I’m Not Allowed to Look

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Well, I’m sort of here.  Mom said I can’t see today’s post.  She said she will handle the information.

Jet, take the day off –

  • it’s Sunday,
  • you’re clean from yesterday’s spa day,
  • you stole 4 of Rachel’s vanilla cupcakes, (Mooommm… she left the container open)

Hey, It’s Jet’s Mom Here.

I didn’t have the heart to tell Jet the following yet.  First, please read this post.

Last night, Jet stood by the gate section of the fence, waiting for a sound, any sound to acknowledge that Patches would hear his goodnight bark.  I hope the new neighbors have a dog(s).

Another great day… so far.


2 thoughts on “I’m Not Allowed to Look

  1. Aawwww — This is to Jet’s Mom – I read all about Patches and Jets crush on her – so sorry she is moving away- funny how the dogs do get to know which dogs live in which houses, my Cassie is the same always looking for Bailey the Goldendoodle in one house, and Kiki the llaso apso in another!! Human neighbor aren’t nearly as friendly as dog neighbors!!

    To Jet – you can send your goodnight barks to me and my three anytime sweet boy! You are so handsome and funny – I love reading your stories and adventures!!

    • Hey, it’s Jet’s Mom here… Hi Wendy, I agree completely… Jet can tell Dixie’s bark from Neve’s and will change his walking direction preferences based on what he smells in the air or hears. He looks for Freddie only in the mornings, never at night, even though we pass his house at both times. We’re fortunate that several of our dog neighbors have wonderful humans who often walk with us, as you have no doubt read.

      Hey, it’s Jet here… Thanks Miss Wendy, if you here a howl or a bark before bed, it’s me, it’s me!!! Thank you for writing to me and letting me know you enjoy our posts. Mom wants you to know that we both appreciate your kind words deeply.

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