Happy Hannukah

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

We celebrate Hannukah in our house. One of the sayings for Hannukah  talks about a great miracle happening.  The Jewish resistance fighters wanted to rededicate and purify the defiled temple, but they only found enough oil for one night.  The oil miraculously lasted eight nights!   This year, Mom said J.J. is our little miracle and giving her a forever home is her little miracle.

Remember the Hannukah collar Mom originally bought for me?  Well guess who wears it now?  Yup.  At first, she tried to eat it, which Mom did NOT appreciate.  I wore Koko’s collar, which has little jingle bells in it, triggering the NEVER ENDING “Can we play now?” signal in J.J.’s brain.  I gave the girl a break and went through the wrestling motions hoping to pass the minutes until present time.

Mom and my human sister, Rachel, first light the candles, sing the blessings, say Happy Hannukah, give kisses and then… ok, Rachel usually gets her presents first.  That’s alright, I’m Mr. Patient.  Mom kissed me and J.J. and wished us a Happy Hannukah, too.

Then… nothing… Huh?  Mom? What’s up?

Well, Jetty, to be honest, this year has been rough for so many families, including ours.  We’re going to celebrate the holiday without the buying part… you’re going to receive the gifts of:

  • Time together.
  • A visit to the dogpark – Really Mom, really?  It’s been sooooo long.  Jet, that’s because the last time, you cut your paw on glass and $300 later along with the Cone of Shame, I decided we needed a break. 
  • Treats like your favorite boiled eggs, rawhides… – hey Mom, what about a bacon cheeseburger? Jet… Yes, Mom?
  • Spa Day – the first one with J.J. 
  • Playdates with J.J. and your pals

Yeah, Mom, that sounds good, I can woof with that.

Another great and miraculous day.


2 thoughts on “Happy Hannukah

  1. Good morning and Happy Hanukkah! I love the pictures of you and JJ in your snazzy holiday collars. Don;t feel bad Jet, this was a super tough year in our house (my hubby out of work since April, just got job HEY!!) so none of my furkids got presents either – but like you and JJ get tons of love! At least your wonderful Mom is taking you to the dog park and giving you a lovely spa day!

    We are going to away today to spend a few days with my in laws who live in the Villages near Orlando so I won;t be near a computer. I;m sending you lotsa kisses and hugs (pass some hugs on to your Mom from me!), and I look forward to reading all about your adventrures when we get back on Monday.


    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Happy Hannukah to you and my fellow K9s too! Please Congratulate Mr. Wendy on his new job, give him a high paw for me!

      Have a wonderful time away, will the furkids travel with you??? I’ll have lots to share with you by Monday, can’t wait.

      Jetty kisses from me and hugs from Mom; enough to last you until Monday. J.J. would send some too, but, she’s currently snoring at our feet/paws.

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