Welcome to My Blog

Hey… It’s Jet Here.

As a flat coat retriever/border collie mix, follie for short, and a handsome one at that, I must dictate my posts to someone.  We will call that someone, Mom.  Now I know she is my human and she knows I am not her “child.”  However, we are connected, bonded, linked etc… and she knows how to type.  If Mom has something to write, she will do so like this.

So, Mom gave me a forever home in October 2008 after Golden Rescue South Florida saved my life with FOUR days to spare.  I can’t even discuss my life before this because it hurts.

Rachel and I named Jet, Jet, because he was Jet black.  Unlike his name, when he joined our family, he could not run.  He could not even jump up on my bed.  I worried that he had hip problems; however, we think Jet had been confined for a long time and his muscles atrophied a bit.

The first week, he ate the arm off my couch.  The second week, he ate a basket.  The third week, he ate a bag of treats and the bag the treats came in.  Our golden retriever, Koko, joined our family seamlessly in 2005, so, we didn’t know what to do. Emergency call went to Rachel’s Godmother, we’ll call her Madrina.  Since her fur family numbers over ten at any given time, she has experience.  Madrina advised us to purchase lots of chewies and exercise Jet in every way possible to deplete his energy.  Smart Madrina!

Hey, Mom, my turn!  From one day to the next:

  • my tummy filled with yummy food,
  • I rested on soft surfaces,
  • I became chief of the fur family (Puffy and Fluffy the felines and Koko, my older sister),
  • Mom gave me lots of belly rubs,
  • Koko and I played together,
  • Mom brushed my fur and massaged me often and
  • Koko, Mom and I walked outside a lot.

My days looked brighter and brighter…