassie a Benadryl at 7:00ish, she is behind the couch in her safe spot and we have the TV on super loud to block the fireworks sound, so far she is ok. Thinking of you and hoping you are not too scared. I hoe you and your family sleep well

    • Hey it’s Jet Here. Hi Miss Wendy. Oh, gosh, Miss Wendy, it was BAAADDDD. Mom did the same thing around the same time. I hung in there until the loud booms started around 11:00 – 1:00. Then, I tried climbing on top of the sectional (not pretty) staring into space, scratching the walls, etc… Mom hugged me really tight which helped sometimes. J.J. barked at those naughty booms, as did I. Mom gave us delicious bones to do this distracting thing. It helped some. I kept everyone up until about 3:00 because I barked each time a boom happened.

      Thanks for thinking of me and wishing me well. How did Cassie fare? Mom is about to post so you’ll see the rest…

      Jetty kisses Miss Wendy for so kindly writing to me.

  3. HI sweet Jet – so sorry you had a bad time of it.

    Cassie was ok until 11:00 when she started pacing, sctaching etc. We were already in bed so we brought her into bed with us and held/patted her and she kinda settled. I was up until 1;30 with her then she jumped down and went to another one of safe spots behind the toilet on our bathroom. Our little Pom, Rex was also scared so he came up and wanted to be on the big bed also!
    Good thing we donlt have to deal with that again til July 4th!

    sending hugs and kisses

    • Hey, it’s Jet’s Mom here. Hi Wendy… oh gosh, Cassie and Rex sound like Jetty… I wish we didn’t have to deal with this until July 4th except the folks in our area keep lighting fireworks for about another week! We finally managed to get our boy out this afternoon for a super quick “I don’t trust this” tank emptying in our backyard.

      Thank goodness for Rachel. She put on rollerblades around 3:30ish and took J.J. while I walked with Jetty. He went on his favorite weekend route and did two solid businesses to make up for last night and this morning. Funny how we worry about elimination for the fur family as much as we did with our human babies!

      Hugs right back!

  4. Hi Jet, Happy New Year to you JJ, Mom, Rachel and the kitties. Sorry you had such a bad time of it last night. Jack and Ginger sit by the door and bark and growl each time the fireworks Boom so it drives me crazy instead of them. However they do not like to go out and potty with the fireworks going off and if it is an emergency, they step off the outside patio, do their business really fast and run back to the door. Hope you have recovered.

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Rebecca. Thanks, did you, Jack and Ginger have a good first day of 2012?

      J.J. behaves more like your pups… how did they get so brave and full of bravado?

      I’m not quite recovered yet, however, I did go out this morning in the usual fashion and yesterday afternoon seemed normal. Puppy steps Miss Rebecca, Puppy steps.

  5. Happy new year to you guys! I’s Dillan (14 years old) and I have the same problem you have. My mom found out about L-Theanine which you can get at any vitamin store. This seems to help me better than anything else we have tried. At least it is over until the summer storms come!

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Denise and Dillan. Oh wow, thanks for sharing Dillan, I told Mom about the L-Theanine. She’s all about natural remedies, so, she’s going to look this up.

      I wish those yucky booms were over for a while, but… as you’ve probably read, my neighborhood goes crazy with that stuff for at least another week. Keep in touch, wise Dillan.

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