Mom’s a Telephone Hog

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

Yesterday, I mentioned Mom’s Do-hickie thing she uses sometimes when talking on the telephone.  Well, I forgot to mention, she’s a telephone hog!  She rarely lets ME speak to people on the phone.  Most of the time, I let it slide.  However, she really must learn to share, especially when certain people are on the line.

For example, I love Rachel’s Godmother, who we call Madrina.  I have a 6th sense when she’s on the phone.  At first, I politely yipp.  Usually, Mom keeps talking.  Naturally, I bark more seriously, to get my point across.  Next, I do my whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, sounds and if absolutely necessary, give it my deepest sustained combination “you’re not getting this are you?” bark.

If I’m lucky, Mom will put Madrina on speaker and I woof into the microphone and Madrina talks to me.  Oh, I’m a good listener, too.  I perk up my ears to ensure I hear every word.  Mostly, Mom takes me by the collar and does that distracting stuff.  Distracting stuff may include:

  • That Cesar Millan guy’s tch sound – like that’s going to change my mind.
  • Petting me – I let her get away with that for a while, why not?
  • Offering me a toy or chewy – does she really think I’m that easy? Ok, sometimes I am that easy.
  • Ignoring me – silly, silly Mom…

Tonight, I befuddled Mom.  While she spoke with Madrina, I practiced all methods listed above.  In the middle of her chat, she took a call from my human sister’s doctor.  I did not bark once during their conversation.  When Mom resumed her call with Madrina, I resumed above listed methods of communication.  Mom and Madrina wanted to know how I knew the difference.  Yes Jet, I really do want to know, I’m truly puzzled.  Mom, can’t give away all the trade secrets you know, K-9 code.

Another great day.

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