My Two Human Peeves

Hey, It’s Jet Here…

Ok, I just have to get this off my fur.  Mom says she has pet peeves, like when a person puts their right blinker on and changes three lanes to the left or vise versa.  Well Mom, I have two HUMAN PEEVES today.

First:  Just because you humans think moving Mother Nature’s clock around is a good idea; don’t expect us K-9s to jump on board.  We’ve already discussed my “It’s Another Great Day Alarm” and my “Belly Alarm” in a prior post.

So I did what I always do, this morning I woke you at 5:00 a.m./4:00 a.m.  You were a nice enough Mom to feed me at the “new” 4:30 a.m. allowing me to do this thing called transitioning to the new time.  Then again this evening, my belly alarm went off at the “new” 5:00, accurate as always under the previous schedule.  You tried to do this distracting stuff like unload the dishwasher and reload the dishwasher, knowing that I love licking the remnants… pretty clever.  Thanks for feeding me @ 5:40 p.m. allowing for that transition stuff again.  Oh yeah, I really appreciated the super big bone from the freezer after our walk tonight.  I guess that made the time change stuff ok.

Second:  You can call it an Elizabethan collar but, let’s face it, you humans call it the “Satellite Dish” and the “Cone of Shame”, which hurts our feelings.  What do you know; at most you humans wear a little squishy Whiplash collar, big deal.  Jet, I must interject here.  We put the collar on you because unlike Dr. Shaffer, you did not attend Vet school.  Your helpful nursing of your assorted boo-boos has cost me a great deal of $$.  You are quite the trooper about the “Cone of Shame”, I mean collar.  The fact that you permitted our young human friend, Ruby, to put the crown on, well… just shows what a fine character you have.  I’m proud of you.  Thanks Mom.

Another almost great day.


9 thoughts on “My Two Human Peeves

    • Well, I had this itch on my tail… so, I worked on it for a few days. I thought I could make it go away, really I did. Then, when I was walking with Mom, I plopped down in the middle of the street and wouldn’t move. Mom got REALLY scared. This went on for a week, walk a few steps, plop down… Mom called Dr. Shaffer and when we saw him to remove my stitches from surgery the week before (different spot), he told Mom, I created an infection. Mom had to put this really goopy stuff on for a week. I’m doing better… thanks for writing in!

    • Thanks for wishing me well, Wendy… My tail boo boo is still a teensy bit itchy. Mom does that distracting thing as much as possible. She told me she is trying not to use the you know what. Jet really isn’t bothered by his stitches, his fur is growing back in the area, too!

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