Distance Learning

Hey, It’s Jet Here.

You know, there’s a lot to be said for continuing education.  My human family believes in education strongly.  Mom has a bunch of letters after her name like J.D. (Just Delicious??? No, Jetty, it means I went to law school!), H.H.C. (Happy, Happy Canine? No, Jetty, it means Holistic Health Counselor) K.C. (Kite Chaser? No, Jetty, it means Kitchen Counselor!) My Nana earned some M. somethings (Double Masters), Grandma Caz earned her M. something and still researches and writes for her P.H.D. (Phantastic Hot Dogs? No, Jetty, it means she’s working towards her doctorate!) Grandma Peggy has a bunch of letters about being good in something called accounting and estate planning, and… big news… my Grandpa got the highest honor from the University of Miami yesterday… Iron Arrow!

My sister, Koko, didn’t quite finish her class at Pet Something or Other, but… she passed her Therapy Dogs Inc. test with flying colors.  When contemplating my educational path, Mom and I realized I am a paws-on kind of guy.  One day, when my human sister, Rachel, was watching TV, I saw the image that would change my life.  He talks, he has 4 paws like me, he receives lots of snacks, he stars in his own multi-media empire (TV, books, movies) and acts goofy, funny, and even scared sometimes.  My guru, my teacher, my mentor – SCOOBY DOO!

I enrolled in the Scooby Doo Detective Academy and never looked back.  Today’s examples:  hearing and smelling moving objects (jogger with big dog, jogger without dog, and the dreaded… LOOSE C.A.T.)  I warned Mom by barking at the jogger with big dog, picking up our pace with the jogger for further detecting, and dragging Mom to stay hot on the trail of the C.A.T.  Also, I continue my sniffing surveillance of the musky odor emanating from the Mean Lady’s House.  (Jet, you are right, they spread new mulch there last weekend.) I pottied there a few times this week to show that stuff who’s boss!

More lessons soon, I’m going to encourage Mom to give me some Jetty Snacks!

Another great day.

3 thoughts on “Distance Learning

  1. Keep it up. It is good and go back more to the past history and the adventures with Jet. Don’t forget the Dog Park or his swim in your canal. I think that you should confess about the dropping down and crying, so Jet returns when he escapes. I love all these stories about Jet, and I am sure many others will too.

    • thanks so much for your kind words Madrina! Yes, Jet will share his past escapades as time goes on… he asked me to keep track of them for him in a special folder on the computer! Stay tuned!

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