Just Like Cousin Christopher

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

My human cousin, Christopher, is Mom’s Nephew of the Heart.  She told me that sometimes people become your family in ways other than birth or bloodlines.  Hey Mom, that word gives me the creeps.  Jetty, don’t worry, we’re not talking about taking blood, we’re talking about descending from the same ancestors.  Phew, thanks Mom, my stomach got a little queasy.  You know Christopher’s parents are Tia (Aunt) Maite and Tio (Uncle) Wayne, my longtime friends.  Oh, now I get it.  Good.

Cousin Christopher has so many titles after his name, I’m jealous.   Check this out; he’s an EMT, Paramedic, Firefighter and studies nursing.  Dude, I can’t keep up, I’m only one K9!  Anyway, as you know, I’m enrolled in Scooby Doo Academy’s Health and Wellness Section, read this.

Mom’s feet have improved, however J.J., according to my powers of observation, seems to have a cold.  She’s sniffling, sneezing, snuffleling and snoring.  That girl needs to learn how to use tissues!  For two days now, I’ve had to lick her runny nose, tend to something that caught my attention on her right front paw, nudge her right ear with my nose to flap it up, so that I can investigate the progress of her ear infection.  (Mom cleans her ear with earwash and medicates twice a day.)  Her already meager interest in food decreased further.  Mom handfed her twice; I think both of us felt nervous she didn’t eat.

Yesterday, Mom called Judy at Dr. Schaffer’s office.  They decided to wait one day; after Mom posts this, she’s taking J.J. for an appointment.  Many years ago, on Christmas Eve, (Noche Buena in Miami), Mugs, the cat she rescued three months earlier, became gravely ill.  When she and Mr. Fred returned from Tio and Tia’s house, he looked dead.  Try to find vet help on Noche Buena – impossible!  They found an emergency clinic and something called $3,000 later, Mugs felt better.  Mom does not want a repeat.

While they visit Dr. Schaffer, this guy’s going for a nap, this nursing stuff makes you sleepy.

Another great and caretaking day.


5 thoughts on “Just Like Cousin Christopher

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Marcia. Thanks for your kind thoughts. Right now, J.J. is laying by Mom, snoring like a bear because her nose is stuffy. Mom told me Dr. Schaffer said she has this thing called a sinus infection/upper respiratory stuff. She got a shot (YUK) to help the inflamation and fever (one degree too high) and has to take the same medicine Rachel’s doctor gives Rachel for her ear infections. He even said Mom could make her chicken soup! See I, Nurse Jetty, knew she was sick… I am a good brother.

  1. Hi sweet Jet – how are you cutie pie?

    We just got back from our trip – so much to do – unpack, clean (5 days of furry dust balls – WOW), wash clothes, pay bills, food shop, clean up backyard from 5 days of poopies, etc. Please tell me how JJ is doing? I was sad to read she was sick – but I;m sure with your great help (your the best nurse!) and of course Mom and Rachels TLC she;s better. Tel her I;m praying she feels better very soon and I;ll write again tomorrow when I;m caughtup on stuff. Lovw you, Wendy

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. I’m SO happy you’re back, I’ve missed you. Mom always says vacations are great, then you need a vacation from your vacation! I hope your cleaning and catch up allowed for a little nap, I find them essential to my way of life.

      JJ is getting her energy and modest appetite back a little. Miss Wendy, this girl can CHEW. Mom and I can’t believe our eyes, I have to write about it tomorrow.

      Thank you, I’ve tried to do my part. Mom does the cipro and ear cleaning and then ear drops. I get to lick the cream cheese off her finger! She’s still sneezing, sniffling, snuffling and snoring. The only scary part is when for about 30 seconds every now and then she seems like she can’t breathe.

      I love you too Miss Wendy; Jetty kisses.

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