Showing You Know Who the Ropes

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Who knew my Scooby Doo Academy mentoring class would engulf my life?  When You Know Who (renaming almost finished) joined our family last week thanks to Golden Rescue South Florida, Mom emailed the Academy and enrolled me in Mentoring 101.  My Nana taught Kindergarten for 27 years, Mom educates people as the Kitchen Counselor and now I’m a MENTOR.

My teacher says to share a personal anecdote to establish a bond with your student.  I told You Know Who (renaming almost finished) about my first three weeks in the family.  The first week I ate the arm off the couch, the second week I ate a basket and the third week I ate a bag of treats and THE BAG.  You could see her relate.

Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far:

  • We sit by the door after our walk so Mom can remove our leashes.
  • Mom and my human sister, Rachel, have a particular hand signal for sit.
  • We wait forever (Jet, I count to 10 in my head) to cross big streets.  Mom takes a loud breath and a strong first step when we can move forward.
  • We wait for Mom to finish breakfast or dinner before we signal we need to go outside, most of the time.
  • We sit to receive tidbits of veggies.  (You Know Who isn’t really food driven, most puzzling.)
  • We receive yummy treats (dental treats my boy!) after our long night walk if we’ve done all our business.
  • We wait while I Mom delivers Mary Ann’s paper to her porch.
  • We do not pull while Mom scoops the poop.
  • We like when Mom brushes and massages us.

This girl has SO much energy, Mom says (grown up humans, do not read this next part to young ones.) it looks like I’m on Valium.  I remember not feeling safe or fully settled for a long time, too.  I think that’s why I chewed, panted, and drank like a fish, just like she does.

Don’t worry, You Know Who (renaming almost finished), I, Mentor Jet will stay with you through the whole process, you are not alone.

Another great and educational day.


3 thoughts on “Showing You Know Who the Ropes

  1. Good morning sweet Jet – you are such a wonderful mentor – teaching your new sis so many great lessons to be safe and happy in her new home. she is lucky to have you. Have a pawsome day!

    kisses to you both!

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Good Morning Miss Wendy. Thank you for your compliment. Koko mentored me quite a bit, so, hopefully, I can bring the same skills to You Know Who (renaming almost finished.) Wishing you a pawsome day, too. Jetty kisses from me and hugs (she’s a hugger) from You Know Who (renaming almost finished.)

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