All Dressed Up and Too Scared to Go

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

New Year’s Eve…I hear that you humans get all gussied up and attend lots of parties. Well, I like to hang out with friends, too. My human sister, Rachel, offered to gussie J.J. and I up. See practice run to the left. Mom says that many humans drink a lot of this stuff called alcohol. I like to drink a lot of this stuff called H20 (nickname for water!) Oh, and you humans have a lot of traditions for when the clock turns 12:00 like, watching something fall (here in the tropics Mom says it’s an orange), kissing, eating certain foods, and making lots of noise.

Some people, (I bet they do not have a K9), do not realize how much the noise part scares many of us who wear fur. In our neighborhood, fireworks go off like crazy, scaring the bejeepers out of me. First my body goes into shiver/shake mode and then I try to dissolve into Mom’s computer tower unit. Considering the unit measures about two feet by six inches and you know what I look like, awkward doesn’t quite cover it. When I can’t melt into the tower, I place my body near some wall and stare at the ceiling praying the noise will stop. Mom says I Iook like I’m in a trance. Basically, I’m a 70 pound fluffy mess.

Mom tries to help me, since this happens with stormy weather and July 4th, too. What’s worse? The silly folks in my neighborhood use those yucky fireworks for a week before and about two weeks after the holiday, so, I stop emptying my tank when it’s dark and Mom has to retrain me. (Sorry Mom. Don’t worry Jetty, I wish I could find something to ease your distress.)

Mom’s list of items/techniques tried alone and in combination:

  • this is the style I have...

    Bach Flower Rescue Remedy

  • Homeopathic Thunder Storm Remedy
  • Thunder Shirt
  • Pheromones (with Thunder Shirt)
  • Making me a comfy, cozy, quiet Man Cave
  • Cotton in Ears
  • Giving me my favorite bone to chew
  • Classical music
  • Benadryl (Dr. Schaffer gave her proper dosage.)
  • Sitting with me for 5 hours in our her closet with the other fur siblings (she never wants to do this again, she said she was something called desperate.)

So, looks like I’m staying home, I think I’ll wear the bowtie, though. Happy, Healthy and Safe New Years to you all!

Another great and ready for 2012 day.


Jasmine Joy is a Southpaw…

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

I finally have a subject for my Scooby Doo Academy Powers of Observation case study. Our assignment over holiday break for Repetitive Behavior Class required us to observe the same activity for a week to two weeks and dictate the facts and conclusions. For a while, I was stymied; too many choices!

Then I noticed, on all of our empty-the-tank and solid business walks, J.J. would only do the deeds when she was on the grass to the left of Mom. At first I wondered if my tendency to walk on the right (because Mom holds my leash in her stronger hand) might have influenced the “new girl.” I asked Mom to check during the few times when J.J. goes potty without me. Mom confirmed, nothing happens unless J.J. inhabits the left side.

Mom said Oprah Winfrey, Presidents Clinton and Obama, Ben Franklin, Albert Einstein and tons more famous humans favor their left limb. In sports, commentators often call lefties Southpaws, using a K9 reference. So, it’s fitting to call J.J. a Southpaw.  Longtime blog readers know how much Mom and I love basketball.  Well, our very own Miami Heat forward, Chris Bosh is a Southpaw.

Me, I’m ambidextrous, quite coordinated in fact. I empty the tank on either side and will do my solid business on either side of the street. I’m just a flexible kind of guy. I’ll need a few more days to derive conclusions for the case study; right now, I need an after breakfast, after constitutional, after wrestling with the Southpaw nap.

Another great and observant day.

Mom Worried, I Waited.

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Mom had this look on her face somewhere between this thing called flabbergasted and sullen when she made her salads a few times since we adopted J.J.   You know Mom loved to share delectable vegetable tidbits with Koko and me.  Mom assumed J.J. would enjoy them, too, however she dropped the tidbits out of her mouth as if she had no muscles working in the area.   Mom tried everything; she started with carrots and sweet bell peppers, nothing.  She went so far as putting almond butter on the carrots and still… nothing.  She seemed a tad dejected.  After all, how can J.J. become one of her Kitchen Counselor’s Kitchen K9s if she doesn’t eat veggies?

Enter my human sister, Rachel.  Rachel stopped by the kitchen on Monday while Mom prepared her weekly salads.  They chatted like only girls can.  Jet?  Yes Mom?  Well, Mom, girls do chat a lot.  While that may be true, Jetty, I’m sure you can say it without the implied snarkiness, right?  Ok, Mom.  Mom and Rachel held a lovely rarely taking a breath Jet… I meant to say, Mom and Rachel held a lovely conversation while Mom cut the vegetables.  Much better.  Yes, Mom.

Anyway, Mom told Rachel about J.J. not eating vegetables.  Rachel said, “I’ll try.”  Mom handed her a piece of daikon radish. J.J. munched and swallowed.  Mom looked at Rachel and said, “Really? She won’t eat carrots with me, but, she’ll eat a radish with you?”  Rachel proceeded to try all the veggies: carrots (straight up), celery, cucumber, jicama, red bell pepper and tomatoes, all with equal success.  They giggled and praised J.J. as if she had done a miraculous trick.

Mom roasted carrots, parsnips, cauliflower, butternut squash and sweet potatoes at the same time she made the salads.  When the roasted veggies cooled down, she invited J.J. and I to run Q.C., quality control.  Again, J.J. ate all of the veggies with enthusiasm, as did I.  Mom had this relieved/happy face on.  We thankfully have ourselves a new Kitchen K9.  Phew.

Another great and healthy veggie day.

I Love the Smell of Pine in the Morning (And the Evening)

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

I love the two weeks after Christmas.  As families begin to take down their holiday lights, remove their lawn adornments, I patiently wait for the Christmas trees to lie at the curb.  I’m a tropical K9, so, I only smell the glorious pine scent at this time.  My air sniffing (read this) skills go on high alert, carefully inspecting the trunk, the branches, sometimes individual needles.  Of course, nothing says “Hey, It’s Jet Here” better than a little tank emptying.  In our area, if you put your tree curbside, the county collects them and grinds them into mulch.  Double good smells!  If I’m lucky, some of this pine mulch ends up back in the neighborhood.

Mom likes the smell of pine, too.  When she used to visit my human sister, Rachel, at summer camp in Maine, she would buy this thing called a pine sachet and put it in our closet.  This is the closet I hunker down in when I’m following the weather peoples’ rules for bad weather.

Jet… Yes Mom?  Tell the truth about the closet.  Do I have to?  I would prefer it.  Ok.  This is the closet I shiver, shake and zone out in and beg for you to sit with me when any bad weather or fireworks happens.  Jet, I’m really proud of you for telling the truth, it’s the first step to overcoming your fears.  Thanks Mom.

Mom used to make pine scented candles from this soy wax stuff with my Tia Maite (that’s Aunt in Spanish), however, she never lit them because she worried either the K9s or felines might knock them over by mistake.  They also made a spray that smelled like Christmas which I think I would have liked, too.  You would have my boy, you would have. 

Since I’m a “live in the moment kind of guy”, I’ll enjoy the smell of pine on my walks.

Another great and pine scented day.

Pull-Eze Slow Down

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

While the British may have celebrated Boxing Day yesterday, J.J. celebrated CHEWING day.  Now, I’m trying to go easy and reign in what I’m thinking since I have been known to chew an item or two or three.  Even with a full blown sinus infection, she went through:

  • the present Mary Ann and Dixie gave her (and tried to do the same with mine),
  • my all natural teddy bear toy,
  • the extra ruff and durable red bone shaped toy,
  • the remaining parts of Katie’s Bumpers toy,
  • the remnants of the destuffed fox toy,
  • removed the blue doo-hicky thing on the rope toy,
  • began working on the present my human sister, Rachel, brought for her in the afternoon (level 9 out of 10 on the durability scale, or so it says on the tag.)

Mom kept taking pictures of J.J.’s efforts and texting them to Mary Ann every few minutes until the deed was done.  (Did J.J. think she needed to “unwrap” the present?”)  See for yourself.

removing limbs from back end...

removing limbs from other end...

stuffing removal...

squeaker removal...

This girl needs a J-O-B. in the fabric testing industry.  Any recommendations? Vera Wang? Kenneth Cole?, Dolce and Gabana?, Juicy? Armani? Louis Vitton? Coach?  She works cheap!

Appreciating and admiring my gift like a gentleman.

Another great day.


Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Welcome back NBA!  Mom and I missed you!  We wanted to watch all five slated games yesterday, however, you know Mom, always working on her “to do” list.  She should take a page out of my game book.  My strategy for great days includes lots of dare I use the term, “cat naps”, good food, playtime, social visits, grooming/massage, stretching, yawning, educational opportunities and more stuff like that.

Back to hoops.  Mom decided she had accomplished enough to give herself a break to watch the Miami Heat v. Dallas Mavericks game.  Except, ever the multi-tasker, she thought she could watch AND grill vegetables and chicken.  Since she set up at the family room table, I was a bit confused, until I smelled the plumes of marinated goodness filling the air.  I had the perfect vantage point to multitask as well.  One of my three favorite family room cuddle spots is on the couch with my head on the remaining part of the arm. (I humbly offer this explanation.) This perch allowed me to watch Mom and watch the game with a subtle turn of my head.

As DWade and LeBron (who have a bunch of nicknames like me by the way) masterfully built a commanding lead, Mom built a commanding pile of grilled carrots, zucchini, onion (I know, I can’t have these), and red bell pepper.  Mom cleaned up her mess during commercials.  The veggies cooled down in the fourth quarter like my boys.  Mom let me taste each of the vegetables except the onions.  Delicious!  Since I could not decide which veggie I liked the best, Mom game me another one of each.  I still couldn’t decide, however, Mom had already combined everything in the bowl and put the finished mix in a container.  Bummer.

The Heat held on to their lead and won the game.  Yippee.  I won the grilled vegetable game.

Another great sports day.

Merry Christmas… Lights

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!  We could tell lots of people in our neighborhood were either tired from Noche Buena celebrations or busy finding lots of presents under their trees this morning because Mom, J.J. and I had our weekend route all to ourselves.  Not a creature was stirring, well maybe a mouse… then the flock of ibis flew overhead from the canal area, the geckos played amongst the hedges… oh, you get the idea!

Mom, J.J. and I have enjoyed the Christmas lights in the neighborhood.  Mom likes the festive atmosphere and appreciates the lighted walkways at night.  Sorry for the blurry pictures of some lights in our neighborhood, J.J. kept Mom’s camera hand busy.  Jet?  Yes Mom.  Who kept my hands busy?  Uh, J.J. and me?  That’s better Jetty.  Ok, Mom.  Combined with my outstanding sense of smell, the lights make selecting the right empty the tank spots much easier.

J.J. had a noisy night, snoring like a bear and struggled once to catch her breath; that scared Mom and I.  Mom hid her medicine this morning in a wad of cream cheese, what about cream cheese for me Mom?  Jetty, thank goodness you are ok and besides, you licked my fingers.  Big deal.  Jet, holiday spirit, remember?… Oh, fine Mom.

Mom?  Yes Jet?  You asked me to remind you to build break time into your work schedule today for the return of … wait for it… THE NBA!  Thanks Jetty, you are the best!  Yes, we will make time to watch the Heat and Mavs today, let’s hope for a better outcome than last year’s finals.  Will you cuddle with me while we watch?  Maybe I’ll grill the veggies for dinner.  Whatever you want Mom, see … my holiday spirit at work.

Another great and festive holiday day.

Just Like Cousin Christopher

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

My human cousin, Christopher, is Mom’s Nephew of the Heart.  She told me that sometimes people become your family in ways other than birth or bloodlines.  Hey Mom, that word gives me the creeps.  Jetty, don’t worry, we’re not talking about taking blood, we’re talking about descending from the same ancestors.  Phew, thanks Mom, my stomach got a little queasy.  You know Christopher’s parents are Tia (Aunt) Maite and Tio (Uncle) Wayne, my longtime friends.  Oh, now I get it.  Good.

Cousin Christopher has so many titles after his name, I’m jealous.   Check this out; he’s an EMT, Paramedic, Firefighter and studies nursing.  Dude, I can’t keep up, I’m only one K9!  Anyway, as you know, I’m enrolled in Scooby Doo Academy’s Health and Wellness Section, read this.

Mom’s feet have improved, however J.J., according to my powers of observation, seems to have a cold.  She’s sniffling, sneezing, snuffleling and snoring.  That girl needs to learn how to use tissues!  For two days now, I’ve had to lick her runny nose, tend to something that caught my attention on her right front paw, nudge her right ear with my nose to flap it up, so that I can investigate the progress of her ear infection.  (Mom cleans her ear with earwash and medicates twice a day.)  Her already meager interest in food decreased further.  Mom handfed her twice; I think both of us felt nervous she didn’t eat.

Yesterday, Mom called Judy at Dr. Schaffer’s office.  They decided to wait one day; after Mom posts this, she’s taking J.J. for an appointment.  Many years ago, on Christmas Eve, (Noche Buena in Miami), Mugs, the cat she rescued three months earlier, became gravely ill.  When she and Mr. Fred returned from Tio and Tia’s house, he looked dead.  Try to find vet help on Noche Buena – impossible!  They found an emergency clinic and something called $3,000 later, Mugs felt better.  Mom does not want a repeat.

While they visit Dr. Schaffer, this guy’s going for a nap, this nursing stuff makes you sleepy.

Another great and caretaking day.

Gotta Protect My Boys

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Houston, we have a little problem.  J.J. thinks our felines belong in the toy basket.  Seriously, I’ve TRIED to explain they breathe air like we do and prefer to freely saunter, scamper and move through the house at will.  Every time either Puffy or Fluffy goes on the move, J.J. chases them in her playful, endearing way.

To their credit, the guys try to avoid contact, however, when she enters the FMZ (feline man zone) all bets are off.  Puffy, hisses like a viper and swats at J.J.’s face.  Fluffy desperately tries to outrun her and hide.  He will hiss only as a last resort.

I’ve tried a few tactics so far to wrestle educate her in the ways of our home, no luck yet.  I’ve had to turn my body sideways to block J.J. from reaching my boy, Fluff, a few times.  Surprisingly, I took pity on Puffy once and blocked for him, too.  Hey, now that I’m saying this, do you think the Miami Dolphins might have some use for me?  Jet, I think the Dolphins could use all the help they can get.  Cool.

A few nights back, my human sister, Rachel, had a J.J. sleepover in her room with the door shut.  I thought Puffy and Fluffy were going to high paw me in Mom’s bed.  We resumed our previous sleeping locations and enjoyed a boys’ sleepover with Mom.  Bliss.

Like I said before, she’s a work in progress.

Another great day.

Happy Hannukah

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

We celebrate Hannukah in our house. One of the sayings for Hannukah  talks about a great miracle happening.  The Jewish resistance fighters wanted to rededicate and purify the defiled temple, but they only found enough oil for one night.  The oil miraculously lasted eight nights!   This year, Mom said J.J. is our little miracle and giving her a forever home is her little miracle.

Remember the Hannukah collar Mom originally bought for me?  Well guess who wears it now?  Yup.  At first, she tried to eat it, which Mom did NOT appreciate.  I wore Koko’s collar, which has little jingle bells in it, triggering the NEVER ENDING “Can we play now?” signal in J.J.’s brain.  I gave the girl a break and went through the wrestling motions hoping to pass the minutes until present time.

Mom and my human sister, Rachel, first light the candles, sing the blessings, say Happy Hannukah, give kisses and then… ok, Rachel usually gets her presents first.  That’s alright, I’m Mr. Patient.  Mom kissed me and J.J. and wished us a Happy Hannukah, too.

Then… nothing… Huh?  Mom? What’s up?

Well, Jetty, to be honest, this year has been rough for so many families, including ours.  We’re going to celebrate the holiday without the buying part… you’re going to receive the gifts of:

  • Time together.
  • A visit to the dogpark – Really Mom, really?  It’s been sooooo long.  Jet, that’s because the last time, you cut your paw on glass and $300 later along with the Cone of Shame, I decided we needed a break. 
  • Treats like your favorite boiled eggs, rawhides… – hey Mom, what about a bacon cheeseburger? Jet… Yes, Mom?
  • Spa Day – the first one with J.J. 
  • Playdates with J.J. and your pals

Yeah, Mom, that sounds good, I can woof with that.

Another great and miraculous day.