Pull-Eze Slow Down

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

While the British may have celebrated Boxing Day yesterday, J.J. celebrated CHEWING day.  Now, I’m trying to go easy and reign in what I’m thinking since I have been known to chew an item or two or three.  Even with a full blown sinus infection, she went through:

  • the present Mary Ann and Dixie gave her (and tried to do the same with mine),
  • my all natural teddy bear toy,
  • the extra ruff and durable red bone shaped toy,
  • the remaining parts of Katie’s Bumpers toy,
  • the remnants of the destuffed fox toy,
  • removed the blue doo-hicky thing on the rope toy,
  • began working on the present my human sister, Rachel, brought for her in the afternoon (level 9 out of 10 on the durability scale, or so it says on the tag.)

Mom kept taking pictures of J.J.’s efforts and texting them to Mary Ann every few minutes until the deed was done.  (Did J.J. think she needed to “unwrap” the present?”)  See for yourself.

removing limbs from back end...

removing limbs from other end...

stuffing removal...

squeaker removal...

This girl needs a J-O-B. in the fabric testing industry.  Any recommendations? Vera Wang? Kenneth Cole?, Dolce and Gabana?, Juicy? Armani? Louis Vitton? Coach?  She works cheap!

Appreciating and admiring my gift like a gentleman.

Another great day.


5 thoughts on “Pull-Eze Slow Down

  1. Good morning sweet Jet – WOW she really can chew – I did like the pictures – they made me smile!
    How is JJ feeling – better I hope! she is so lucky to have you and your family taking the very best care of her!
    I didn;t even know dogs could get colds/sinus infections like people! I;m always learning something new about you very special creatures!
    Well gotta go to do some errands – have a pawsome day sweet Jet and I love you oodles. If you can get JJ’s attention from chewing for a moment please whisper in her ear that I hope she feels better soon and that I love her too!

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Morning,whoops, afternoon Miss Wendy. (Mom posted this later than I requested, hmph.) I know Miss Wendy, I’m not exaggerating, I promise!

      JJ seems better until she starts walking around inside or out. Then she sneezes, wheezes, and stuff a lot. She got another cream cheese ball (cipro hidden inside) this morning, which will help her, I’m sure. She’s a real smarty pants about the ear cleaner and ear drops, she lays down with her left ear on the floor. I don’t blame her, Mom stopped my drops a few days ago because my ear was not as badly infected. Mom said the same thing Miss Wendy, see the K9 world can teach you humans a lot.

      Have a pawsome day too, hope your errands go smoothly. Oh Miss Wendy, I love you oodles, too! Yes, if I can catch up with the chewing machine, I’ll share your love and get better wishes.

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