I Love the Smell of Pine in the Morning (And the Evening)

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

I love the two weeks after Christmas.  As families begin to take down their holiday lights, remove their lawn adornments, I patiently wait for the Christmas trees to lie at the curb.  I’m a tropical K9, so, I only smell the glorious pine scent at this time.  My air sniffing (read this) skills go on high alert, carefully inspecting the trunk, the branches, sometimes individual needles.  Of course, nothing says “Hey, It’s Jet Here” better than a little tank emptying.  In our area, if you put your tree curbside, the county collects them and grinds them into mulch.  Double good smells!  If I’m lucky, some of this pine mulch ends up back in the neighborhood.

Mom likes the smell of pine, too.  When she used to visit my human sister, Rachel, at summer camp in Maine, she would buy this thing called a pine sachet and put it in our closet.  This is the closet I hunker down in when I’m following the weather peoples’ rules for bad weather.

Jet… Yes Mom?  Tell the truth about the closet.  Do I have to?  I would prefer it.  Ok.  This is the closet I shiver, shake and zone out in and beg for you to sit with me when any bad weather or fireworks happens.  Jet, I’m really proud of you for telling the truth, it’s the first step to overcoming your fears.  Thanks Mom.

Mom used to make pine scented candles from this soy wax stuff with my Tia Maite (that’s Aunt in Spanish), however, she never lit them because she worried either the K9s or felines might knock them over by mistake.  They also made a spray that smelled like Christmas which I think I would have liked, too.  You would have my boy, you would have. 

Since I’m a “live in the moment kind of guy”, I’ll enjoy the smell of pine on my walks.

Another great and pine scented day.


4 thoughts on “I Love the Smell of Pine in the Morning (And the Evening)

  1. Good morning sweet Jet – How is JJ feeling today? better I hope! I love pine smell also, being from Boston and all (only been in FL 6 years) kinda miss pine trees, maple trees, oak tress etc and all the smells. Cassie also gets enthralled with the Christmas tree smells when they lay at the curb waiting for the chipper – you guys have strong sniffers!

    Like your Mom I don’t use candles either – my fear of a Golden tail swishing it as she walks by!

    It is kinda chilly here in Weston so a great day to tale a nice walk and enjoy all the pine smells! Have fun sweet boy – love you! xoxoxo

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Good Morning Miss Wendy. JJ is snoring less (thank heavens), wheezing less, but… still sneezing, sniffling and snuffling. Thanks for asking.

      Mom is from NJ, so, she told me she misses the same trees you mentioned. I bet I would really like emptying my tank on those big boys! She said she grew up with a 70 ft. (approx) oak tree on her front lawn.

      Enjoy your walk Miss Wendy, we loved our breezy constitutional this a.m., too. Wish we could walk together and I could give you Jetty kisses in person! Wishing your K9s a fun walk in the winter weather.

      Love you too, Miss Wendy.

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