Snow Dog/Sun Dog

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Sometimes, a fluffy, dark coated guy like me has a difficult time determining the change of seasons here in South Florida.  Mom says that when she lived in New Jersey and Missouri, the seasons changed four times a year to coordinate with the names given.  In South Florida we have two seasons, each lasting about six months:

  • Really hot, less hot
  • Rainy season, dry season or puddle/no puddle
  • Hurricane season, not Hurricane season
  • Mosquito and anything that flies and bites season, thank heaven my skin doesn’t itch season
  • Snow bird season, Snow birds go back north season

Uh, Mom?  Yes, Jet.  I think you put that last one in yourself.  Do you mean those massive flocks of birds which fly over us in the morning?  No Jet, Snow birds refer to humans that move to warmer areas during the winter and return to their northern homes when it’s more comfortable.


So, if a human is called a Snow Bird, what would you call a dog that moves here for the winter, like my friend, Cody? His Mom, Freddy’s human sister, brings Cody down from Chicago around Thanksgiving and picks him up in the spring.  Would you call him a snow bunny?  That’s a good one, Jet.  I think the term bird refers to the fact that many types of birds migrate to warmer climates in the winter, too.  Oh, so maybe we can call them snow birds with 4 feet?  Or Snow K9s? Good try, Jet.  How about Snow Dogs or Sun Dogs?  Ok Mom, we’ll keep it simple.

Welcome back to the pack, Cody!

Another great and warm almost winter day.

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