I Passed My Mouse Quiz

Yup, sure did, and it was a Pop Quiz at that.  My score will surely impress Scooby Doo Academy. Here’s how the quiz went down.

Last night, Mom and I sat on Maryann’s stoop waiting for the girls to get gussied up for our walk.  As Mom chatted with Aunt Liz by phone, I let out a low hum of a growl.  Mom kind of ignored me.  Jet, I thought you were trying to get Aunt Liz’s attention.  No Mom, I sensed an intruder.  Sure enough, within seconds Mom and I watched a cute little brown? dark grey? black? mouse scurry across the white rocks in Mary Ann’s little front garden area.  (I’m color blind and the twilight sky prevented Mom from correctly color coding the little critter.)

Mom told Mary Ann and I told Dixie as soon as they exited the front door.  Mary Ann asked detailed questions like:

MA:  Are you sure it wasn’t a rat?

ME:  Yes, too small.

MA:  Where exactly did you see it?

ME:  Crossing the white concrete pillar fence, then scurrying across the white rocks, then lost suspect as it continued moving north parallel to your bay window.

MA:  Why didn’t you take the mouse away?

ME:  On your behalf, I explained that you excel in herding because of your border collie nature, more than the retrieving part of you.   Thanks Mom.

Mary Ann understood and called her Dad, Mr. Jim, and told him to put it on this thing called a “To Do” list.

I’ll tell you about other Quizzes I passed regarding squirrels, iguanas which looked like platypuses, birds (large and small) and a peacock later…  I’m basking in the glow of educational excellence!


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