Town Crier

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Here Ye, Here Ye, it is I, Jet, the Town Crier.  I barked yesterday morning throughout the neighborhood to alert my fellow K9s and their humans about the errant felines.  Perhaps you think 6:30 a.m. is too early for such notification, however, any later and you might miss a special part of “another great day.”  As a matter of history, town criers served as news broadcasters.  I broadcasted breaking news, see Mom, I’m a valuable community resource!

Excuse me, Jet?  Yes, Mom?  Jet, while I always marvel at your intelligent, perceptive, and energetic feline alerts, most people in the neighborhood prefer their beauty sleep, as did I before you and I met.  But Mom, didn’t you see the two felines stretch and contract their torsos to the max as they ran like their cheetah relatives over two yards, across the street, into another yard, toward the fence heading west towards our homestead?  Well, I saw them give chase across the two yards and then my maturing eyesight lost them. 

See Mom, that’s the whole point, since you held on to my leash, I could not chase them into submission; I had to alert the neighborhood with my warning barks.  Jet, what danger can two little felines bring to our neighbors, really?  Mom, I’m barking to help those felines, too.  They can get hit by morning traffic, attacked by vicious turkey vultures, what if they have no home?  Mom, I cannot be expected to stifle my instincts for time inconvenience.  You watch the news @ 6:00 a.m., I’m actually late.

Well let’s hope the neighbors understand your persuasive perspective my boy!

Another great and breaking news day.

2 thoughts on “Town Crier

  1. Hi sweet Jet – I think your a great town crier – – my Cassie also will bark at the neighborhood cats early in the morning – and like you doesn;t care about the time – I think your right you might have helped those kittys be alerting them to danger -your just the best!

    kisses and hugs good night Wendy

    • Hey, it’s Jet Here. Hi Miss Wendy, I just have to meet Miss Cassie, she sounds like my kind of girl! I hope so, just because I like to fuss with felines, does not mean I want any harm to come to them. Thanks Miss Wendy, hope you have a wonderful night, too. I’m pretty busy, I’ll tell ya about that soon. Jetty kisses…

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