Mom Worried, I Waited.

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Mom had this look on her face somewhere between this thing called flabbergasted and sullen when she made her salads a few times since we adopted J.J.   You know Mom loved to share delectable vegetable tidbits with Koko and me.  Mom assumed J.J. would enjoy them, too, however she dropped the tidbits out of her mouth as if she had no muscles working in the area.   Mom tried everything; she started with carrots and sweet bell peppers, nothing.  She went so far as putting almond butter on the carrots and still… nothing.  She seemed a tad dejected.  After all, how can J.J. become one of her Kitchen Counselor’s Kitchen K9s if she doesn’t eat veggies?

Enter my human sister, Rachel.  Rachel stopped by the kitchen on Monday while Mom prepared her weekly salads.  They chatted like only girls can.  Jet?  Yes Mom?  Well, Mom, girls do chat a lot.  While that may be true, Jetty, I’m sure you can say it without the implied snarkiness, right?  Ok, Mom.  Mom and Rachel held a lovely rarely taking a breath Jet… I meant to say, Mom and Rachel held a lovely conversation while Mom cut the vegetables.  Much better.  Yes, Mom.

Anyway, Mom told Rachel about J.J. not eating vegetables.  Rachel said, “I’ll try.”  Mom handed her a piece of daikon radish. J.J. munched and swallowed.  Mom looked at Rachel and said, “Really? She won’t eat carrots with me, but, she’ll eat a radish with you?”  Rachel proceeded to try all the veggies: carrots (straight up), celery, cucumber, jicama, red bell pepper and tomatoes, all with equal success.  They giggled and praised J.J. as if she had done a miraculous trick.

Mom roasted carrots, parsnips, cauliflower, butternut squash and sweet potatoes at the same time she made the salads.  When the roasted veggies cooled down, she invited J.J. and I to run Q.C., quality control.  Again, J.J. ate all of the veggies with enthusiasm, as did I.  Mom had this relieved/happy face on.  We thankfully have ourselves a new Kitchen K9.  Phew.

Another great and healthy veggie day.


5 thoughts on “Mom Worried, I Waited.

  1. Hello swetet Jet! How is JJ feeling? Better i hope!

    Boy I;m so glad she decided to like her veggies – so very healthy for her! what lucky dogs you are to eat such wonderfully healthy foods. Your pictures made me so hungry! I never think to roast veggies I think I;ll try it! I am a vegatariain (sorry not a good speller!) and my Golden and Pom love baby carrots not the husky – hes a meat guy!

    You are right sweet boy – girls can talk! My 15 year old son says us ladies do “circle talking” like rehashing the same stuff over and over again, getting no where! funny!

    Well off to do errands, lotsa love to you, JJ, Mom and Rachel xxoxoxox

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Yes, JJ is coming around. She still sneezes in batches, but boy oh boy has her energy returned! She has one more day of ear medicine and about 8-12 days of cipro. Judy called from Dr. Schaffer’s this afternoon to say the culture came back and that JJ is on the right medicine. 🙂 Thank you so for asking.

      Mom said she will email you her Roasted Roots recipe to try. Mom makes roasted veggies a lot for us her because it’s easy and then it’s easy to reach for!

      Miss Wendy, it makes sense your husky likes meat, he would need it for his breed’s job description. Retrievers like us and your Pom have job descriptions which fit omnivorous eating styles. (Mom’s coaching me…)

      I like your son; he gets it! Give a high paw from me.

      Have a great day Miss Wendy. Jetty kisses and lotsa love back from Mom, Rachel, JJ, Puffy and Fluffy.

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