Our Friend David

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Yesterday, only Mom visited our friend David.  David and I became pals about two years ago, when he and our other Think Factory friend, Ritchie, hung around the Kitchen Table developing Mom’s Kitchen Counselor business.  David gave me lots of attention, shared carrots with me and told me manly man stuff.

He showed Mom how to take a picture of me and put it on her computer as this thing called the background or wallpaper, I do not remember which, so she can look at me whenever she wants.  In fact, the picture of me resting above is on her computer right now.

Mom told me that David did this thing called getting engaged recently.  Woof, Woof from me to you!  We cannot wait to meet Brenda, his fiancé, and Maggie, his special K-9.  I’ve seen Maggie’s picture, she’s so beautiful, could be a double ceremony….

David lent a K-9 book to Mom called Could You Love Me Like My Dog?  Mom read it while I cuddled beside her before work this morning.  Good book, little one-liners with lots of meaning, according to Mom referencing K-9s, like Maggie and ME…

Thanks for sharing David, I miss you, man.

Another great day.


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