I like Beethoven

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

I like Beethoven.  He’s a fun loving, K9 genius, who has his own movie and this thing called straight-to-dvd empire.  I’ve spent a Sunday or two curled up on the couch with my human sister, Rachel, enjoying his antics.  Uh, Jet?  Yes, Mom? The Beethoven genius Rachel and I listened to last night had two legs, not four.  Oh, that guy.


Remember, your human Grandpa gave me tickets for two concerts in addition to Art Basel week? (Oh not Art Basel talk again.) Well, last night, Rachel and I attended the second concert.  Pianist, Anton Kuerti, famous for his Beethoven interpretations played four pieces.  His fingers and feet moved so fast and fluidly our eyes barely kept up.  We marveled at Mr. Kuerti’s memory and ability to play for so long.

I know I bring this up frequently, however, why wasn’t I invited?  I would have behaved nicely; I would have sat politely until the music transitioned me to lying down quietly.  Perhaps I would have fallen asleep to the beautiful sounds like you said some of the humans did.  When Mr. Kuerti finished each piece, I would have barked in appreciation.  I could have howled when you humans shouted BRAVO!

Jet, I agree, you would have enjoyed the concert and behaved like the gentleman you are.  Sometimes outside venues host concerts.  Maybe, we can investigate and find a musical concert that welcomes K9s as well as humans and attend together.  That would be great Mom, thanks.

Another great and melodic day.


4 thoughts on “I like Beethoven

  1. Good Morning sweet boy – sounds like Mom and Rachel had a lovely evening – I also enjoy classical music – but I hope Mom can find a music venue that you can go too – I know you;ll be perfect and really enjoy it – music is very relaxing!

    I hope you have a wonderful day! sending you a big huge hug! xoxoxo

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Good Morning Miss Wendy. They did have a lovely evening, hmpf… without ME! When the sky makes streaky lights and booms, Mom and my special friend, Angela, put on music to help me calm down.

      Yup, I would be a perfect gentleman; so, hopefully, Mom can find a venue…

      Lots of wags back for the hugs Miss Wendy.

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