Not One, but Two Good Things

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Shhh… can you keep a secret?  I can and I did.  We almost added another K9 to the family.  Why almost?  Because the adoption fell through.  As the MAN of the house, I, Jet, the Gentleman, had to lick a LOT of little water drops off Mom’s and my human sister, Rachel’s faces.  Sorry to begin with the sad thing, but, you have to know this part to understand how special the good thing was.

Mom and Rachel ordered a leash, a collar and a customized tag for my almost sister.  When Aimee, from Happy Tags, emailed Mom to confirm her order, Mom emailed the whole story back, and before you know it, I couldn’t keep up with the back and forth sharing emails.

This style in HOT PINK!

When the sad thing happened, Mom emailed Aimee and guess what?  Aimee cancelled Mom’s order and didn’t charge her.  Mom said when we adopt we’re DEFINITELY getting a tag from Aimee.

Second good thing.  Remember “that Max” (read this and this), well that Détente thing is still moving forward.  TWICE this week “that Max” and his human walked towards us hugging the left side of our street while we walked the grassy edge of the right side.

Mom:  Good Morning.

Max’s Human:  Good Morning.

Me: silent nod conveying “Hey Dude, smells good out here, huh?”

That Max:  Mild bark conveying “Yeah, been on a diet man, no fun.”

Mom says sharing good news makes more good things happen.  Does this mean I have another greasy, juicy, fatty burger in my near future?  Jet, you were doing so well up until that last comment.   Mom, a guy can dream!

Another great and good thing day.

2 thoughts on “Not One, but Two Good Things

  1. Good morning sweet boy – I still think about your “sad’ thing – it hurts my heart that your Mom and human sister were so sad, but when bad/sad things happen I try to believe it is for a reason and something better is gonna happen!

    I;m so glad that you and Max are on better terms – and I sure do hope you get another burger very soon!

    Have a pawsome day – kisses! xoxoxoxo Wendy

    • Hey, It’s Jet here. Hi Miss Wendy. Mom believes that too, it’s harder for my human sister. Cross your paws for the better happening sooner than later.

      Me too. I never had a beef with the guy, we never understood why his human didn’t like us. Oh, Miss Wendy, I’m dreaming about the burger… I had spa day this morning Miss Wendy, so, Mom gave me a few extra special treats in the shower!

      Have a pawsome evening, Miss Wendy. xoxoxo and jetty kisses!

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