Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Four days ago, something happened that shocked Mom and I so much, Mom had to call Mary Ann and I had to tell Dixie right away, to make sure we had not imagined the situation.  Here’s what transpired.

Most mornings, we pass that darn Max (please read this) and his human at some point on our route.  Monday morning did not disappoint as Max and I did the whole western showdown without the dueling pistols!  Jet, don’t exaggerate. Mom, I’ve always wanted to paint that picture.  Anyway, we had reached Neve’s house on the right side of the street and Max and his human were about 1/4 of the way down our lawn on the left side our our street.

Out of the blue, Max’s human says IN ENGLISH, “Where’s your other dog?”

Mom wore this stunned look on her face, hesitating a moment to respond, “She died.”

Max’s Human:  “I’m sorry to hear that.”

Mom: “That’s Max, right?”

Max’s Human:  “Yes, this is Max.”

Mom:  “Max looks like he lost a lot of weight, he looks really good.”

Max’s Human:  “He’s been on a diet.”

Mom:  “Thanks for asking about Koko. Have a good day”

Max’s Human:  “You too.”

Mom explained this thing called détente to me, shortly after we returned to the house.  Perhaps, Max’s Human ate some “holiday spirit” with her turkey last week.  Mary Ann made Mom laugh when she said Nostradamus isn’t until next year!  Whatever the reasons, I hope the “thawing” of our relationship continues.


Another great and healing day.


4 thoughts on “Détente?

  1. Hiya jet – I have always thought dogs do bring out the best in people! I;m glad she was nice to your sweet Mom! Smootches to you sweet boy!

    • Hey, it’s Jet here…
      Boy, Miss Wendy, you and Mom sure think alike! She says the same thing and that we heal people. We saw Max and his human this morning, but they made a “U” turn before we were in speaking distance… Was it something I did?

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