Egg and Avocado Surprise

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Last night, well, it was a beautiful thing… I had no idea Mom was making an omelet for dinner.  Have I mentioned I LOVE eggs?  Mom used to boil two extra eggs about once a week to share with Koko and me.  I must have like this egg ESP thing, because I just know when eggs move from the fridge to the counter and my tail goes fast and my ears perk up.  I shall describe my delight with pictures.

Mom's eggs - she gave me 2 yolks

My scrumptious yolks...

Mom's cast iron pan with test onions.

My nonstick with olive oil spray.

Mom's dish - half an omelet.

My dish - Mom only gave me half. I tried puppy dog eyes and everything.

Another great and incredible edible egg day.

4 thoughts on “Egg and Avocado Surprise

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Marcia. Mom said she will happily make you an omelet, pick a date. Maybe I could meet Lucy and Ricky, too? She took the other half of the omelet to work today for lunch… and… she still has MY other half in the fridge. I thought for sure she would give it to me this morning before she left, just saying.

      thanks for writing in Miss Marcia, have a great day.

  1. Hi Jet – boy those eggs look yummy – thank you for the pictures!! you have the bestest Mom!! You dogs do have great ears – mine can always tell when cheese is coming out of the fridge!

    have a pawsome day sweet boy xoxoxo

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Thanks, they were soooo good. Mom took the other half for lunch today. Ahhhh… cheese… Mom and my human sister, Rachel, do not eat much cheese (dairy issues), so, I’m not privvy to that splendor. Tell the gang to munch a slice for their friend, Jetty!
      Jetty kisses to you, Miss Wendy.

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