On Being a Gentleman

Sure, Scooby Doo Academy gives classes to improve my detecting skills, but did you know they also encourage enrollment in etiquette classes?  Yup, I’m doing an Independent Study “On Being a Gentleman.”  I have to collect data to present and Mom graciously agreed to type my submission.  Here’s what I have so far.

  1. Mom places Mary Ann’s morning newspaper on her pillar so she doesn’t have to walk down the driveway each morning per my instructions.             
  2. When we go for a pack walk, I sit gentlemanly-like on Dixie’s and/or Neve’s front stoop.
  3. I play nicely with other K-9s (if they have good attitudes).
  4. I ask Mom to scoop the poop, to show we’re good neighbors.
  5. I sit down and stay quiet as Mom requests before scarfing down my meals.
  6. When Giovanni puts the window down in his car,  I carefully place my two front paws so as not to scratch anything so we can exchange manly man conversation.
  7. I offer either or both paws to humans who ask.  (I’m ambidextrous.)
  8. I do not pass “wind” like some K-9s (ahem, my sister, Koko, even though I would take her f_rting (see, too gentlemanly to write the word) any day if it meant she was still alive.)
  9. I help Mom clean the walls.  (See Spa Day)
  10. At the dog park, I’m friendly to all… Mom calls me the “Mayor”.
  11. I politely wish Patches a good night when passing her fence.  (See Patches).
  12. I wait for a human invitation to enter Dixie or Neve or Samson’s backyards.  
  13. I lift my left front paw gently to help Mom harness me up for my walks.
  14. I rarely snore, unlike some K-9s (like my sister, Koko, even though I would take her snoring any day if it meant she was still alive.)
  15. I help Mom clean the dishes in the dishwasher, particularly the thing she calls the George Forman fat tray.

Oh, I will have to politely (see another gentlemanly thing) request that Mom email this list to the academy; it’s longer than I expected.  I’m quite the gentleman if I don’t say so myself!  I should definitely earn the coveted “S” (Scooby Spectacular) for the first submission of my Independent Study!

Another great and gentlemanly day!


9 thoughts on “On Being a Gentleman

  1. Hi Jet – is the man cave (closet) your safe space – very cute that you nap there! my rescue Cassie likes to go behind the toilet or if we have a storm and she’s scared she goes behind the couch. I;m home all day with my babies and I love it – I get to hug on them all day! xoxo

    • Hey, it’s Jet here… Yes, Wendy, I’m lucky to have 2.5 caves/closets to go into. I use the office cave when Mom’s on the computer… her clothes closet when she’s in her room and my human sister’s closet when I can open her door with my nose and the closet door is open. The man caves help a little when I’m scared… I’ll have to try Cassie’s idea… thanks for asking… xoxo right back.

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