It’s Official, Reintroducing Jasmine Joy, Joy Jasmine or J.J.!

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Thanks to Miss Wendy, who writes to me most days.  She sent in both names with the following thoughts:

  • Joy – seems to fit her personality also starts with J like your name!!! Also I have a book about Goldens and it is called “Goldens” A chronicle of Joy”
  • Jasmine – I’d call her Jazzy – also J name

Mom loves nicknames (read this) so, Jasmine felt right.  Rachel found J.J. watching Disney’s Aladdin Monday night when she and Mom returned from grocery shopping.  (Rachel forgot to turn off the t.v.) She told Mom that J.J. must like the name since she watched Jasmine in the movie!

Both Mom and Rachel liked Joy for different reasons. Mom liked Miss Wendy’s reasons and Rachel liked the name because she likes some TV show called “19 Kids and Counting” where all the children’s names begin with “J”!  Of course, I like both names because they follow my tradition of “J” names.  Oh, Mom likes Jasmine Joy and Rachel likes Joy Jasmine.  Both of them LOVE calling her J.J. because it’s sassy and spunky like the former “You Know Who” is.

Thanks to:

  • Miss Denise for her Sunny recommendation and her thoughts behind it.
  • Miss Karin for her “foodie” names like Truffle, Champagne, Mango and Cookie.  Mom appreciated your thoughtfulness in acknowledging her personal and professional passion about the kitchen.
  • Miss Shelly for taking the time to review the name list and sharing how she named her K9s.
  • Miss Rebecca for playing devil’s advocate.

Another great and decision-making day.


11 thoughts on “It’s Official, Reintroducing Jasmine Joy, Joy Jasmine or J.J.!

  1. OMG Jet – all made me tear up this morning! I feel so honored that you used one of my suggestions to name your very special new sister! I;m so happy I was able to help – I love her name and I love you Jet!

    I think I read that you celebrate Hanukkah – so if you do Happy Hanukkah (we do also!)

    kisses and lotsa love for a wonderful day! Wendy

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. If I may, we used TWOof your suggestions because they were super special. I love you too Miss Wendy… can’t wait to meet you. Yes, we celebrate Hannukah (more on that tomorrow), Happy Hannukah to you and your K9s. Give them some carob gelt for me!

      Jetty kisses

  2. Love it Jet and Lori. Jet and JJ (Jasmine Joy) seems to go together. So glad you finally found the right one. Jack’s full name is Jack Daniels (actually registered as Gentleman Jack Flash (his father’s name was Rocket) and he is really fast. While we were waiting for our new puppy from GRSF (originally it was suppose to be a little girl) we were sitting with the neighbors thinking of little girl names and making a list. Tom said “what if it is a boy”? I said that is easy, since our little chow/lab mix was named Ginger and my favorite drink is Jack Daniels and ginger ale we would name him Jack Daniels. The phone rang just then and Lisa said they had a little boy for us so Jack Daniels it was.

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Rebecca. Mom and I love your story about how Jack got his name. Monikers (big word for me, right? Mom has me practicing vocabulary…) can tell much about those that wear them. I agree, I think Jet and J.J. has a rhythmic sound, too. Mom is a BIG ginger fan, we grow it on the front lawn. I prefer to eat the lemongrass leaves, though. Have a great night. Jetty kisses.

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Marcia. I’m so glad you like my sister’s new name. Mom said when she read this she remembered about Aunt J.J. Is she spunky, sassy and sweet like my sister?

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