Hey, It’s Jet Here.

In general, I’m a helpful kind of guy.  I help out around the house when appropriate; Mom doesn’t even have to ask me.  For example, on Sundays my housework helper gene kicks in early.  Before Mom leaves for work at the Farmers Market, I sniff the bags resting on the floor, to make sure all items smell fresh for the market goers.  By lying down in front of the refrigerator, I remind Mom that she has items in the fridge and freezer she must take.   When Mom comes home after work, she usually has lots of dishwashing to do.  No worries Mom, Jet, the Housework Helper at your service!  I methodically prewash the items in the dishwasher, guaranteeing a cleaner outcome.

I have better manners and wait for Mom to pull out tray and stand beside machine.

As previously mentioned, twice a month, I wipe down the walls in a majority of the house.   Because I’m such an upbeat guy and possess such a grand tail, I can multitask sweeping the floor while sitting along with showing Mom how happy I am to help her.  I clean my bowl when I’m through eating and willingly clean any food particles from those sloppy felines.  Jet… Yes Mom?  I even clean up when they throwJet, let’s not go into disgusting details.  Ok, Mom.  My human sister, tends to leave things here and there throughout the house.  I, Jet the Housework Helper, relocate those items to places I believe Mom would prefer.  Jet, I appreciate the thought and effort, however, sometimes your relocation process just confuses us … or makes us laugh!

I could go on, however, bragging does not suit a gentleman like me.  So, fellow K9s, continue helping your humans, you will make them smile, laugh, offer biscuits?, and do your part as a participant in your family community.

Oh, in case you wondered why I do not fetch the paper… Mom does not receive the paper!

Old School...

Another great and helpful day.


10 thoughts on “Housework

    • Hey it’s Jet here. Hi Dr. Rayya, thanks for your kind comments. I will keep helping Mom around the house, makes us a stronger team! Who are those photogenic pups in your picture???

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Dr. Rayya, You really think I’m an ace worker, woof, woof! You and Mom have a lot in common, she feels the same way. Do your pups help too? Maybe I should consider making a video!

      • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Dr. Rayya. Thanks for your compliment. Mom and I are so excited that you read my blog all the way in AUSTRALIA! I asked Mom and she said she will try to figure out how to use that video capability on her snazzy new phone. (Between you and me Dr. Rayya, she’s a little slow on the learning curve with that stuff you humans call hi-tech.) What are your pups’ names? Are they excited for the holidays???? Have another great day Dr. Rayya. Jetty kisses.

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  2. Hey Jetty! I have 2 dogs: sheppo and punchkin, but we call them shep and punch..
    Shep is an australian shephard and punch is a mut! Unfortunately I am one of the few people who wont get a holiday, even though I really really need one:( I am on call this xmas and it is the hottest time of the year here in Melbourne so it should be an interesting one..!

    • Hey, it’s Jet here. Hi Dr. Rayya. Thanks for telling me about Shep and Punch. As you know, Mom calls me a few different names, too. I like that because I know by her voice it’s a good thing! Mom says that the border collie part of me is kind of similiar to Shep and I’m a mix of “we’re not fully sure what” like Punch! Sorry you have to work on the holiday, however, we K9s thank you in advance because we know you will help those in need, which is an important part of the day. Even though it’s winter here in Miami, we have warm holidays too! Please give Jetty kisses to Shep and Punch… and you too, Dr. Rayya.

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