K9 Math

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Guess what?  Scooby Doo Academy likes math and science as much as Mom and I do.  I’m doing my first K9 math/science class assignment about equations.  They asked for an example of an equation that I have experienced.  I discussed my options with Mom and then last night, the perfect situation presented itself.  Here’s what I will hand in:


Plus, no rain, thunder or

EQUALS  Mom’s email is goofy again, so, we could not use her real red boots with moose on them.  Also, Mom spent lots of time toweling me off, so, no personal pics of my muddy paws.

Another great, splashy, muddy night!


4 thoughts on “K9 Math

  1. Hi ya sweet Jet – Excellent Math – your not only cute as a button but very bright too!

    do you mind going out in the rain? My Pom and malamute don;t but my Golden sure does!! She digs her heels in and won;t go out at all! Silly girl – doesn;t she know rain makes you beautiful!!!

    have a great day xoxoxo

    • Hey Jet here. Thanks Miss Wendy, not to brag, but, I am kinda cute and people tell Mom I’m smart!

      I’m ok about the rain as long no booms or streaky lights happen. I like that saying, Rain makes you beautiful… mind if I share that with Mom? My friend, Dixie the dachshund dislikes the rain and prefers to remain indoors. Maybe the smaller pups do not like getting so wet on their bellies. Mom says your malamute might prefer snow, Miss Wendy, what’s snow?

      Have a great day, too. xoxo back.

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