I Think I Might Need Chicken Soup

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Over the last few days, I’ve had this itchy, uncomfortable feeling in my left ear.  I’ve tried three methods to relieve the itch: scratching with back left paw, scratching with front left paw, and shaking my head right to left really, really fast.   I’ve noticed Mom watching my attempts to help myself.  She tried massaging the area, scratching the area and making me sit near her reading lamp to determine if she can see to the other side of my head through my left ear canal.  Jet, don’t exaggerate.  I tried to determine if your ear was inflamed or gooky.  Sorry Mom. Koko often had ear infections, and don’t get us started about Rachel and her ear infections. (going on about 150 by now, FOR REAL.)

We wondered if maybe, (dare we think it?) a flying or crawling icky thing might have tried to investigate my sensational hearing appendage.  If so, I would have shaken it right out of there by now.

Then, I started sneezing, just like Mom does when she has this thing called an allergy attack.  My nose looked a smidge like a leaky faucet, and after this fall when our house flooded, WE KNOW LEAKY PLUMBING!

Mom started asking the pack if K9s can get a cold.  She told me she would make me her special chicken soup if Dr. Shaffer said I had a cold or an ear infection.  Yummmm…. I can already smell the carrots, celery, parsnips, turnips, and maybe some calabaza.  K9s cannot eat onions, leeks, scallions etc… so; garlic and ginger would substitute nicely and add medicinal qualities.  This is when having a Kitchen Counselor for a Mom pays off big time.  Mom says chicken soup is medicine and love in a bowl.

We had already budgeted this morning after our walk for spa day and determined the temperature suited the endeavor.  Mom spent the late morning and afternoon out.  Through the late afternoon and evening, she observed that I wasn’t fussing over my ear as much.  She’ll watch me today and if I’m ok, yippee, if not, you can come over tomorrow night and share some chicken soup with me!

Another great and hopefully less itchy day.


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